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  1. massive attack- teardrop also known as the theme to house. d()z
  2. Ithican Angel

    South Forum!

    Survivor is a good idea. We haven't played that since my senior year. If you want to play, please pm Cameron (Kunzleman) your name. If anyone else has any ideas, please post here, or pm Cameron. I am currently packing and moving things, so he will be more available than me. (p.s.- sharpie's stink after an hour of labeling boxes. )
  3. I don't think it's been posted on for so long because when C/X was really active, all us judges actually cared to post our paradigms. However, I don't think it should be totally gotten rid of. After all, there are quite a few seniors who could still judge and have specific paradigms. So, sure, un-sticky. But don't delete. p.s.- could you post me before you do anything big, like deleting and stuff, Cameron? Just so we don't have any misunderstandings.
  4. (i lost my flip flops) "Delilah, did you eat mommy's shoes?"-me *high-pitched squeal and giggle*-delilah "What did I say about eating mommy's shoes?" *very sad face, almost starts crying* "It's ok, just don't do it again." *laughs, and rolls over to get her toes* low and behold, she was laying on one of my flip flops.
  5. Alden.... Kellen's brother? He was always kind of funny. funny haha, not funny strange.
  6. Thanks to everyone who voted for me. Let's hope everything gets figured out, and THEN we can celebrate.
  7. Yeah, I was surprised that I got that many votes. I was sure that Tom would've gotten the most Has Kerpen PM'd you back? Thanks for making me feel all warm & fuzzy Absturr. Keep your fingers crossed that I can come to graduation. I mite haz prezentz for yoo! p.s.- being mod is cool! I have all these shiny new buttons to play with! what does THIS one do? --- This post has been modified by the Moderator--- haha.
  8. The act of sex isn't necessarily primitive in itself, but merely a way man has adapted to produce offspring, one of the most basic of instincts. Now, we have evolved to enjoy and be open about sex and our preferences. Probably through pressure, or whatever influences people have on others, we decide to experiment with partner(s) to get the most amount of pleasure. Now, on the other parts: 1) Sex is overrated. Not necessarily. Sex, as in the act, releases endorphins, which can lower stress levels. Now sexual/sensual content in movies, books, and the rest of the media IS overrated, simply because that constant stimulation eventually desensitizes us to the wonder and joy that is sex. 2)Will it become boring if you're with the same person over & over? (that's how I interpreted that point. correct me if I was wrong) Again, not necessarily. For example; My husband and I have been together over a year now. True, we are a young couple, but we have also been through what can be called the 'make or break' of a newer relationship: a baby. Even when I was 8 months pregnant, had a 56" waistline, and weighed 190 lbs, we were still just as crazy about each other as we were when we met. Now that I've had my baby (see profile picture), and I'm about 50 lbs lighter, the sex is still incredible, that is, when we get the chance to. This leads me to my point: When two people are REALLY in love, sex doesn't get boring. The connection you get from such intimacy fuels the relationship. If you aren't in love, then things can get stale pretty easily.
  9. Rhiannon- Fleetwood Mac (this shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.) and my stomach rumbling. Did I say I was hungry? No? Well, then I'll say it- I'm hungry!
  10. that's odd. When I went to vote, I only saw Tom and myself on the ballot. Did kerpen redo the ballots?
  11. Living Dead Girl- Rob Zombie (with an overlay of delilah laughing while she plays on her musical gym.) -the amused Emmy-
  12. only a little bit. but it will be fun. -the nervous Emmy-
  13. /shrug I dunno. -the hungry Emmy-
  14. yeah. I PMD him before I posted last night.
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