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  1. kendog_3


    I am around to judge some policy, if anyone is looking. K. Hanson Asst. Coach, University of Richmond
  2. I am thinking of getting back into PA debate. I will probably work w/a school that wants to build a program and has no coaches. I hope to add 2 more teams to the mix next year. K. Hanson
  3. WOW, that is really unfortunate. K. Hanson Univ. of Richmond
  4. So this tourney is on Thursday and Friday? K. Hanson
  5. What is the going rate per round? K. Hanson
  6. Univ. of Richmond would be a good choice. Kuswa is great to work with. K. Hanson Univ. of Richmond
  7. This is an article you can use that may help your letter to the board. Specifically with the laptop debate. http://www.nflonline.org/uploads/Ros...06_021_026.pdf K. Hanson
  8. I was assuming that if they were willing to work with us, then the policy directors would form that board...maybe wishing thinking, but possible. K. Hanson
  9. This is a good standard for several reasons: 1) It can be waived. If during the state tournament Will Repko showed up and had only judged 3 or 4 rounds on the topic this year, he would most likely get an exemption from the board. For example, last year I judged at the NDT qualifer for D7. The rule requirement is that I would have to judge 12 rounds prior to that tournament. Unfortunately I was only able to get 6 rounds in on the college topic. However, I was given an exemption by the tournament committee b/c they knew who I was and knew that I was a competent judge. That is the beauty of this rule...it can be changed by the board. 2) This may be the biggest benefit: It forces judges who want to judge at states to go to more tournaments. This has the possibility to make these local tournaments a little better. A lot of these local tournaments have generally poor judges, if a few competent judges need a few more judges then all of a sudden the policy side gets a little better in a tourney that only needs 3 or 4 varsity judges.... There are a few others, but I think those two justify the reason to include it. Just something to think about, K. Hanson
  10. Mike, I can't agree to run a lab, but I would certainly be willing to come up for a day or two and give some lectures. I know a few others that would be willing to do the same. Feel free to contact me once the specifics are set-up. K. Hanson
  11. Not that it matters, but it was actually the 2-0 round, which is how Mike's team ended up 3-0 b/c they won the ballot in that debate. K. Hanson
  12. Josh, Yes, Maybe they were 2-1. I could swear they were 3-0...And yes I am quite certain the ranks were all messed up. I didn't say we should have been there, just that we were. K. Hanson
  13. Kings College has agreed to get some space and resources together. That is going to be as cheap as it is going to get...someone should call Mike and get the ball rolling. Good luck everyone getting this set-up. If anyone would like some assistance on this feel free to send me an email. K. Hanson
  14. Not to mention that he runs a sweet tournament. K. Hanson
  15. Once again, I suggest some of you utilize Mike Berry. I have been saying this for a few years, but it seems like no one really listens and they continue to complain about PA debate. Mike Berry is someone who is well respected in policy debate circles and has the resources to help bring PA policy debate to a level of respectibility. Too be honest I gave up on that...honestly it seems like the people that want to help policy debate get better are either 1) Are content with complaining about it on here or 2) Have no decision making ability for their high school. For those of you that don't know me I coached at Jenkintown for several years. I left Jenkintown High School for a few reasons, but honestly I felt that some of the tournaments in this state were the most horid events I had ever attended. I was using all of my vacation time to take students to be judged my individuals that were barely competent enough to have found the room. The State tournament 2 years ago was the worst policy event I had ever been to. The majority of the judges were NOT qualifed. One of my teams were 3-0 and debating one of Mike's teams. Jenk lost that debate b/c the judge always voted Aff, b/c their plan sounded good. THAT WAS THE TOP DEBATE IN TOURNEY AND THEY PUT A HISTORY TEACHER IN THE ROOM WITH ZERO EXPERIENCE. The truth is that the current state of PA policy debate is why it is b/c the decision makers in this area do not give a shit about policy debate and until that happens nothing will change. I am more than willing to come and lecture for Mike if a camp goes down. I am also willing to come and judge at some tournaments for free, so if someone is looking for an extra judge over the weekends, I may be available. K. Hanson Asst. Univ. of Richmond
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