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  1. GRAND VALLEY DEBATE CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES FEBRUARY 3-5, 2011 Dear Friends and Colleagues, We would like to invite your policy debate program to the Grand Valley Debate Championship Tournament. We welcome you to Grand Rapids and offer a tournament designed to provide the finest competition and outstanding hospitality. Our vision for a state tournament includes time for students to mingle with other students, time for coaches to spend time with each other, and a luncheon to reflect on and celebrate our community. All rounds and events will be held in the Holiday Inn Express Suites – Grand Rapids Airport. All elimination debates and some preliminary debates will occur in hotel conference rooms. Dr. Danielle Wiese Leek is on sabbatical and thus this year’s tournament will be hosted by members of the west Michigan debate community. Dr. Leek and GVSU are committed to full sponsorship of a tournament in following years. Divisions For the February 2011 tournament we are offering one varsity division and one novice division. The varsity division will run Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The novice division will run Friday and Saturday. A school will be able to enter one or two squad units in each division. Again, all debates will occur at the Holiday Inn Express Suites. Teams This is not a typical 2 person event. Our philosophy celebrates being able to enter a tournament as an entire school with a few modifications. A school may choose to enter as one school with one squad per division and may substitute debaters without limitation between rounds (except across divisions.) Alternately, a school may choose to enter as two squads in a division. These squads will correspond to the school’s colors. For instance, if the school East South Hampton entered and their school colors are red and blue, then there will be an East South Hampton Red and an East South Hampton Blue. A school must choose which students will represent one color (in the example Red) and which will represent the other color (in the example Blue). A roster of who is debating on which squad must be entered at a date to be set prior to the tournament. Students may NOT substitute between colors – once a roster is set students cannot move between colors. Students may be switched within the roster of each color without limitation between rounds. Should both squads from a school qualify for elimination rounds, they shall merge and take on the seed of the team with the better record. In this situation, students from either squad could compete in the elimination rounds. This also means that all lower seeds would improve by one and that another squad would advance to the elims. Special Note for Years to Come We are committed to helping create opportunities for civic engagement in Michigan, and increasing participation in high school policy debate is one of our goals. Thus, we hope to make this end-of-the-season tournament an on-going event. We are also committed to creating a structure to the tournament so as to ensure a relatively fair allocation of resources, student population, coaching preferences, and/or experience. Having studied various structures, we believe that hosting a "packet division" is one way to increase participation and encourage schools to participate in this valuable activity. Teams in the packet division would use a set packet of evidence created by the tournament. There would be two divisions within both varsity and novice; there would be a packet evidence division in novice and varsity and an open evidence division in novice and varsity. This type of structure has been very successful at aiding the growth of debate in other leagues and around the country. During this year's tournament, we hope you'll share your thoughts about adding packet divisions for next year's championship. Fees Entry fees are $100 per squad. This will cover the cost of the rooms, light refreshments at the hotel throughout the tournament, and lunch on Friday. It is possible that these fees will be reduced or eliminated if we can secure sponsorship for the tournament. Judges may be available to hire on a first-come, first-come basis. Judges in the novice division are charged $150 per squad unit and judges in the varsity division are $250 per squad unit. Please contact the tournament prior to January 15 if any of these fees are prohibitive. Tournament Structure We believe the Grand Valley Championships should be as enjoyable as possible given the competitive intensity. This structure should facilitate the best debates possible with adequate time for coaching and judging feedback. Tentative Varsity Schedule Day 1 – Thursday 11:00am Registration Meeting Pairings Released 12:00pm Round 1 2:30pm Round 2 5:00pm Round 3 Day 2 – Friday 9:30am Round 4 12:00pm Lunch & Reception Photo 1:00pm Round 5 4:00pm Round 6 Dinner Elimination Round Brackets Released PM Day 3 – Saturday 9:00am Pairings Released 10:00am Semifinals 1:00pm Award