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    Fantasy Football

    We could play with a small number. everyone would get a lot of good players would be interesting.
  2. Trobaugh

    Fantasy Football

    I am in if we get it going (sorry for the late response)
  3. Hey Jeff I was looking for the results at GA Forensics but I could not find them. Can you give me a link?
  4. Perhaps I am reading it wrong but I think the purpose of the classic division is to prepare kids to move into the other areas of policy. I am not sure that you would lose any more kids to LD or dropping out because they don't want to spread or don't like the speed anymore than they just don't like it after their first year if they were already in "contemporary" policy.
  5. Here in Georgia our novice division has restrictions. There are no Ks and no CPs. Speed is not specifically addressed but the kids that can do speed are recommended to move up to JV and generally do. In my opinion it has helped start new programs that never would have begun without it. Now, how much that will translate into varsity programs we will see. I like the classic idea. I have sent kids to camp at Liberty and they meet some of those classic kids and some the home school kids. Their "lack of speed" as they put it was a new experience for them.
  6. Let me start off by saying that I have worked tab rooms at several decently large tournaments all using TRPC. I have also worked tab at NFL districts where as everyone knows it is done by hand. It is my experience that it is not necessarily any faster to use the computer system but there are several advantages including having the computer do all of the matching and math. Also, we always print out cross pairings at the end of the tournament. The computer system will let you print out a lot of nice forms and total results etc...
  7. Trobaugh


    We have stayed at the Best Western before. It is not bad. There are only so many places to stay in Cairo. I could have told you not to stay there in Carrollton.
  8. Here in Georgia at a typical tournament (two-days, 5 prelim rounds) we do high/low speaker points for the tie breaker. I cannot remember off the top of my head where it goes after that but rarely does it need to go past that. Most of these tournaments are breaking to quarters. Edit- I could be wrong, I have not run a tournament in a couple of years but I am still quite sure that my memory is correct.
  9. At this point is not so well known that people would not fall for it? http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,453125,00.html
  10. I think that depends on if you want to teach something else and coach debate or if you want to teach speech and do debate. For the first it is just a matter of deciding what you want to do and go for the certification. As far as getting a job that is what it is. A lot could be written about that. You need to either decide that you want to start a program or get into an established program. I know that I am not really answered your question but there are some things to think about.
  11. Go Joe and Levi! (Too bad you have to hit pace)
  12. Why can I not seem to find the novice packet?
  13. I would agree with Jeff, having been part of the council when this was developed. Also, if a debater can cut their own impact turns do they really need to be limited to the packet?
  14. I have been thinking about this and I cannot come up with an answer. I don't know what we can do. I have a feeling that most coaches would disagree with my assessment. If coaches agreed with the idea then the dialogue could begin and I think that the problem would begin to work itself out, but at this point I have no clue what a possible solution would be.
  15. Let me start by saying that my previous comment refers to policy debate ( I know that I should have put that in there). To me and this is based on my observations and conversations, that policy is getting to a point that if a program does not spend thousands and travel to national tournaments and go to the best camps then they are somehow sub-par. I would contend that if you don't do those things then you are not going to be able to compete against the teams that do. Additionally, programs have a hard time retaining kids in policy while Public Forum is taking off. I believe that Policy has become such a niche type of debate that it will survive but it will be passed by LD and PF in terms of popularity. Ultimately even if you think that policy is the best thing out there if kids are not doing it or programs cannot get into doing it without having to try and raise thousands then it is going to continue to shrink in terms of the number of teams doing it. I am starting a brand new team from scratch. I know that policy has a lot of great benefits for those that do it. I also know that it is important. But since I have to start with nothing I believe that my PF numbers will always be better than my policy and I believe that I will contiue to struggle with retaining kdis in policy. So to answer your question I believe that it has become an activity that almost elitist.
  16. I would contend that the activity is not being killed by youth acting out or by profanity laced rounds. I would contend that the activity is killing itself with what it has become. That is a completly different conversation altoghter.
  17. I am not discounting anybody's position but until you have been a high school head coach it is hard to understand the position that HS coaches are in when it comes to keeping a program going in a activity that is dying. (i.e. policy debate)
  18. I think that you are missing the point here. He is not saying that anyone should get an automatic loss or anything along those lines. Just simply some guidelines for judges when it comes to speaker points and profanity. My opinion is that I would like to see the same. I am not even saying that if you utter one word that you get X deduction. I believe that if the HS debater is using them consistently throughout the round then that is the point where perhaps some points need to come off. I suppose that all of the people who have posted negatively to the original post would not make it on my team (or want to be on it) my team rules are already that strict or more strict. I have to answer to parents and principals and Boards of Education. As to the camp issue. When I was at my last school I had some money to help send kids to camp. There were camps that if a student wanted to go there they would get no help from the team. They had to pay the entire cost. This did not happen from reputation but from experience of debaters that had gone in the past.
  19. Did not think about that. I will see what I can do. Thanks.
  20. Well I will for a little while at least. I just figured that since I am not the debate coach at Trion anymore I suppose that I should not use this name anymore.
  21. I suppose that I fit into this category now. I have just accepted a new job at Heritage High School (the new school in Catoosa County). I will not be back at Trion. I hope to start a debate team but it will be completely from scratch so who knows how long before we start traveling. I also guess that this will be my last post as triondebatecoach.
  22. Happy Birthday Lane!
  23. Are you saying that because I will be at work or that the school year at Trion will finally begin without you?
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