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  1. hi i am drew mcneil and would like to coach/judge/cut cards for you during the toc i am a third year debater at the university of texas, this year i have had moderate success, getting to quarters at both the harvard and texas tournaments. drew.mcneil at gmail dot com
  2. oh and i can also fulfill judging committments
  3. hey i am looking to help coach a team at st marks... i could do whatever you need but i am best at helping with the K. hit me up Drew McNeil UT debate team drew.mcneil@gmail.com
  4. thats almost as cool as getting 1st at kckcc
  5. aight its posted, i prob wont check this thread again so any questions/comments can be directed to my email drew.mcneil(at)gmail.com
  6. Version

    Table of Contents nietzsche kritik includes shell, overview, extensions and 2nc blocksalso 2 additional services which are unique to this product1)i will discuss and help you deploy this argument. any questions or concerns about the file or deploying it strategically can be sent to me after you purchase the file at drew.mcneil(at)gmail.com2)i will also fill any gaps you feel the file has after you purchase it. this includes block writing, additional research, and whatever else you want it to include. this unique service is worth the 12 dollars alone.

    12.00 USD

  7. yea sorry, been real busy. ill try to do some major work on it this weekend and have it out saturday night.
  8. a few movies i have seen recently and would recommend for purchase: 400 blows fanny and alexander solo con tu pareja the dreamers
  9. im thinking it will be on evazon by the end of the week, busy weekend.
  10. lets not be presumptive, ive hit john cooks file before and its quite good, albeit different then the argument i am putting out. and yea, ill cover alot of the arguments synergy requested blocks for, although i think covering that much area might ultimately be counterproductive. alot of the nuance required to answer uber-specific responses comes best in-round, where an equally nuanced and round-tailored response can be made.
  11. i will soon be posting a nietzsche k, which i think will be extremely well suited for next years topic, and was wondering what input people want to make before i post it. any specific blocks wanted, or arguments you want cards provided for?
  12. Hey I am doing a project which involves talking about philosophical trends in 1990's Europe. Can someone let me know what was philosophically popular in Europe during the 90s?
  13. Drew McNeil Jenks 2007 University of Texas-Austin 2011 and debating
  14. unt scholars i cant speak about plan 2 (i have never been there), but UNT Scholars has been great the last two summers. the staff is fantastic: for the seniors lab its brian lain (head coach at UNT, previously taught at emory and other places), calum matheson (1st speaker basically everywhere his senior year, finals of ceda, overall great debate mind) and jonathan paul (won the ndt!). the way its set up is also very helpful with a diverse schedule every day involving lectures, practice debates, and lab time.
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