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  1. What is the alternative? Capitol punishment? I think the prison system has some jacked up results, but also some real turnarounds. I think an outright abolishment is a very ill-convieved notion. It may be bad, but its better than having your hand chopped off for stealing a CD.
  2. Hey, I'm trying to find some good gift answers. Any good ones that anybody knows of? I have the GDI ev-set. thos card are good, but not the most offencive... Any help in my search would be most appreciated. Thanks
  3. BeanBoy4

    Spanos help

    dude, havent you ever heard of author advocacy? using his ev in rounds violates the purpose of his Kritic. you should probably think through your reply before you post it. BEAN
  4. BeanBoy4

    Spanos help

    Does anyone have a link or the card about how spanos went to planet dabate and said not to use his evidence in debate rounds? i've searched the planetdebate archive and i can't find it. also if anyone has any good answers to spanos, please post it. thanks BeanBoy4@msn.com
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