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  2. TruePirate

    Your Coach

    Does your coach read this message board? I'm just curious. Because if so, they probably hate me. Justifiably so. And since most coaches are old timers [or getting there] they probably won't buy an excuse like, "it's just a joke" or something. So chances are I have probably permanently tarnished my relations with coaches on this message board. But in either case, I'm usually joking. And don't really hate anyone or any school or any coach. In fact, except for Butch Davis, I like most people who do debate. They're usually pretty nifty people. Butch Davis sucks though. I bet coaches hate him more than they hate me. Okay, that's probably not true. But he still sucks.
  3. 7 Questions for Episode 3+4 [They came in a pair]: 1) Did you see the pain in Curtis's eyes when he died? Do you think Jack can ever forgive himself for that? 2) Did you hope Kumar would have gone back to being a good guy? 3) Do you think Sandra Palmer and Walid are going to have a prison sex scene? Because that would rock. 4) Why is Wayne Palmer such a weak president? 5) Do you think Kim/Audrey are going to come back into Jack's life this season? 6) What do you think of the fact that Scott's family is basically destroyed and the only crime they committed was trying to help Kumar after his dad was wrongfully taken away? 7) Did they just go there? Did they seriously just go there? Oh my fucking God - Did They Just Go THERE?
  4. Does anyone know any debaters that have been teabagged? In my opinion, to decry them publicly would be a crime. So I won't name the names I know. But I'll giggle knowingly. And figure this gives you an opportunity to do likewise. If you feel so inclined as to name a name or two. Feel free. Know that you will go down forever in the history of douchiness. aaaaaaandddddd.... Cue Jason Mo's post............ NOW
  5. a) Your point makes no sense. You don't think the best objective measures of intelligence work. Your proof of this is an extreme genius. Thus, all I have to go on is that extreme geniuses are so above us in conceptual thinking that tedious iterations on standardized tests are difficult for them, not because they can't think, but rather because they almost think too much. For example, Poincare [my favorite], scored a 0 on the Polytechnic entrance exam. The reason was that he would construct entire proofs and solutions in his head and would make typographical errors in his write-up, and he would also occasionally not write down something he thought of [sort of how sometimes when you think faster than you type you forget to words [oooh, I made a funny]]. So, either I have to assume that you consider yourself this amazing. Or you've given me no reason not to consider our standard measures of performance good measures of intellect. It's my opinion that stupid people can do well in school and exams through diligence and iteration. However, I tend to find that smart people that do poorly in school and on exams are just lazy [i know this from personal experience]. There are just some individuals who are bad test takers. I'll agree with that - typically they have some sort of learning disability. And if you happen to be one of those individuals then you're off the hook. Else, I feel that almost all of the time, these are decent measures of one's ability, either intellectual or labor. If you do poorly, then you're either stupid, lazy or have a disorder. Right now I wouldn't doubt any of those three options to be honest. You seem like a stupid, lazy retard. I don't like playing grammar Nazi. I typically only do it when people are going out of their way to sound intelligent. Because then they're being pretentious and bringing them down is deserved. Which is why I'm going to point out two things. First, the comma is not necessary. It's a correct sentence. Get over it, you moron. Second of all, I'm smarter than you; and a Pattonville kid jumping on my intellect isn't go to stir me up nearly as much as Dooley or Butch doing it [since they actually possess a couple of brain cells]. c) I'm glad your two choices at night are to defend the idiots on your team or to look at ads for boner inducing drugs. At least I'm doing work while I jerk off on this site. You just have no life. d) You guys seriously talk about me so much that they have to ask about my name? e) My name is spelled like the first name of the star of Basic Instinct. Hence it has a feminine pronunciation that is more common than the Hebrew pronunciation which my name derives from. Very good. Would you like some candy now? f) Ironically, I think the last time I heard someone take a shot at my name was grade school - so who is the kindergartener? g) I bet my grammar is far from perfect. Go ahead - point it out. It will give you the erection that those viagra ads never could.
  6. oh, and just to be a bitch... casual tone aside, it's called understood you. welcome to 3rd Grade Language Arts - now step the fuck back.
  7. don't bother dude this guy's about to be the youngest recipient of Oracle Master Certification he's also, supposedly, comparable to Einstein [i prefer the Poincare example when I try to prove that tests are meaningless, only because I come off as even smarter since he's not well known]. Basically, we should be quivering before this behemoth of intellect
  8. let's not play the test score/essay contest/ praise from college profs/ grade in college upper level writing courses/ published articles game with these pattonville boys. It would just be unfair
  9. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Dude, I don't know what's more pathetic. That you think that shitty attempt at a comeback of sorts could even considered "ownage"; or that you need a frosh to stand up for you.
  10. If I'm "going to a grammar Hawk" What's that one mean smart fuck? In either case, my grasp of grammar, spelling and English is superior to yours. I can't prove this on this thread - but trust me. I don't use proper grammar on this forum because it's an online forum you fucking moron. Finally, I'm not a hypocrite because your moron debater didn't make a common grammar mistake like "their", "they're". The mistake there is that you unintentionally mixed up two words where the meaning is known to you. However, your retarded friend THOUGHT he could sound smart by saying "dually ignored", and I simply pointed out that if he wants to sound smart - he should make sure what he says is the right way. The fact that he needed further clarification PROVES he did not know the proper form of the phrase; thus he did not make a mistake - he did not KNOW the correct phrase. He's a moron. In either case - you're an even bigger moron for wasting half an hour to type up responses. It's actually kind of funny. I spent about 2 minutes. I bet your grammar was better - but I bet my point is stronger. Fuckwad.
  11. hey retard I said Dylan should use the right fucking word when he wants to sound smart. That is not the same as criticizing his grammar Nice try though I see you're from Pattonville - kindly refer yourself to the first post in this thread Oh, and by the way. Spending 30 minutes to write a pretentious, and grammatically proper, post makes you look stupid and insecure - not smart so cut it out dumb shit
  12. you caught me man.. this whole time I thought typing shit like "hahahahahaha...you promised to kill me" was proper grammar but you've shown me the error of my ways thanks
  13. Haha, you are promising to kill me? hahahaha Dude, I don't even know how to respond that; you really are a moron. Is Mr. Pierce okay with you openly informing people you're going to kill them?
  14. hahahaha great comeback dude or...are you "above" it? after the threats on my life have been made?
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