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  1. Ian Miller, a Wake Forest College debater, is available to judge at Blake. Please contact me at jklopote@wisp.k12.wi.us before the 16th of December to hire him. Best offer will be accepted. He does NOT need lodging and is more than qualified. Thanks, Joe K SPASH Debate
  2. Ian Miller, currently a debater for Wake Forest, is available to judge at Blake for policy. If you need him, contact Mr. K at jklopote@wisp.k12.wi.us before next Wednesday. ( The 16th) He will NOT need your school to provide lodging. Thanks, Joe Klopotek SPASH Debate
  3. As I recall, SPASH ran this Disad at Greenhill and Marquette, so when we put together our strategy for New Trier, will you have co-opted it for Iowa Caucuses? JK
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