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  1. yes, we are bringing both of our novice teams- evan and anna and matt and dakota
  2. burlington is sending 2 novice teams
  3. Meggles07

    Hen Hud

    burlington will be bringing a few teams
  4. NFA needs to let Bret know what teams and how many they are bringing.
  5. Evan Johnson from burlington is the super novi
  6. Meggles07


    burlington will be sending two novice teams and 4 varsity teams
  7. i think if i have this right... for varsity... burlington hs closed out with burlington fw bishop guertin kp d. monticello dk bishop guertin bs d. newark ro weston mb d. lexington cr burlington hs d. bishop guertin bs weston mb d. bishop guertin burlington hs d. weston mb Ian Hemely was 2nd speaker and Alex Shepard was 5th novice finals was burlington jw-j d. bishop guertin Anna Jacobs was 4th speaker and Evan Johnson was 1st
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