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  1. That's definitely true. Xylum is an excellent camp. Edmund will be teaching more at Xylum than at the DDI, because he is a guest lecturer at the DDI. I've heard he is teaching at the GDI as well? My point is less than DDI has the "most Edmund." It's more than there are a lot of different critical minds at every quality camp, including the Debate Institute at Dartmouth. For example, the Kennedy/Quigley teaching duo is a DDI exclusive, and they're pretty great. Signing up for that lab and wreck of DDI's critical electives would, I think, get you a great critically oriented four weeks of awesome. All the options outlined here are strong!
  2. The other camps mentioned are really good. It's also worth mentioning the Dartmouth Debate Institute. If you want a primarily critical focus, I think you'll get it. Two lab groups might be particularly amenable to your interests: Kennedy and Quigley are teaching together. Their lab is very highly requested in the 100+ applications we've received thus far. They were a critical team, to whatever extent that's a meanignful category marker. Not to be super-self-congratulatory, but Michael Antonucci did coach the first team to win the final round on the National Debate Tournament on a critique argument. Also, the elective system means that you can take a ton of extra K classes. For example, Edmund Zagorin will be guest teaching and lecturing, so that's tight. Good options abound, so I just wanted to throw the DDI in the mix.
  3. I'm available for the 2013 TOC. I have coaching experience with a wide range of arguments and teams. antonucci23@gmail.com
  4. What Josh said. Also, you can also email some of the staff directly. Since the whole staff is involved in deciding the curriculum, we all have a pretty good idea of the improvements for this summer. I'm confident that they're all improvements. All of the sweet stuff about the DDI, such as an elective structure, great labs, carefully designed camp tournament, etc. are still in place. There will be some shift in emphasis from research to practice to ensure that students spend all their time getting better at debate. Feel free to email me with further questions. I'm just a lab leader, but I do write a lot of words. antonucci23@gmail.com
  5. That was long. You can post in multiple forums. Very few, if any, people running camps will see your post, so it's a very ineffective way to convince camp administrators to change policy.
  6. They were often unusable, and retreiving data from screwed up paper was impossible. Retreiving data from screwed up paperless word files is often easy. Fair enough. A careless reader such as myself might have read this as a harangue. That's especially true when you say that everyone should "use proper paperless practices" - which is a far cry from "establish universal paperless practices." I agree. I don't think that there is a problem with that. The implication that file distribution and standardization is declining, however, is drastically incorrect. The idea that there's such a thing as "proper paperless practice" yet is also probably incorrect. You may underestimate some of the barriers to establishing universal practices among a set of both harried and competitive individuals. Finally, I think that it's a mistake to presume that the most relevant people will find your post in a subforum of high school camp forum. College camp administrators generally use this board for advertising, not to study up on their craft. I'd strongly suggest using cedaforums to reach your target audience on this particular issue. Cheers!
  7. Good question, Nature Boy. There were certainly no formatting issues in the paper era! No one ever: -- taped down cards with shiny tape -- pre-underlined with magic marker -- highlighted prior to copy runs -- let cards hang off the page, assuming the copy staff would "fix it" None of these problems ever occurred hundreds upon hundreds of times. Camp instructors' failure to immediately become aware of your much-vaunted Debate Libre template and mandate it across the nation is thus clearly an egregious breakdown in pedagogy. Thank you for bringing this to our collective attention!
  8. States CP can specify funding. States CP can also fiat away deficit spending restrictions. 2NC can also amend to spike your state specific spending DA. Not to be Mr. Olds McOlderson Getoffmylawn, but I've coached over 15 topics. On every domestic topic, states CP is central, at least in restraining aff case selection. It's dumb, but there it is.
  9. Brian - I largely agree with you, but I don't think your states counterplan answers are all that great. I think fiat largely overwhelms "bickering" and "poor planning". The very marginal solvency deficit won't trump the elections link. This is the fundamental problem with every domestic topic. Some affs can answer states, I am sure. However, that number will be small. Therefore, the topic will end up being quite narrowly constrained to things like "roads into Native American reservations" or "roads on military bases" or, potentially, affs that simply take the question of federal control on directly (although they still might lose pretty badly, since "politics" sounds more impactful than "infrastructure federalism" to me.) If debaters and the judging pool can sack up and admit that states is a toxic argument, this might be a sweet topic. Otherwise, it will be OK, but nothing better than OK.
  10. I'd encourage you to visit http://georgetowndebateseminar.wikispaces.com/ for files on an ongoing basis. Individual labs posted their files on their pages, and there was a pre-institute file. All files have been posted, but a few items, including the edited demo debate and a critical SETI aff, are still in progress. The NDCA will compile files. File compilation is also something you can do yourself by visiting sites and supporting the camps that put their evidence online for immediate perusal.
  11. Yeah, we don't pick people up from nationals. UNT is definitely a strong camp and you should consider it; the staff is really good. If you have any specific questions about Georgetown, feel free to email me.
  12. Antonucci23


    You might consider using the Hoya Template. It changes around a few of these macros to improve functionality - the list and manual is on the download page, above.
  13. http://georgetowndebateseminar.wikispaces.com/Hoya+Template
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