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  1. definitely alex bonnet and derek ziegler. love you and miss you both
  2. So long as Bonnet's and Ziegler's man-love continues, I will be keeping them honest.
  3. Best Partnership? Bonnet/Ziegler
  4. Debatefreakbvn


    It was at 6A 2-Speaker State at Blue Valley West ~Jan 14th-ish
  5. Debatefreakbvn


    This thread digresses....she lost her jacket, and has someone elses, it's a size 4 from Ann Taylor. A swap occured so someone out there has the wrong jacket. Please prove to me cross-x serves some valuable function
  6. I'd just like to comment on how tough and good a tournament DCI is. I have debated in a couple nat'l circuit tournaments this season, and think that DCI is very comparable- excellent judging pool, more excellent teams, great rounds (fairly quick postings of rounds, too) and good people. Thanks Burgett. Jeff Kaplan
  7. Debatefreakbvn


    Anyone know how many will qualify for nats from the KCK (O-North) CFL?
  8. Sorry, but not only does this hardly make sense, it's just a bad idea. That'd make this HUGE topic twice as big b/c you can make a case mandatory or non mandatory. But moreover, non mandatory service could never guarantee any solvency, and if it could, it'd only be through intrensic ways. What'd be the point? I make a sweet plan but say no one will actually do it, then just say that we SHOULD do it, even if it'd be pointless?
  9. Heady, just to clarify, when I asked what your cx name was, it was b/c i didn't know for sure if heady was your name. As for the stare down afterward, it was a misunderstand, lol.
  10. Rubaie made my lip bleed, big time, I think I might be running low right now. I stuffed Jake, but other than that, my defense wasn't great. I'm too tired/lazy. But it's ok, I drove on him and the SME squad roughly 10 times...We almost had that 2nd game, even with jennings in. While I got a lot of the points, it was a team effort on the defense and passing.
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