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  1. San Fran vs KC Buffalo vs NE Atl vs NO Pit vs TB Ten vs NYG Det vs Min Cle vs Bal Cin vs Car Dal vs Hou Was vs Stl Philly vs Jac SD vs Sea Oak vs Ari Indy vs Den NYJ vs Mia GB vs Chi
  2. Don't you think you should leave the poor Cleveland fans alone, Sev? By your own rule?
  3. If you can't tell someone is being sarcastic when they make a positive comment about Sasha Pavlovic, then I am not confident that the [/sarcasm] tag will work much better for you.
  4. I'm not sweating it because I believe Bosh is going to Miami. But I do believe Pat Riley/Wade have Boozer ahead of Amare on their list. And I think Amare is going to re-up with the Suns soon. (And yes, that is a change from my original post).
  5. I have to say I'd be very surprised if Amare goes to the Heat. He seems to be below Carlos Boozer on their radar. Boozer and Wade are friends, and I don't think Pat Riley wants Amare because of his lack of defense/rebounding. Boozer isn't an elite defender, but he rebounds the ball. Plus, he will probably be cheaper than Amare. Amare's max contract under the current CBA will be higher than the max of the big three free agents.
  6. I don't like soccer, but someone explained the counting clock by saying that the ref actually has full discretion as to when to end the game. This actually allows the ref to let the game continue if someone has a breakaway or something, blowing the whistle when the scoring chance is over. A buzzer beater wouldn't make sense in soccer the way it does with basketball ("The ball left his feet! It counts if it goes in...."). Imagine if the game ended as the ball was heading towards the net... You could imagine that, but letting the ref decide to let the ball go in before ending the game is actually a rule of soccer that promotes scoring. Based on that, I can see the count up being something more useful than just tradition. Keep in mind that you can have a clock that goes down AND doesn't stop, but you can't have a clock go to 0.00 then have the ref continue the game to let a play finish.
  7. If we let you write a post for the blog, it would practically become your blog.
  8. I got: Miami: Wade, Chris Bosh, Joe Johnson Chicago: Amare Cleveland: Lebron
  9. Kobe can do better than Lebron... He has more than just a c-x thread. He actually has his own site on ESPN now... http://espn.go.com/losangeles/kobe/
  10. Jedi Legend


