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  1. For any student considering attending debate camp this summer, check out the 2015 CNDI. There's a 3 Week (June 21st, 2015 - July 11th, 2015), Theory & Criticism (June 21st, 2015 - July 11th, 2015), and 6 Week CNDI/GDI Swing (June 21st, 2015 - August 2nd, 2015) program, all of which provide intensive instruction for students looking to take their craft to the next level and debate at the upper echelons of national competition. The staff is phenomenal. One in four college debaters receiving First Round At-Large Bids to the NDT will be teaching here (more than any other camp in the country) along with veteran, history-making coaches who have changed the face of debate. Learn the ins and outs of strategic counterplan writing, politics research and the art of surgically precise case hits while also receiving instruction on how to leverage the cutting edge of critical theory incisively through the heart of even the most mercurial affirmative position, all at the country's top public university. Hope to see you this summer and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns!
  2. Ben...thats a lovely piece of evidence <enters debate frame> If we just had another system the evils of humanity--would magically go away? how wonderfully simplistic--what a fantasy. This happens because people sometimes make bad ego-istic choices and are greedy: "kills men to make cloth, prostitutes women to rear buildings and eats little children." You don't get to divorce capitalism from its anti-black roots. The first use of the word factory referred to slave castles in Ghana. The "evils of humanity" is a nebulous explanation of violence that is infinitely more invested in abstract inevitability/fate of the stars than an historical interrogation of the consolidation of institutions around specific logics of social organization such as capitalism which in turn structure the way individuals participate in day to day life. "Ego-ism" has nothing to do with much of the violence that ensures the ongoing stability of the order you defend. Phillis Wheatley's owners were by all accounts "good people," Bill Gates is a humanitarian, a lot of people who go to Starbucks buy ethos water, none of those things alter the fundamental context of domination out of which these "good people" arise and in which their actions take place. Slavery, imperialism, and disrespect for people is not unique to the US culture. Its easier to externalize guilt to a mechanism or mode of exchange than terrible human decisions. He's letting of that sinning Frankenstein in all of us off the hook and missing what is the core issue. To borrow a line from Shakespeare, "The fate dear brutus is not in the stars, but in ourselves." The core unit is human choice and the self/other dichotomy. (some would say thats the science of evolution) Uhhh, it's constitutive of U.S. existence. If your only argument is "But Ma! Everyone else is doing it!" you're probably on the wrong side of the debate. This move along with your reference to evolution makes your supposed investment in personal responsibility disingenuous at best. Just because bad stuff happend in a capitalist society--doesn't mean capitalism is at fault. Hasty G and/or Representativeness heuristic-he's generalizing the lynching South to all instances of capitalism, all people, and all time. There is zero evidence or proof for that other than hyperbolic rant and polemic. There is no causal connection established in the evidence. Correlation is not causation. How about this for causation. Absent slavery, colonialism and genocide the industrial revolution, global capitalist trade and the prominence of European capitalist ideology would not have been. No slavery, no modern world. Cul De Sac--If you say that americanness is racism and tragically so--how are we to rip our skin and our souls off?. How do you stop Donald Trump from being Donald Trump? It certainly won't happen magically--you can't make his ID and ego and greed go away--or the other 499 in the Fortune 500. This reminds me that your original point about communist technological innovation is wrong. You know, there was this dude named Mikhail Kalashnikov... You could even say the quote uses biological/race essentialism--which replicates the problems it tries to critique. Dumb. There are people that worship the market.....but there are people who don't. "Fair trade capitalism" solves the issue of justice, slavery, and race back. It doesn't have racial hierarchies like slavery. You're indicting that previously capitalism uses any and all means--fair trade capitalism is a direct check on that. How exactly are Whole Foods or African america corporations keeping the black, brown, or yellow man down. <i'm obviously borrowing that from the text.> You got me, Whole Foods is going to overpriced organic produce the world to justice. If competition or competitive activity always yields to It's hard to take your defense of capitalism seriously if this is how you define it. Your alternative would trade the government achievements of slavery, child labor, and civil rights away. You know you're in trouble when your miswriting is more accurate than your intent. As the psychoanalysts say, there are no accidents... Gut check--you have not a shred of evidence that more than 5 companies in the fortune 500--or even the fortune 2000 are racists. Not just a racist CEO, but fundamentally racist in orientation. I'm asking you to at least be able to prove that your argument is true in 1% of cases. Apple, Google, Whole Foods, Method, and X prize prove empirical solvency. This is getting embarrassing 1) If civilization is mad--try anarchy with no judges or standards or mechanism for conflict resolution & the state of nature in which life is "brutish, nasty, and short." All your impacts are inevitable. Fun fact about the theory of "the state of nature": it's racist. For more on that, and other important things about the world, see Charles Mills' The Racial Contract. 