Presentation 1:30pm Finals Tentative Novice Schedule Friday 12:00pm Registration, Meeting & Lunch Reception Photo 3:00pm Round 1 6:00pm Round 2 Saturday 9:00am Round 3 11:30am Round 4 Break 2:00pm Round 5 4:30pm Elimination Round 7:00pm Elimination Round Judging Each school must supply ½ judge per squad entered in the tournament – a team entering two squads in a division may supply one full judge. There will be 1 judge per preliminary round and 3 judges per elimination round. All judges are obligated for all elimination rounds – we will release judges as soon as possible, however. That is, we will create panels for all possible final round pairings during the semi-finals and release those judges that cannot judge any final round combination. If entries are large enough to justify it, all judges will be assigned using Mutual Preference Judging. MPJ is a system that assigns judges to debate rounds based on preference ratings supplied by the coaches of the schools. Coaches must rate which judges are most preferred, preferred, or least preferred. The tab software will then seek to optimize the allocation of judges so that every round is judged by somebody that is most preferred. If it is not possible to achieve this for every round, the computer will assign judges that are preferred by both teams before it assigns a judge that is most preferred by one team and only preferred by the other team. Each judge must sign a statement of ethics and responsibility regarding conduct, language and intent. This, combined with a judge philosophy (which shall include the number of rounds judged on the topic), will certify a judge for the tournament. All judge philosophies must be available one week before the tournament for a judge to be entered in the pool. Should any judge behave in a way that violates the code of ethics, they will be removed and not paid for their service. Lodging The tournament hotel is the Holiday Inn Express Suites – Grand Rapids Airport. The address is 5401 28th St Ct SE, Grand Rapids MI 49546. The phone number is 616 940 8100. This hotel is conveniently located at I-96 and 28th Street in Grand Rapids. It is kitty-corner from the Crowne Plaza MIFA tournament site from previous years and shares a parking lot with a 24 hour Meijer. We have secured a block of suites at a nightly rate of $69 for either a king suite or a 2 double suite – a $20 savings from the regular rate. All suites also include a pullout sofa bed in the living room. We request that all teams staying at a hotel stay at this hotel. The rates we secured and the cost of the conference rooms are dependent on the number of rooms booked. A daily hot breakfast is included in the hotel price. Complimentary wireless is also included. You can learn more about the hotel and amenities here: http://www.hiexpress.com/hotels/us/en/grand-rapids/grres/hoteldetail#. Please reserve your rooms early! Registration Please send all registration information or questions to pbattey@steelcase.com. Registration should include the typical information about number of teams and judges. Additionally, we would like to receive a count of all persons attending the tournament so we can get an accurate number for catering and other meals. We sincerely appreciate your consideration, Pete Battey Tournament Director pbattey@steelcase.com 616 308 6786 – c 616 291 3995 – w
  2. The East Kentwood Debate Tournament is about much more than debate. Our community building efforts and friendly competitions resulted in the following: Pumpkin Carving - Mona Shores and their representation of 5:00 of T Guess how many cards in the subsidies aff - Austin from Groves Tub Toss - Ricky and Cody from EK with the hammer throw technique Mike Leap wish you had a partner award - Albert Ma from Ike Cat Duffy award for hopelessly delaying a tournament - not awarded
  3. Good news! We've finally gotten permission from EK to host the MOSSA there. Zach is correct that the dates are May 15-16. This was the best compromise we could find with school availability, AP dates, and Catholic Nationals. Please visit http://www.themossa.org for more information about the student and coach round robins, the community awards, and the banquet. Also, please contact me at petebattey@gmail.com or Ellen at ezwarensteyn@gmail.com to register or get more information. Thanks and we hope to see you there! Pete
  4. EK is headed to at least 2 more tournaments, so we are definitely interested in seeing what you've done. Thanks! Pete
  5. We had some last minute adds and are now looking for more hired judges. The EK tournament this weekend, January 9th and 10th, could use your help. Please email ekdebate@gmail.com if interested. Thanks! Pete
  6. The time has come to start hiring judges for the EK tournament. Please email ekdebate@gmail.com if interested. Our compensation package is competitive and includes happy fun time at Chez Battey-Zwarensteyn. Thanks! Pete
  7. This is the funniest thing I've read today. And I'm pretty sure that EK's new aff, the one I just learned about, results in divorce.
