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  1. The advanced seimnar for CPDI will be held July 8,9, and 10. We have a great staff and we are building on a very successful novice seminar. Please contact me me if you wish to attend, no matter your experience or financial status, all students are welcome. Peace, Paul Loupe
  2. I do want to chime in on this. The purpose of CPDI is to strengthen Colorado Policy Debate. I have no wish to hurt WFI, only to bolster the ranks of a valuable activity that is waning in participation in Colorado. Partially (or mainly) due to University of Wyoming Forensics Wyoming has maintained a high level of Policy Debate participation. Colorado students need options and too often there is a false dichotomy (only two options, WFI or nothing). If students can't afford in money or time the WFI option those students should have options. I have taught at WFI and I will always support it for my own stduents as well as any high school stduent who can afford that option. Please note my other post that offers a significant discount to students who wish to use CPDI as a starter camp for WFI or for any other camp students wish to attend. Much like the spread of the Urban Debate League, I think each city and state needs there own core of debate competition. Thank you for this discussion Alex and Travis. This stuff needed to be fleshed out. I know that you are both motivated by your combined love for this activity and all those who chime in on this discussion are a part of the solution to rebuild this activity and extend its value into the future. Have a good day, Paul Loupe Littleton High School Debate Coach CPDI Founder
  3. Thank You WFI and Matt Stannard! The staff of CPDI accepts the challenge and returns the favor. Any student who wishes to attend both camps will be given a $200 discount on the CPDI Institute. Also, if you wish to attend both novice and varsity CPDI seminars we will extend the discount to both sessions. We are all in this to strengthen the policy debate competition and we would love to help out in any way we can. Contact paulloupe@gmail.com to inquire about the CPDI registration. Signed, Paul Loupe
  4. One more thing "The obstacle to progress is not ignorance, but the illusion of knowledge" Daniel Boorstein Seriously! No one person is right. Don't let the illusion of knowledge stop our progress.
  5. I love this activity because it is an open forum as competition. I love the fact that the debaters often make the rules of adjudication up and are forced to defend them with logic and evidence. Since I started debating (in the 90's) there has always been a healthy mix of newer and older thought on round evalution. All those who have defended the values of adaptation are right and any successful debater on any level will support adaptation as a part of their success. The thing about this string of posts that worries me is the negativity and the historical comparisons. Those rounds are over and done as are the careers of most of those who cite them. Rather than looking back, we must all look forward. Those who have cited the tenets of merely teaching about Kritiks and the framework of debate are right. We must begin a better model to forge another generation of debaters. As the population grows, so does the judging pool, and the knowledge base it represents. I will personally invest my time and energy into teaching this next generation but we must all have some ownership. I am founding the Colorado Policy Debate Institute for this reason. For too long we have sent students to far away lands to learn information that we can provide and cultivate here. We create the divide by ignoring this issue. I have tought students in small rural towns and at expensive universities and the great thing about Policy Debate is that it can be tought the same way in all places. Yes, stock issues, policy-maker, Kritik, college, and tabula rasa judges all exist in this world and debaters must be prepared for all of them. One of them is not better or more apporpriate than another. We assume sports teams change their strategy based on opponent and setting, why can't we follow that principle? We can. Part of the excitement and energy of this activity is born from the unpredictable nature of the event. we are not memorizing for display, but arguing, reacting, and pushing forth with new ideas. I think we can all stop bickering about who is right and wrong and view the coplexity of our perspectives as the asset of the activity. Spread the word...Colorado Policy Debate Institute can train any debater to be a smart and successful debater on any level, despite background or location. Peace, Paul
  6. you can be a part of the movement to save CX/policy debate. The revival has begun...and I am willing to lead the charge. It starts with The Colorado Policy Debate Institute. It will be hosted at the conflict center in the Denver Metro Area June 24-26 (Beginning and Intermediate Session) and July 8-10 (Advanced Session). Whether you want to increase your skills, get started, or become nationally competitive, I can provide the training. Please e-mail for more details: paulloupe@gmail.com I am looking forward to meeting those interested. I am looking for volunteers with experience or anyone willing to aid in the recovery of the greatest academic competition in the world. Together this can be the beginning of a new era of Colorado Policy Debate. Have a good day, Paul Loupe Education Director & Founder, A Partnership for Growth: Center for Counseling and Education Director of Forensics, Littleton High School
  7. Littleton will actually have 4 varsity CX teams and 3 novice teams. Feel free to sling your Berger/Sobetski/Bywaters jokes here.
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