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  1. I may give out a copy to a few Kansas teams, but otherwise, it will be on evazon in a few days (hopefully) -Paul P.S.- This bad boy is fully blocked out, if you lose on it, it means you lost a page with the answer you needed
  2. the yousendit page stopped working again
  3. Best aff ever = constabulary force.... -Paul
  4. arp

    Help the CFL kids

    Competition starts tommorow!!!! Good luck to all -The Man
  5. arp


    I do have the pictures, I'll get my phone picture email activated again in June and post em. As for your sister, I was talking about DCI, where Woolford handed Mark som evidence with Kate's prom picture on it. -Paul
  6. arp

    Help the CFL kids

    Cards from the future?!? Why, we'd be national champions for sure. If UN cred is low in Dec, that probobly disproves our extinction next week unless plan is passed claim, huh. devestating...
  7. arp

    Help the CFL kids

    Side Note- If you've got laptops, bring em. At CFL you can use them in the rounds. I got that confirmed yesterday. -Paul
  8. McCoy was cool, one of the hippest teachers I knew, we just didn't agree on debate. It was a joke, the last sentance was sincere though. Anyway, THIS ROUND ROBIN IS GOING TO BE LIKE TOTALLY AWESOME AND LIKE ALL THE CHAMP TEAMS SHOULD LIKE TOTALLY COME, LIKE TOTALLY.
  9. Holy crap, can some sya Ka-dur for me? I didn't realize Jamie was directing his comment to Alex, I thought he was saying, The new Emporia High Coach will be Mr. McCoy (Who is there currently). Wow, I totally screwed that up -Paul
  10. I'll yell at Wiens to post the new coaches name. I really don't mean to be offensive, I just think this is the way alot of people will know who we are talking about, but he looks like Quagmire off Family Guy. I think his name is Randy Baldwin, I might be wrong. -Paul P.S.- Jamie how do you know the coaching situation at Emporia? I'm just curious.
  11. arp

    Episode III

    I noticed. But I suppose building something that large that can destroy a planet probobly takes some time. 18 years is a little much though, they probobly had some gender and species equality laws and had to allow women to work on it, why else would it take 18 years?
  12. Where is my picture? I gave it to TJ like a month ago...
  13. ...and you use the state...
  14. arp

    The Never Ending Story

    debating and ninja moves like,
  15. arp

    The Never Ending Story

    were mutated into killer
  16. Kansas is getting left out. There are several other threads which have "never ending story" threads. Here are the rules... 1. 5 words mad per post. 2. Punctuation would be sweet (If Brian or Mark could edit NEM's ) 3. Don't post twice consecutively. 4. It would be nice if someone put together all of the posts every once in a while. 5. If you end a sentance, at least give the first word to the next one, so it makes sense. 6. If you start a new sentance you get 10 words. 5 to end the sentance, 5 to begin. 7. Humor is appreciated, Cruelty is not. Don't be a chode and end a sentance with a mean "joke" to get your jollies. Making fun of people when they can laugh too is one thing, making fun of them whn they will get pissed off and get this thread shut down isn't. Let's roll, I'll start. "One day in
  17. arp

    Senior Skip Day

    devastating.... BD gets 204 cool points
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