  8. EK novices have run the following affs this year: Flex Fuel Algae Biodiesel Subsidies Cap & Trade Ethanol Tariffs
  9. EAST KENTWOOD DEBATE TOURNAMENT FRIDAY JANUARY 9 AND SATURDAY JANUARY 10, 2009 KENTWOOD, MICHIGAN TOURNAMENT The East Kentwood Debate Tournament will feature five preliminary rounds of two-person Varsity and Junior Varsity switch-side policy debate. The tournament recommends that Junior Varsity competitors be in their first or second year of debate. The tournament will also host four rounds of Saturday-only four-person Open debate. All rounds will occur at East Kentwood High School. Last year, the tournament cleared to Quarterfinals in two-person Varsity and Semifinals in two-person Junior Varsity. We will consider a two-person Novice Breakout if entries warrant it. AWARDS Personalized certificates will be awarded to the top ten speakers in each division and to the teams reaching elimination rounds. Top Speaker, Champion, and Finalist awards will be distributed after the tournament. Teams composed of the same two debaters for all rounds and from the same school will be eligible for elimination rounds. All debaters that compete in all rounds will be eligible for speaker awards. REGISTRATION To register, send an e-mail to ekdebate@gmail.com with contestant names and judge information. The entry fee is $50 per two-person Varsity or Junior Varsity entry and $60 per four-person Open entry. A half-judge is required for every two debaters. Schools who cannot provide judges may hire from the tournament for $80 per half-judge in the two-person divisions or $100 per full-judge in the Saturday-only division. Judges are committed to one round beyond their school’s elimination. Fees will be frozen 4:00 PM on the Wednesday before the tournament. If entries warrant, we will send out mutual preference sheets. Preference sheets are due 9:00 AM Friday morning. Please contact the tournament if the entry fees are a barrier to your team’s participation. LODGING There are several hotels within minutes of the tournament. We have no special arrangement with hotels and so there is no tournament rate. Amerihost Inn - (616) 827-9900 - 7625 Caterpillar Court, Byron Center, MI 49315 Comfort Inn - (616) 957-2080 - 4155 28th St., Grand Rapids, MI 49512 Super 8 (formerly the Exel Inn) (616) 957-3000 - 4855 28th St., Grand Rapids, MI 49512 Fairfield Inn (616) 940-2700 - 3930 Stahl Drive, Grand Rapids, MI 49546 Holiday Inn Express (877) 531-5084 – 6569 Clay Ave, Grand Rapids, MI, 49548 FOOD Meals for students, judges, coaches and observers will be provided by the tournament. Snacks will be available at a reasonable cost. TRAVEL East Kentwood is located at 6230 Kalamazoo Ave SE, Kentwood, MI, 49508 M6 and Kalamazoo is the nearest highway intersection. Parking is available in the north central lot the days of the tournament. Registration will occur in the main foyer by the commons. SCHEDULE Wednesday, January 7, 2009 4:00 Fees Frozen Friday, January 9, 2009 9:00 Judge Prefs Due 2:30 Registration 3:00 Pairings 3:15 Round 1 5:15 Round 2 7:00 Dinner 7:30 Round 3 Saturday, January 10, 2009 8:00 Pairings 8:30 Round 4 10:45 Round 5 12:30 Lunch 1:00 Quarters 3:30 Awards 3:45 Semis 6:00 Finals Saturday-Only, January 10, 2009 8:45 Registration 9:00 Round 1 10:45 Round 2 12:30 Lunch 1:00 Round 3 2:45 Round 4 4:15 Awards Pete Battey, Tournament Director ekdebate@gmail.com (616) 308-6786 Ellen Zwarensteyn, Director of Debate ellen.zwarensteyn@kentwoodps.org (248) 321-4842
  10. It's my opinion that your attempt at irony and guerrilla communication is a flagrant violation of NEDA rules. Ask Jackson and Neal how that went for them! On a more serious note, I wish you the best in you effort to invigorate Michigan debate.
  11. Congratulations are in order. Unfortunately, Andy played so poorly in our golf league that he would have been better off not playing due to death, from a competitive standpoint. For full disclosure, the same can be said for my performance.
  12. I'm pretty sure my win-loss record against Jake was 0 - a lot.
  13. Can somebody share who won the final rounds? I successfully escaped before their conclusions. Thanks!
  14. The photo of the speaker awards is available here.
  15. The judging format is unchanged, Dan. Strikes are usually available for elims but not for prelims.
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