    Yeah, I want this one please.
  11. Jedi Legend

    nfl's mvp so far

    Well, since you made this post yesterday, would it change your desire to neg rep me if you knew that I agree with you as of today? I called it how I saw it mid-season. Admittedly, I did not respond very well in the debate that we had at the time. We traded neg rep. If you think you owe me + one more neg rep, then go ahead and take care of it when you've finally spread it around enough. I can admit that I was unresponsive/unfair to you in at least one of my posts. Believe it or not, I actually thought I was making an objective case for Peyton Manning that I believed at the time. Now I see things differently, but I'm still calling it how I see it---and I'm probably still "wrong." At the time I wrote my previous posts, Manning had a couple of games where he threw a couple of picks. I figured the two-picks in a game thing would be an aberration and wash out over time, but the 16 picks in 14.75 games thing is too many for my tastes. Aaron Rogers even has better numbers, and his team finished the regular season a lot stronger than Mannings'. To address one meta-MVP question that was alluded to a couple months ago on this thread, team success does matter. I think the question is how much it matters. Clearly, the dominate paradigm the voters use is that team success is very important and not going to the playoffs can make a player ineligible for the award. I don't take that hardline stance, but it matters in addition to statistical achievements. Steven Jackson had a great year, but the Rams could have lost 15 games without him in the lineup too, so I don't think there's anyone who has him even in the top 10 for MVP. It does hurt Chris Johnson in my mind that his team missed the playoffs. Or let me put it this way: it has to have some affect on the vote if all other things are equal. But of course, all other things AREN'T equal. 2000 yards is a big accomplishment, and that alone warrants an MVP by my account. When someone does something as special as run for 2000 yards, that is very valuable TO THE LEAGUE. I argue that a further distinction needs to be made. There needs to be a difference between most valuable player to a team and most valuable player to the league. Shawn Marion once said, "Steve Nash is the MVP of the league, but I am the MVP of the team." I think there's some insight in that comment. Leading your team to glory is something that I think is "valuable" to the league, but I don't think the League MVP award should be reduced to simply the player who contributed most to his team whose team was the best in the league. I think that it should take into consideration some transcendent accomplishments like 2000 yards. It turns out that accomplishing these things usually lead to team success too, but I don't think team success should be looked at as something that makes or breaks a player's candidacy---just another factor among many. This is how it should have gone: 1. Chris Johnson winning MVP for the 2000 yard season. I think that 2000 yards is a decision rule unless a QB did something as impressive. After that, I don't really see a lot of difference in VALUE of the top QBs to their teams. You could make the case for Drew Brees then replace the name with Phillip Rivers and I think the stories are very familiar, unless you want to quibble over certain statistics. If anything, I think this is a very good reason to give the award to Chris Johnson. 2. Drew Brees had the best QB rating + most touchdowns on the NFC #1 seed. 3. Rivers had best yards per average + high QB rating on team that finished as perhaps strongest team in NFL. I'm not really sure I care beyond that point enough to argue for anyone.
  12. Jason Whitlock is the one criticizing ESPN (and others) on Tiger. The article I am referring to can be found here: http://msn.foxsports.com/golf/story/10505278/Here's-the-truth-behind-the-Tiger-Woods-scandal
  13. Back to regularly scheduled ESPNLebron.com madness, now that I have your attention: Lebron admits he's a fan of Kentucky freshmen John Wall.
  14. QFA all the way on this. As for the other thing, if I have a legitimate criticism of ESPN, then I don't think that the week vs. day thing is all that big of an issue. That is much more often than any other player gets a column dedicated to having some opinion or being good at some thing. I'm going to go ahead and decline your backhanded compliment because we both know nothing I said on this thread has been witty. This thread didn't have to take on the format that it did. Instead of trying to be "witty" or clever, I could have raised serious complaints about the BS that is on ESPN all the time. Their Tiger coverage is laughable, and I think Jason Whitlock is dead on in his criticism that the affair wouldn't have been as big of an issue if Tiger was not married to a white woman.
  15. Took a while, but here's another good example from today. "Shaq: LeBron could 'coach in NBA right now'" Maybe after he is done coaching basketball he would make a good coach in football too.
  16. This post is dedicated to following the daily (at least) Lebron articles on ESPN. I could have started this post about a week ago and I'd have about 14 entries by now. I thought of doing a post like this when, for the second time in a span of like 4 months, ESPN ran a "Lebron would be good at football" story. It was seriously like a repeat... complete with the same accompanying Sports Nation polls. Every time anything happens, Lebron is quoted on ESPN and his brief quote forms its own article. This absurdity has to be brought to the forefront. To get a sense of what I mean, here's one from today: "LeBron discusses Women in NBA" Comment: Because we really were worried about what Lebron has to say on the subject of women in the NBA. Then, an article that was posted yesterday: "LeBron 50-50 on dunk contest" Comment: Well, the dunk contest is right around the corner... only about three months away!
  17. Jedi Legend

    nfl's mvp so far

    After this week, here's how I'd rank the MVP candidates 1. Drew Brees 2. Brett Favre 3. Peyton Manning 4. Chris Johnson
  18. Jedi Legend

    nfl's mvp so far

    After Manning's underwhelming performance against Baltimore, I am a bit inclined to give Brees the edge. My concern with Brees before was simply that in my opinion he's had a pretty easy schedule. Not really his fault, though. He's taken care of business. Even though this will piss some people off, Brett Favre's candidacy received a boost today as well.
  19. Jedi Legend