2) Historical record--modernity = massive life improvements, your alternative would turn back the clock. For who? 3) Besides all that--there is the matter of fundamental survival, you can't get beyond--that you destroy human flourishing in the mean time. I guess by human you mean white. 4) History is on our side. The Native Americans existed pre-capitalism and still warred on other outgroups and "tribes." Again, these arguments just hurt your credibility. 5) Besides that--there is the issue of authenticity which puts your commitments under--if you can't change--why will the other 30 billion people change. You can't start a movement going zero miles per hour. You can't start a women's rights movement with Rush Limbaugh as the leader. Leaders have to lead. Thats fundamental human nature, motivation, and group dynamics. Its as if you secretly have an attachment to the Frankenstein with all is hate, racism, and you're "...bit to oil the raging devastating machinery which kills men to make cloth, prostitutes women to rear buildings and eats little children" along with all the other impacts the card talks about. Defending capitalism disqualifies you from making tactical judgements about how to best end it. 6) double-bind--if people love being capitalist so much--you can't magically fiat that love away with a hippie commune or kibuttz. If the ideological attachment to capitalism is so inevitable, why did you decide to start this thread? But also, y'know, cross-apply Kalashnikov.
  3. "But the State; the modern industrial State. Wealth of work, wealth of commerce, factory and mine, skyscrapers; New York, Chicago, Johannesburg, London and Buenos Aires!" This is the best expression of the civilization in which the white race finds itself today. This is what the white world means by culture. "Does it not excel the black and yellow race here?" It does. But the excellence here raises no envy; only regrets. If this vast Frankenstein monster really served its makers; if it were their minister and not their master, god and king; if their machines gave us rest and leisure, instead of the drab uniformity of uninteresting drudgery; if their factories gave us gracious community of thought and feeling; beauty enshrined, free and joyous; if their work veiled them with tender sympathy at human distress and wide tolerance and understanding-then, all hail, White Imperial Industry! But it does not. It is a Beast! Its creators even do not understand it, cannot curb or guide it. They themselves are but hideous, groping hired Hands, doing their bit to oil the raging devastating machinery which kills men to make cloth, prostitutes women to rear buildings and eats little children. Is this superiority? It is madness. We are the supermen who sit idly by and laugh and look at civilization. We, who frankly want the bodies of our mates and conjure no blush to our bronze cheeks when we own it. We, who exalt the Lynched above the Lyncher, and the Worker above the Owner, and the Crucified above Imperial Rome. "But why have you black and yellow men done nothing better or even as good in the history of the world?" We have, often. "I never heard of it." Lions have no historians. "It is idiotic even to discuss it. Look around and see the pageantry of the world. It belongs to white men: it is the expression of white power; it is the product of white brains. Who can have the effrontery to stand for a moment and compare with this white triumph, yellow and brown anarchy and black savagery?" You are obsessed by the swiftness of the gliding of the sled at the bottom of the hill. You say: what tremendous power must have caused its speed, and how wonderful is Speed. You think of the rider as the originator and inventor of that vast power. You admire his poise and saii-froid, his utter self-absorption. You say: surely here is the son of God and he shall reign forever and forever. You are wrong, quite wrong. Away back on the level stretches of the mountain tops in the forests, amid drifts and driftwood, this sled was slowly and painfully pushed on its little hesitating start. It took power, but the power of sweating, courageous men, not of demigods. As the sled slowly started and gained momentum, it was the Law of Being that gave it speed, and the grace of God that steered its lone, scared passengers. Those passengers, white, black, red and yellow, deserve credit for their balance and pluck. But many times it was sheer luck that made the road not land the white man in the gutters as it had others so many times before, and as it may him yet. He has gone farther than others because of others whose very falling made hard ways iced and smooth for him to traverse. His triumph is a triumph not of himself alone, but of humankind, from the pusher in the primeval forests to the last flier through the winds of the twentieth century. - W. E. B. Dubois
  4. I'm not gonna post links cause that's extra tedious, but I'm in the process of uploading Beacon's rounds. So far their round 4 v. Carrollton and octos v. Kinkaid are up on vimeo. Just search "toc 2011 beacon" w/out quotation marks and they should all come up.
