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  1. It's in conway, arkansas.
  2. I'm going to Hendrix. And not debating because (a) there's no team ( i don't want to. yay for burnouts...
  3. so...whats going on with districts...who is still in?
  4. UTNIF is the shit. I learned so much when I went there. Of course, I forgot it all, but I'm sure if I actually did work on debate it would be put to good use!
  5. CPHS is bringing: Me/Jennifer Eng + 4 other teams(novices moving up) in 4A and I think just Isaac Eicher/Alyssa Dudek in Champs.
  6. I think Paul/Cory and Isaac/Alyssa will be there, plus a bunch of novice teams.
  7. I'll be there judging novice on Friday. Woo hoo...not...
  8. CPHS will have 2 or 3 teams i think...
  9. CPHS isn't going...for the first time in forever, we're opting to go to bixby later on in the semester
  10. do i sense a little animosity here?
  11. I'm pretty sure I still win...
  12. I'm sure there's a reason. I'm sorry [END OF MESSAGE]
  13. uh, im thinking yea. let's take a poll, tommy!
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