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  1. Thanks for all of the help so far. I have had them look at the camp cases quite a bit, but the biggest problem they are running into is that most of the strange ones that they see are kritikal. They don't really understand that part of debate, especially because it is not prevelant in their area. I have tried my best to explain it to them, but there just isn't enough time for that. The team that I have been working with the most are both seniors, so they are just looking for something strange that will give them a chance to advance past the prelims. Like I said earlier, if anyone has anything that can help it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I have long been graduated and have nothing to trade. There is a team that I have been trying to help for the past week, and the only chance they have at winning next week is for them to run some strange cases. If anyone has any cases that they can give me to help them, these kids would greatly appreciate it. I have tried teaching these kids all that I can, but they just have so much to learn. Thanks
  3. the old school way that i was taught was to have definitions read first off, then read off harms and significance, then inherency, then the plan text, then solvency/advantages......i don't know why that worked, but i only lost two aff rounds my high school career when i did it like that
  4. isn't there a porn neg file in one of the michigan files? you might want to check there
  5. i got an A2 file from ddi i can trade......
  6. you wouldn't really have to prove that it's genocide. you would only have to prove its significant. that should be rather easy.
  7. wrong forum for the first 2 questions. as for the third one, just prove that the UN misuses money.
  8. I got some from DDI. Hit me up on aim at yelloshrts
  9. i think that an israel case with evidence from the bible would be cool.....add something in there about how israel will always be at war or something...but the article was nice
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