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    Also, Freud LOVED cocaine. A lot. Seriously.
  2. I was elected to my first mod position right as this transition happened. So, I never moderated with the power to ban. However, I'm not really in favor of a switch back to the old system. I remember the power to ban being rampantly abused, especially in the regional forums. Elections had already devolved into the situation where the candidate with the most multiple accounts, or friends with multiple accounts, winning all regional elections. As a result, a lot of the "moderating" that occurred was banning posters that mods didn't like. As I recall the community forums (more complain than misc) were similarly abused. If there was a return of banning powers, I'd like to see it constrained to forums where discussion should be more tightly controlled, like in the Debate, Specific Argument and Evidence forums. The Community and Regional forums don't really need the power of ban, just the editing of posts and a supermod that can be counted on to ban as necessary. Also, why is banning needed? Doesn't editing/deleting posts solve any real problem anyway? I also kind of take exception to the way we (No fingers pointed at anyone in particular) talk about trolling as if a person can't be be both a productive member of the website and someone who enjoys posting garbage in the appropriate forums. A 'good' poster does both, but also knows in which forums such things belong.
  3. Other things: The Mat/Justin bromance gone bad. Vince (RIP ) Fight Club Frank lessthanthree All the AIPing
  4. Oh, that happened. No one really cared. I remember it came up when Krebs and Wiley were running against him in the supermod race several years ago. Mat has always had massive support from the troll population who all have more accounts than everyone else. Plus, kerpen didn't really care.
  5. No, it's a school. I'm pretty sure their church is their church. Many catholic schools also teach theology classes that include Buddhism. Many also employ non-catholic teachers/staff. Because, get this, it's a school.
  6. Belcher


    Lack of legit in-state tournaments.
  7. Oh god, please don't confuse Worlds-style debate with NPDA/NPTE parli. You have 4 teams debating in the same round... Edit: Also, I forgot how terribly misinformed Miller's posts were on this subject. Full of lulz.
  8. Belcher

    Hey, admins!

    Wait, who's Matt?
  9. Well of course debaters who are currently debating feel that that speed doesn't alienate debaters... You're not the one who was alienated...
  10. I'm pretty sure there are other reasons why the basketball metaphor is a failure. Maybe it has something to do with basketball being a spectator sport. And there being a professional circuit that pays billions to its players. Maybe that's why high school and college basketball are doing fine despite cuts in educational spending and debate is starting to circle the drain...
  11. Back on the peacekeeping topic I read a nonviolence K that prominently featured evidence from a Mr. Gay. "Extend the Gay evidence."
  12. caring and chan don't exactly mix
  13. The argument is what? I'm pretty sure at least Schlag and Kappler have some disputes...
  14. Not everyone can afford laptops or a coaching staff that can sit in their rounds. Seems like a pretty damn classist practice. Not to mention that the vast majority of judges would frown, if not DQ you, on it.
  15. Jump into it. The Oregon in-state circuit isn't exactly very competitive at this point in history so I wouldn't worry too much about being "over your head." However, speaking from my (large) knowledge of Oregon parli/public debate your evaluation of how you can handle both the K and speed is probably not true in comparison to varsity level policy debaters. I'd suggest getting your hands on a camp file and reading the crap out of it. Both you and your partner will be miles ahead of most Oregon policy debaters if you have actually read the evidence in your tubs. Also, are you the same Troy that went to ODI last summer? If so, then you're probably fine competitively. However, it does mean that coaches will be upset if you debate in novice. Public experience plus camp means no more novice divisions for you.
  16. When did rejecting biological determinism become homophobic? When did "homosexuals insist that gayness is hereditary"? The essentialist statements being made in this thread are ridiculous. Scu, I am inclined to agree with your read. The articles I've read in my gender classes seem to point more towards social conditioning than biological determinism, but I bet there's some mixture of both involved. The "gay gene" concept is certainly an overly simplistic way of approaching the issue, not to mention a dangerous one. Once we isolate "the gene" we're only a step away eradicating such a biological anomaly. The plot to X3 was certainly trite, but also a fair comparison.
  17. Wow. You need to learn how to write survey questions...
  18. Any judge worth their salt would listen to your argument and evaluate it based off how it was debated in the round. The fact that they haven't heard it before should not affect how they evaluate it. All arguments made in debate rounds are new to the flow of that round.
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