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  1. Hutchinson Sept. 26-27: http://tinyurl.com/hhsjudges
  2. 6A: 1- Wichita East 2- Campus 4A: 1- Haven 2- Nickerson Full results can be found here: http://www.kshsaa.org/DEBATE/4SpkrQualifiers.pdf
  3. Sunflower Qualifiers: Wichita East- Hernandez/Lewallen Maize- Oschner/Washburn Goddard- Donnell/Stafford
  4. ZBrown

    NFL Nats updates

    From Wichita East: Jonathan Lewallen and Wennie Wang dropped after round 10 in FX. Kassidee Lank and Salman Husain dropped in round 9 of PFD Norin Ansari dropped in round 9 of LD Chris Clark advanced to semifinals of House
  5. ZBrown

    Regional Results

    Maize Regional from my memory: 4A- 1- Wichita Independent (12-0) 2- Scott City 6A- 1- Wichita Southeast (8-2) 2- Wichita East (7-3)
  6. ZBrown

    Wichita East

    No laptops this year. Mrs. Fellers did not get the exemption from KSHSAA rules for laptops to be used.
  7. From an e-mail I received from Mr. Romine on this subject: "There will be no changes concerning judges being allowed to use laptops to flow or take notes for this upcoming school year. We hope your judges who use these will continue to support our program and our schools in a very positive educational endeavor. Certainly, as always, we do expect all judges to take the time to write constructive comments and items for improvement on the ballot. This is a responsibility of any judge regardless of how they flow or take notes."
  8. Wennie Wang from Wichita East did not advance past Round 10 in IX. She was one rank away from advancing, placing her by our calculations at #13 in the nation. Not too shabby.
  9. Based on my understanding of the situation, the upcoming and following weeks are full of IB and AP tests which nearly every student on the squad are busy studying for. Unfortunate timing, certainly.
  10. ZBrown

    Sunflower NFL

    NFL Qualifiers: 1- Kapaun: Andrew Carlson/Carl Snider 2- Wichita East: Karen Lickteig/Norin Ansari 3- Wichita East: Evan Hernandez/Jonathan Lewallen
  11. VOpen Finals: Manhattan (Neg) 2-1 over WaRu (Aff)
  12. From El Jefe himself on EDebate: 79 Ballots were cast. The winning topic are is: COURTS. Courts had 52 first place votes. War on terror had 22 first place votes. IPR had 5 first place votes.
  13. I've suddenly become a huge Washington Huskies fan... If Washington beats UConn, then the Shockers will be in the final four. Otherwise, Wichita State will be in the Elite 8.
  14. #3 speaker- Joel Kasten- KU Bracket thus far as per my memory: Octas: MSU MW def. WSU BW WSU CS def. KCKCC CT Also advancing MSU JP (Jessica Johnson was debating maverick) KU BL KU JJ KU KP UCO CH UMKC JS Quarters: KU BL def. UCO CH KU JJ def. MSU JP MSU MW def. KU KP WSU CS def. UMKC JS Semis: KU BL def. WSU CS KU JJ def. MSU MW Finals: KU BL and KU JJ close out Novice Finals: UMKC/MSU BD def. KSU EH
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