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  1. Hey Guys, I'm available to judge if anyone needs a last minute judge for Wacfl this saturday. Shoot me a line, mcsardo@wm.edu I can provide my own transportation.
  2. if anyone is trying to pick me up in Williamsburg, i'll judge this: I'm all for beach shirts and shorts
  3. I'm pretty sure Straus went Classic that year was because his partner (either Natalie or Andrew; i don't remember which year that was) wasn't able to go. I also remember people challenging the speed that they were going at regionals...... That being said, I still think Classic has value. There are some teams in VA that are solid debaters but that don't go fast. There is a value to classical style debate. Being able to speak persuasively at a tempo that ordinary people can understand is a useful skill. Even if there is no unique benifit to classic against contemporary, they are still taking out an entire division of debate. That cuts in half the number of teams able to compete in the state tournament. Younger kids can get good experience competing at States in classic, because it exposes them to a broader (sort of) pool.
  4. No Double Win? That's what all the cool kids used to do
  5. that makes sense like i understand Heidegger's original statment that western philosophy presupposes the existence of beings, i was just unclear on the difference between Being(Das Sein) and Dasen( da Sein).
  6. cypherson


    i feel like the thread has drifted from its original intention of the thread starter wanting to know how to respond to realism. I only pointed to constructivism as a criticism of realism's static categories.
  7. so basically Dasein is someone/thing examing his/her/its relationship with their own being/Being? (is being aware of its own being or Being?)
  8. Wikipedia defines Dasein in terms of Heidegger as the german vernacular for existence. So how is this different than Being? the wikipedia article continues..."Beings are Dasein even when they are ontologically wrapped up in a tradition which obscures the authentic choice to live within and transmit this tradition." So is Dasein just a being with an unstable ontology? unstable Being? especially given the German behind the two words, Being ( Das Sein, or "the to be) and DaSein( "the Being there) what is the actual difference between these terms, and how do they interelate?
  9. cypherson


    correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't realism a theory of international relations, and thus would pertain to foreign policy chiefly. Try cutting some cards from the book "On Security" which critizes the idea of state based security. Or cut some construvist cards, like Wendt, that argue that States are not unitary rational actors but are shaped by structures and relationships.
  10. This is directed at people deep on the Heidegger literature. (Kevin, Scu?) I am starting to work my way into Heidegger, starting with "Introduction to Metaphysics," but am coming up slightly confused with the differentiation between being, Being, and Dasein. This is what I have so far from the beginning of the first part: being: things that exist, i.e. people, animals, etc. Heidegger's question "why there are beings at all instead of nothing" is questioning why things exist at all instead of nothingness? Being( Das Sein): Essence, the greek phusis? What is the difference between being and Being? Is it similiar to the existential mantra of "existence preceeds essence?" Dasein: Ok i'm lost here. The introduction explains it as a being whose Being is called into question. So would Dasein be something that misunderstands its own essence? Note: i'm not interested in these applications to debate, but in order to aid my study in Heidegger. This is my first attempt to reading Heidegger, and am trying to understand his philosophy not cutting link cards. Please only contribute if you understand the question being asked, instead of saying "Heidegger was a Nazi, duh" or "He obvisouly just means technology is bad." thanks in advance
  11. cypherson

    Coersion K

    meh, i just don't think you're right on this side of the Foucault debate. I think you'll do much better arguing either: Free Market Good: THe government involvment is coercive, reading like Nozick, or other libertarian and maybe even some anarchist positions. or Free Market Bad: The government is trying to save the market by intervening instead of moving to a non capitalist frameowork. Pretty much, I think that cap can link both ways in this resolution
  12. cypherson

    Coersion K

    i mean, what you are describing is more of a statism/ libertarian position rather than a Foucauldian one. Foucault never really identifies the state as the source of discipline, as he is very Nietzschean in that he denies "the doer behind the deed." The system of discipline may have been accompanied by a shift in politics, but discipline still exists as an extra-political force. What i'm saying is pretty much: just because you use the state doesn't mean you create the discipline that Foucault is talking about. And you never really overcome my internal link problem. Why is the type of discipline that incentives use create political subjects in a more oppressive way then the status quo?
  13. cypherson

    Coersion K

    i feel like you're not going to win the internal link debate using Foucault. How does using alternative energy incentives create a type of disciplined subject that is worse than the status quo's disciplinary effects? I feel like you can win the link that markets discipline (as Foucault specifically talks about how discipline is used in the workshop and in order to create economically productive subjects), but I don't think that you will win that this is a worse type of discipline than the status quo. I mean, unless you want to just argue "You use the State, and that's biopower judge"
  14. I don't think running a campaign is equivalent to running a country. While i grant that he has run a solid campaign, being able to come out of relative obscurity in politics to the presumptive democratic nominee is impressive, I don't think that being able to deliver good speeches prepares you to manage a country.
  15. now i'm gonna jump in What executive/administrative/management experience does Obama have? Even if I grant you that legislative experience isn't neccessary to be a good president, can you point me to what experience he has at running things (other than his mouth). Granted, I'm not a McCain guy either. I think he also will pretty much change his stance to get elected (see his flip on tax cuts once he started running for president), but I don't think that Obama is good for the job either.
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