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  1. if you wanna trade email me tsadebate@gmail.com lemme see what you have, i have the pre-emption da and the torture good stuff off evazon if you'd like to trade those too
  2. if you wanna trade email me tsadebate@gmail.com lemme see what you have, i have the pre-emption da and the torture good stuff off evazon if you'd like to trade those too
  3. i bought the lacan aff off of evazon, but i have no clue what it means, anyone care to explain it for me?
  4. whats a good tag for that card?
  5. u couldnt enforse the amendments on all humans that argument is useless unless u wanted to try a futile mindset argument but if i were debatin u and u had that case i might just laugh at u and let u win out of pity
  6. i hate the idea of having this topic i think its just too into the whole legal part of the world and its gonna be big on T as freakin usual so i just think this is a crappy choice but i didnt like any of the last five either who the hell comes up with these horrible choices anyway? well at least this next year will be something that might actually change unlike this years, damn U.N,lol
  7. appreciate the opinions im gonna run it saturday and yea id like that evidence superman ill im u when u get on cuz its our last tournament in our circut until region and state so ill take all u wanna give me
  8. anyone run this or know if its worth my time?
  9. NATO does have an rrf and i know bout the int fiat but all the idiots round here dont seem too, ive just turned this over to my novii cuz they kill with all the planks in it cuz i added a few but i have all the a/t int fiat i need for them but i finally just decided to pass the McGovern bill (support of UNRRF) as my plan but i kept the privatize NASA stuff cuz i said we would help fund the UNRRF mostly and the EU doesnt have a rrd plan at all it has a plan for an actual STANDING ARMY(scary) its going to have like 100k troops or sumtin huge by 2007 which i say they will pick up the main amt of troops when ready plus i say with both NATO and EU that the countries could give troops to the various RRFs and still have them count as a UN troop gift and i have a card sayin up to 200k troop volunteers of countries not in NATO are available if the need is shown. thanx for the heads up
  10. a debate case is nothing to be taken seriously towards ur beliefs what in the hell is wrong with u? dont preach to me on how bad NATO is cuz dern near ALL peacekeepers do horrific things ESPECIALLY THE UN!!! and privatizing NASA? HALF THE CRAP THEY DO BLOWS UP!!!! and private sector research and development as well as spending is nearly 3 times higher than that of NASA so just quit with the moral crap and stick to the debate topic (the one that really dosnt matter in real life)
  11. i like the idea but i think i just might be better if u incorporated it in ur u.n bad kinda da which ever one u have because alone i doubt it would be as strong but i would sure help ya if u wanna make it
  12. anyone got any comments i added all those planks for the novice at my school but my varsity plan is just passing the mcgovern bill (RDF BILL) and i made it a funding case with the privatisation of NASA stuff which u can find articles saying its good and is needed and they actually make sence but there is the possibility of the type of impacts like in the social security reform da in evazon sayin space exploration is key to human survival but then i have all the private sector space progress and i just say it would work better cuz of xy&z, and i got the extra t covered wonderin if anyone would like sum more info or wanna help me out with sum ideas
  13. anyone got any ideas? to help strenghten my case? I love gunter!!! Condi in 08'
  14. i said in my last few posts i knew that it wasnt topical i was saying that i get extra-t run on me because of all the extra crap in my case I LOVE GUNTER!!! Condi in 08'
  15. we have all this crap that say we must privatise NASA now and stuff like that its actually about sum idea that NASA $ should go towards defence or sumthin but i just didnt put it in the card so who cares and i dout yall get that all of u are much better than most of the ppl we go against could dream to be other than stratford. all hail the great and powerful stratford TSA DEBATE Condi in 08' I love u gunter!!!!
  16. dont think that NATO will be the main thing cuz in my case its not which i think is causing sum confusion. the troops will be based on the SHIRBRIG model of volunteers plus a rotation of troops that stay in the force for a certain period of time so its no just NATO troops if anyone wants to help just post away
  17. ive heard a camp put it out but i came up with it before i heard of that and from what i heard its not the same at all, my plan leases out the NATO RRF with money comming from the whole NASA thing which my partner left out that all that money we would be using would be put in a fund only for the UNRRF which really dosnt matter but still, i really dont need it in all honesty our team has like 2 tourneys left and there is no real competition round here so no need to waste my money, lol, thanx for the heads up though, i figured id get called a moron or sumtin but thats probably commin later anybody wanna help me on gettin a little PKO spec A/T for sumtin like this cuz mine isnt so good???
  18. just watch out for pmc Cp but check the geneva convention of 1949 which says that pmcs in this case is illegal Condi in 08' I LOVE GUNTER!!! http://www.globalpolicy.org/security/peacekpg/reform/standby.htm that should give u a lot of RRF evidence (thank me later)
  19. Im the guy who wrote this case i wrote basically everything on the back of a spanish worksheet in english(who needs english?) and it took a while. yes there are many plan planks that are extra-t but i think all of u just dont get it cuz its just that i have a/t to everything ive seen except extra-t in one round cuz it got stole. anyway the whole deal is a RRF not a PKO so of course that could be a T but the thing with NATO having to go through the U.N isnt true because NATO just opened their new RRF to operations on Oct.13(http://www.nato.int) check for it. The idea would be to lease(rent basically) their RRF for large scale conflicts with our U.N RRF. THe EU thing is just my partner addin stuff on to it but the EU will have a full out ARMY!!!! by 07 so that could still work on a political support basis. Plus we say that we annex SHIRBRIG as the basic infrastucture of the UNRRF but we have to have a/t SHIRBRIG sucks cuz our solvency sourse hates it. lol anyway the NASA stuff is only weak in the budget delicate area of which no one in georgia seems to have heard of at least in the private school division of which i am in. In fact ive only heard the word plank for the NASA part once!!! and that was a team from south carolina. this plan wins easy vs. dumb teams and u can win it vs. good teams if u just get ur extra-t and UN good stuff. OF cource when they say UN sucks or w/e and be like.... WE HAVE TO USE THE U.N so it dont matter but of course i answer the args still. If yall have sum ques or need to know sum ev sites just email me dw4trojan@aol.com anyway.... This case will get me through the year cuz it seems no one answers my infastructure breakdown=aids etc.=extinction if u want RDF ev just google "langille" hes a good solvency arg and if u need sum SHIRBRIG sucks or stuff liek that I LOVE GUNTER !!!! TSA DEBATE IS THE PLACE TO BE im not close minded liberals are just wrong liberal:a person so open-minded their brains have fallen out and by the way bush won this time get over it HILLARY IN 08' (over my dead body) CONDI IN 08'
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