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    i love snowboarding and boys, especially boys who snowboard
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  1. i loved it. i loved break rounds and crazy ass cards and practicing speed and writting our aff cases...damn i am going to miss debate.
  2. kirk, you know i like you! i am sorry about last saturday, but we'll all hang out some other time!
  3. i don't know you candi, but all of a sudden i really like you.
  4. when ashton informed me via AIM of the situation going down for nat quals my reaction is as follows... Amhiee [9:13 PM]: NOOOOOOO!!!!!!FUCKING HELL! Amhiee [9:14 PM]: FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK!
  5. sean, ashton and i will be in pocatello this weekend at century, if you aren't competing and see this, you had better stop by to say hi to us!!! otherwise i will just see you there! i heart you as well!!!
  6. i think i will be living in boise. you can come to me. haha.
  7. i will miss the fucked up, horrifying world of debate. kisses guys.
  8. weisvaue

    graduating seniors

    yeah, and i don't know what division they are in but they did really well at nationals, placed somewhere in the top 5 i think...
  9. weisvaue

    graduating seniors

    BSU or carroll. debate undecided.
  10. les, i think you should stick around, because you would allow ashton and i to make ridiculous, half serious, non stock/comms speeches, with a canada counterplan thrown in on the side, and still pick us up. you were fab.
  11. it's a anxious situation for me. i am worried about the choice for a new pope. i love pope john paul.
  12. even though debate is over speech isn't i went to districts today. state is going to be crazy. since it is my senior year i have decided none of the rules apply to me anymore...i hope i don't get in too much trouble..haha.
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