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  1. Hey, I had asked about deleting threads and posts and there were some responses but the thread itself was deleted and I'm not sure why. Can someone explain to me the procedure for deleting our old posts now? Thanks
  2. klink10k

    RIP Chance Harp

    haven't posted in cx.com in probably 2+ years... i had the pleasure of meeting chance and talking to him a ton about debate, he was one of the best debate minds in the state. RIP buddy.
  3. bet no one in this thread knows who brian bear actually is.
  4. ahhhh testerman is too good.
  5. ahh i see keegan still is a giant tool.
  6. aylon why the fuck are you in canada, my penis isn't that long love, jmo
  7. african my ass don't make me come kill you.
  8. aylon you suck at ping pong you also like to suck male cock.
  9. Actually yesterday was his birthday. Too bad he had such a poor performance at nationals...
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