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  1. Hey - I noticed on mshsaa.org that Marquette is listed to have a debate round robin on Nov 1. Could someone please clarify for me; 1. Is it varsity or novice? 2. all debate events? 3. is it by general invitation, or more exclusive to keep it small? Thanks!
  2. J. Matt Hill! Yep, that is the one. I just wanted to know if it would be the 14/15 or the 21-22. I have to turn in my "season schedule" to the AD when school starts, and maybe wanted to bring out a few teams. We came a few years ago and it was a good experience. Thanks
  3. I enjoyed watching it, too. I thought it was pretty cool that the activity was featured on HBO. However, I kind of felt like it ran out of steam at the end. For example, they spend a lot of time on Matt Andrews being THE up and coming debater, but at the end he gets glossed over. I wonder what happened with the LB Jordan team. It makes me sad that a school can go from having a state champion to nothing in just a few years. (I know that happens all over, all the time.)
  4. Hi. I was hoping that someone might tell me when the date for the Topeka Invitational is for this fall? Since I am not all that well versed on KS debate, I don't know if they host multiple events. If so, I am looking for the one that is usually held in mid - November. Also, can anyone tell me if there is a LD/ Forensics tournament the weekend of Feb 26 - 27 somewhere in the OP/SM/KC area? (I think that is the right date; I don't have a calender in front of me or the desire to get one.) Thanks!
  5. Ugh, so about Resolved... That Sam guy reminds me of REDACTED. ( I like REDACTED, BTW, and I am not trying to call him racist or a terrorist or whatever.) Anyway, I think it is odd that the Long Beach Jordan team argued that it is exclusive after they won the state championship. Anyone else with me on this?
  6. Hi. I am the speech and debate coach at Fort Osage High School in Independence. We are in need of judges for our tournament on Feb 1 and 2. Friday night we hill host IE prelims and finals; Saturday we will host IE finals and all debate rounds. Any help, even judt one round, would be greatly appreciated. We will have a champ division of both LD and Policy. Also, we are happy to honor any requests for events/divisions. Thanks for your consideration. Jeri Connors Willard jconnors_willard@fortosage.net 816.650.7263
  7. I might be turning in to Kenny Yunker, but... in 1993 the team of Nicole Carpenter and Katie Morrodey took third at the Indianapolis nationals. I am not sure if that is how Katie's last name is spelled. If I were Yunker, I would totally know these things. More random trivia: Nicole is the sister of Jonathon Carpenter (who qualified in Congress last year) and of Ryan Carpenter (state qualifer in policy a few years back.) Well, that fulfills today's debate history lesson.
  8. I would like tourney invites for these dates: Nov 17 and 18 Jan 12 - 13 Feb 17 - 18 jconnors_willard@fortosage.net Thanks, jeri
  9. What is the deal with the teachingdebate website? Can't someone get that up and running? Shuman? Gregg? The school lost my computer over the summer and I lost a bunch of stuff.
  10. Do offer a novice division of debate?
  11. He had told me that he was only going to do a 2 week camp. Do you have some time Sat morning to help with the lit drop before camp stuff? Can you email me the lecture schedule? I want to come to some topic analysis stuff. It would be nice if I knew more than the novice. Go ahead - insert your own joke. Love, Your fave forensics coach
  12. Nick is right. Again. When do you go to camp?
  13. Dudley was right about what?
  14. Lauren can debate with ALex Scott, since I am going to injure Josh... Unless you (Campfield) email me back about helping with the campaign. JCW
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