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  1. lol, apparently mays has no white people
  2. Christopher Robins, Europes gonna be CRAZZZZYYY. (yay I added like a million extra letters) omgee it will be. crazyness.
  3. Aww thanks everyone. Leaving the south is going to be very akward. Mrs. R, you better bring gloves. Or a hat. What about everyone else? I'm curious.
  4. I'll be debating for Dartmouth in the fall! Wanna come Mrs R? I could pack you in my suitcase!
  5. I'm curious whose going where in the fall. Whose debating? They have a thread for this in the NC forum, but I don't care about them, what about my southern chillens? I'll miss y'all! -Caroline
  6. When are the earliest debate camps? Specifically looking for something starting at the begining of June.
  7. Caroline Brandt Dartmouth. Debating and oh so scared of the cold.
  8. Any and all files on this issue (especially on the aff side) email it carolinemarcus@gmail.com
  9. haha, this made me laugh. The one, the only, mr. brian shmerling. From now on, I'm calling him smurf kid.
  10. I need them ASAP. Email/IM tonight, I have to have it in my hands by 2:30 friday. Have DDI and Mich 7 week sitting in front of me. Pretty much anything you need, I'll be able to get.
  11. Riverwood will be in attendance. yay! debate! carolines happy.
  12. Bump. Seriously, like 3 or 4 ddi or mich 7 week files for one or two lousy cards im not having the best of luck finding these
  13. I need one or two cards saying that if the Security Council expands the number of permanent members it has, it will only expand it to 1 country tops. I've done a little research, but if anyone has these are their fingertips, ill give a couple files just for a couple cards email me carolinemarcus@gmail.com
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