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  1. No one can even know this yet. Too many novice teams and too few tournaments. Keep in mind the judge pools most novice teams deal with. You can only give so much credit to win / loss records at this level.
  2. In that room I don't know how you could have sat behind him. He was in a corner. And you should stop looking at people's buttocks. It is a bad habit.
  3. I am looking for an assistant coach for the 2012 - 2013 year. I would prefer someone in the Dallas area who is willing to cover some local tournament judging as well as national level tournaments. They will be asked to do some basic research assignments. Availability will dictate compensastion. If you are interested email me at whisent@hpisd.org Toby Whisenhunt HPISD
  4. Spin74

    Now What?

    Work on next year's topic for your CXers. LD can build value files, extempers can weed out old articles from the files, etc. There is always something they can be working on if they feel so inclined.
  5. I thought Obama said he wanted to increase BB but it had yet to get passed and such, but if the read ESA at Woodward then it makes sense they read it at St Marks (assuming its the same teams and such).
  6. Jesuit is on the case wiki with the advantages they have ran. G Hill also ran broadband this year.
  7. sent an email. let me know if you are still looking. whisent@hpisd.org
  8. Haley Bybee - Trey Deitch--- Highland Park (Dallas) - H2O w/ Poverty and African Fem Advs Samuel LeCates - Steven Houghton--- Highland Park (Dallas) - Gag Rule w/ Fem and Imperialism
  9. 1. You think the prelims were crazy, check out hte pannels in elims. Random cubed for the most part. Clearing and advancing in UIL is a matter of avoiding the landmines in the back of the room. 2. The UIL scholarships are very punny. I know every little bit helps, but don't let the big money of debate disenchant you. 3. Learning about the topic is a nice side effect of debate, but much larger is learning the art of argument and persuasion. It will help you going through college, into your professional career, and beyond. Not to mention the relationships you develop. 4. I feel ya on wanting to do TFA and your coach saying no, but our event is subjective and there will always be a risk they don't judge us the way they want. 5. Debate in college - you can get a scholarship after competing on a college squad. You can be mad at UIL all you want, but it is not the end of the world. I don't know what all you gave up on to focus on debate, but would you have landed in the top 40 or 30 in the state? That is where you are now in your division. Maybe you could have and you will have a "what could have been" moment, but advancing to the state tournament is an accomplishment in and of itself.
  10. why increase funding? Plan can just spec the funding be taken from the ME and sent to SSA. It increases public health and avoids a few DAs in the process.
  11. If you search for blood banks and Africa there are a few congressional testimonies on the subject. I ran across them while working on PEPFAR this summer but we did not cut them.
  12. I know this is true with Emory for the most part, but I thought the Glenbrooks was pretty much open to whomever pays. They have soo many teams in the varsity and JV I assumed as long as you entered before the due date you were in ... fascinating.
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