  5. Is there some sort of document that verifies this? The 2011 TOC invitation doesn't speak to the question of forfeiture.
  6. You mean that Damiyr and Miguel didn't descend as perfect angels out of revolutionary heaven??? Perish the thought! Tell us, authenticity police, who meets your standards of the true voice of criticism? Is it residents of Harlem or how about the projects in the upper west side near MLK Jr. high school? Or is it those residents but only if they remain caught in the disintegrating structures of nyc public school systems that are built to destroy the black and brown bodies they warehouse and shuttle to prisons? I doubt you've ever been to Beacon, but if you think the sea of mostly privileged white kids that attend and the way the institution has been built to cater to those kids is conducive to non-white pedagogical and psychic health then you're willfully deluding yourself. province? do you even know where these kids are from? So if you rock second-hand nikes you can't protest sweat shops? I just realized, you are this guy: I really have no idea what you're talking about at this point. Simplified class norms? Racial interiorities? Their 1AC is full text on the high school wiki, maybe if you point something out and provide a specific criticism this tirade will come off as something other than reactionary name-dropping, but until then I guess we'll all just have to lose sleep over how much Jamal Greene would disapprove. Yawn.
  7. What is policy debate to you? Why shouldn't people who critique the whiteness of traditional policy debate expect ballots? So your story has to be outside of race even though your experiences and identity may well be shaped by race? Seems like a pretty narrow list of folk who get to tell their personal stories. This also seems to be the worst and lamest form of identity politics, just some whack bowl-of-fruit-loops style, basket of personal narratives form of non-politics that occludes structural analysis in favor of how we each feel individually. That seems infinitely more debilitating for the purposes of decision-making/evaluation. Also what does reifying the black/white dichotomy mean? Whenever I hear people say "you're perpetuating the black/white dichotomy!" I feel like 9 times out of 10 they're shooting the messenger. "Some dudes in white hoods who were white just lynched a black dude after calling him the n-word" "WOAH WOAH WOAH!! Black!? White!? Stop reifying the black/white binary paradigm man! I read an article by Perea on that once!" What? Maybe instead of race you meant radically postmodern or something, but I'm troubled by your assumption that when talking about race there's a presumed rejection of rationality, reason and truth. It's a little silly you throw Dead Prez into the mix because they don't believe there should be a government, but I think M-1 and stic.man would make pretty ill PTA members given their level of community activism. Why do you think these folk should be excluded from political participation?
  8. I'm confused, is the 1AC already up? Last time I searched "greenhill semis" on vimeo all six videos I uploaded came up, seems like a reasonably predictable thing to search. Am I missing something, is there some sort of obvious string of search terms I haven't thought of that would lead me to the 1AC?
  9. huh? All you need to search for is "Greenhill Semis" and I'm pretty sure that's the only thing that comes up. search term research skills for the win and all that. But again, I thought someone else was videotaping this, in which case if they could upload the 1AC, that would be cool.
  10. Hey, I'm fairly certain someone other than me was recording that round. Can they upload the 1AC to vimeo? The 2AC-on is already up. Thanks, Ben
  11. because analytic philosophy is booooooooooooooooooooring
  12. Oh noes, the Sandinistas are coming! Lame.
  13. Joel Rollins' mullet for the mother fucking win.
  14. Anyone know who was in semis?
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