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  1. i'd say you're just about right
  2. hey spoon, fuck you. no one is allowed to bitch about their teams unless they're ACTUALLY worse than mine.
  3. i missed the draft, and it went to auto picks. That said, i should have taken more care in setting up the pre-rankings. but still feel i can pull out a playoff birth with my team this year, i've just got to recycle players constantly >.>
  4. at least you have choices
  5. my team is now made up of, almost entirely, rookies and underdogs. Let's see what i can do. HINT: it won't be much
  6. there goes my fuckin fantasy team
  7. stop being fags. if you don't want to get arrested or have your right "infringed upon" then move to another fucking country or kill yourself.
  8. so i missed the draft and got fucked, again. oh well, we'll seee what happens i s'pose.
  9. i'm not sure how i fucked up the times, it should be tuesday, i just can't read apperently.
  10. Tuesday at 7:00 est work for everyone?
  11. none of those work for me, but i am notoriously lucky when my team is auto picked, so i don't care. Also we have 14 teams on the roster, we don't need anymore
  12. ya know, the draft time can still be changed.... i set it to that so that i was sure it wasn't going to auto draft for us, it was more of a quick fix more than anything. what times would work best for people?
  13. here is all relevant info for the league.
  14. ok, i've fixed it so that we the draft was moved back to this Friday at 6pm EST. For some reason, when there was an odd # of teams, it automatically switched the draft type to auto-pick. After playing around with the draft settings, i was able to get it switched back to a live draft on this friday at 6 EST. We have an even number of teams currently and any new entries will only be accepted if the number is even. I.E. when i check the league at 3pm on Friday, if we have an odd number of teams, i will be booting the last team to sign up. This way, all of our spots are protected, and we're guaranteed to have a live draft go down seamlessly.
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