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  1. California Brockaway/Jaswa Emory Inamullah/Weil Georgia Cambre/Lacy Harvard Jacobs/Parkinson Kansas Kennedy/Quigley Kansas Kennedy/Stone Mary Washington Kallmyer/Susko Michigan State Lanning/Wunderlich Missouri State Foley/Kearney Northwestern Fisher/Spies Oklahoma Giglio/Watts Texas-Dallas Baker/Rubaie Wake Forest Carlotti/Maza Wake Forest Crichton/Sears West Georgia Boykin/Schultz Whitman Cohn/Straus __________________ Well, hot damn. I'm assuming that Parkinson at Harvard is Alex? I haven't kept up too well. Either way, pretty awesome.
  2. Alman

    NFL Nats updates

    Eli Woody's facebook page is telling me that Luke Brinker from THS is top 14 extemp? I dunno if he's out or still competing, but that's pretty legit.
  3. Alman

    NFL Nats updates

    Yeah, like when you debate three top sixteen teams in prelims?? One of which ends up winning the tournament? Oh, we got it!
  4. On the subject of food, if you can travel you should also check out some of the stuff down on Mass St, they have great pizza, BBQ, and just about everything else. Seriously, it's ridiculous. La Parilla, Buffalo Bob's, Vermont St BBQ, Jefferson's (you gotta go here), Free State Brewery, Mad Greek, Papa Keno's, Pita Pit...
  5. Your cons are really more the responsibility of the other team, not the judges. On that note, however, I do think judges ought to be allowed to read evidence.
  6. Alman

    CFL Results

    Yeah, it sucked. It was pretty tough judging that one considering the environment and the speed of the round. I was about to pass out by the end of it, with the 4 hours of sleep I got the night before (and the 2 and a half the night before). If you saw the round, I'm kinda curious who you thought won and why. PM me so as not to start anything stupid in this thread
  7. Hey, I was one of the judges in the round. The one who wrote the ballot that probably made no sense. So you guys know it took me a while to make my decision, I thought the negative was way ahead after the 1AR but the 2AR made me think a whole lot. I really wish I could have read both you and bg's solvency evidence. I also hadn't judged a round anywhere close to that fast since last years' national tournaments, so I was a bit off my game (didn't see any good rounds in prelims) and missed a few things on the flow. I'm sorry I couldn't have given a better justification on the ballot; it was a fantastic round, and I truly had no idea who to vote for. If either of you have questions, let me know. I think I may be able to come up with a better explanation now than I could at the time, when I was sleep-deprived, hot, and falling asleep in the world's most uncomfortable chair. Congrats to BG, and Kansas' own SMW who seems to keep showing up big at the national tournaments!
  8. Alman

    CFL Results

    Did I see you in the semifinals round that bishop guertin won? I thought I saw you before the round started, but I don't recall seeing you during the round.
  9. They'll also be posted online at http://www.albanynationals.org
  10. Alman

    2009 NDT

    this is awesome
  11. I worry about my friends from Kansas City when they have to drive.
  12. Alman


    dennis dobson is a man among boys
  13. She better not think that I haven't forgotten. Yeah, I remember.
  14. Nice. Judged those guys in prelims. Cool kids, they definitely deserve the success they've had.
  15. Is this the same LaSalle team that was in finals at CFL?
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