    Hey Kansas

    Not much different than the team that won the championship in 2008. That team had some ugly close wins in the non-conference schedule to teams like Arizona and USC.
  20. Jedi Legend

    nfl's mvp so far

    Sorry that I caught you misreading my post and trying to quote me out of context against me. I've actually just been trying to have a discussion of the MVP so far. I am arguing that Manning is the best candidate. I actually did not mean to imply ANYWHERE that Manning was so far ahead of the other candidates that he cannot lose the award. I was actually going to take the time to respond to your other arguments, but seeing as how I don't believe you're interested in actually debating this rationally, I agree that we've reached a good stopping place. If you want to know the truth, Manning did not deserve it at all last year. He sucked last year, and he only won it because the Colts had a ridiculously easy schedule down the stretch. Kurt Warner or Drew Brees should have won it last year. Was it necessary for me to make a big deal out of one slip up of yours and to try to show you up by going line-by-line my original post? Absolutely not. Do I feel bad about it now? Hell no.
  21. Jedi Legend

    nfl's mvp so far

    Let me explain to you what this paragraph meant: A statement of the paradox that I am trying to solve... Very, very sarcastic Less clear sarcasm, but it followed a violently sarcastic sentence. Just sayin'. Clearly meant to be sarcastic since he actually did lead the team 79 yards in the manner described, but I claim in this sentence that he did not do that. I used this sentence as a way to point out how I felt that accomplishment was being ignored. Clearly sarcastic. Hopefully this helps clear things up so you don't quote me out of context again.
  22. Jedi Legend

    nfl's mvp so far

    Also, and this is important so I'm putting this in its own reply and not just editing my previous post: I cannot really argue with someone about an MVP candidate without knowing who that person wants as MVP instead. So, it is nice that you have knocks on Peyton Manning, but which candidate do you endorse? As I did with Brees' stats against the Ram, it is always possible to cherry-pick some bad events from a season as evidence against a candidate. That's why it's not about finding the perfect player, but the best candidate. Since "best" is relative to other candidates, a debate about one player's merits is almost completely vacuous without an argument for why at least one other player is more deserving.
  23. Jedi Legend

    nfl's mvp so far

    I also could say more. (I promise.) I will say this though: The player who wins the MVP award at the end of the season will have flaws. If it is a QB, that QB will probably have A) been on a team that lost at least one game threw some interceptions and C) had some good luck along the way. So we have already eliminated all non-human candidates. I suppose I can agree with you in that people will look at this game and only see the good things Peyton did and completely ignore the bad things. I can definitely agree with you there. I am sorry if I gave you the impression that I am arguing that Peyton played a perfect game. That said, I disagree with you when you (seemed to) say that the game could not serve as an example of how Peyton is a league MVP. He threw 4 touchdown passes in the game. Those scoring drives were impressive, and they were orchestrated by MVP-like play by Manning (in my opinion). At the end of the season, if you have a file for Manning highlights that show he is an MVP candidate, and Manning highlights that disagree... you would find that this game provided data for both files. This is where I really disagree with you though. I did not say Manning lucked into the last touchdown. First of all, to make that possible Manning had to drive the team down 79 yards to score. The clock only went down 1.5 minutes during that time. The Colts got the ball after the last field goal with 4.5 minutes left. I believe they scored with around 3 minutes on the clock. That was MVP-like there. Because of that drive, it made it possible for them to keep the ball deep instead of on-side kicking. Once that happened, the Colts were in position to stop the Patriots and get the ball back. Even if the Patriots punted, there was still going to be a full two-minutes on the clock. Now, obviously that would have been a harder drive than starting from the 30 yard line of the Pats. But considering that Peyton had just driven his team down the field in 1.5 minutes, I don't think you can argue that was outside the realm of possibility. Because Manning had put the Pats in that situation, it forced Belichick to make the decision to either punt the ball to Manning's quick-strike potential, or to try to seal the win by going for it. I understand that you think it was obvious that Belichick should have punted. But you also are putting more emphasis on Manning's mistakes than Belichick probably did. Great players do everything they can to put their team in the best possible position to win... even when they made mistakes earlier that did the opposite. With 4.5 minutes left, and the Patriots up by 10 points... how many teams do you think drive down the field and force the Patriots into the position where they had to get a first down to run the clock out? Probably a lot of teams take too long to get down the field, then they have to onside kick and the game is over. And who was responsible for that drive? Manning. Manning might have made the mistake that made it necessary for him to come back, but all MVP candidates make mistakes. How they respond to their own mistakes is important. Just as it is important that they capitalize on their opponent's mistakes, even though everyone seems to think that driving 30 yards for the touchdown was automatic and completely the fault of the Patriots, and not to the credit of Manning.
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