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  1. Do ever you read literature now that you remember reading in high school debates and think to yourself, "wow, I really misinterpreted what I was reading back then...what was I thinking?" This happens to me all the time. Hope everyone is doing well.
  2. Beez

    Nebraska 2010-2011

    Good work on Action 3 news Dylan.
  3. Where can I get some of this "unique salt" that you speak of?? I've been missing something unique in my vegetable soup recipe.
  4. Beez

    Nebraska 2010-2011

    My thoughts and prayers are with the students, faculty, staff, and families of Millard South.
  5. Beez

    Nebraska 2010-2011

    David (Fels) are you seriously the lead bidder in the ebay auction for cross-x.com or are you trolling?
  6. Is it possible to appeal to the NCAA? Normally I'm against complaining that it was the "refs fault" but this is completely ridiculous.
  7. So I just got banned from HuskerBoard. Looks like I'll be posting about Nebraska football here from now on. Too much work to re-register.
  8. Fantastic prediction. How did you know?
  9. I'm going to go with NU 27 - OSU 21. Who wants to play over/under? Nebraska receivers will drop 5 passes.
  10. So I'm living in Illinois now and I couldn't watch the game -- I want your input on how things went. Thoughts on Taylor Martinez getting the starting job at quarterback?
  11. I see myself agreeing with Tanner on this. This is the first year in a while that I haven't been around the Nebraska Debate Circuit so I can't speak for the quality of debates as a result of the wiki. Has the quality of in-state debating risen significantly as a result of the debate wiki? Or has the quality of debates risen simply as a result of better debaters, better coaches, and ability to attend out of state tournaments? Dylan could be right in saying that the wiki benefits everyone equally -- in the sense that everyone has the same access to arguments posted on the wiki. But I'm not sure that Dylan's statement applies to an equal benefit when referring to competitive advantage in a debate round. Can someone explain what the expectations are for the wiki's? Is there an expectation that your general 1AC and 1NC strategies will be posted? How do individual schools determine what will be posted to the wiki? If you have never posted a 1NC strategy on the wiki, but run it in the round -- have you committed some kind of serious infraction against the debater moral code? What happens when a school simply chooses to not participate in the wiki?
  12. What is with the "in one or more of the following" wording all about? I think that seems like really poor wording for grounds/limits debate. With that being said, I'm not too keen on either resolution. It seems that the military deployment res would be interesting, but pretty limited for affirmative cases. The China resolution seems like a much more realistic option. I haven't thought about it much, but I would guess that there would be a lot more options for the affirmative and negative with this resolution. I know that isn't really much of a justification for the China resolution....I just don't see the Military Deployment resolution really "going anywhere."
  13. OK -- so maybe I was using a bit of hyperbole in my original post. I think most of you understand where I am coming from. Thanks for the suggestions. Brittany -- your ability to express complex ideas in an internet forum is uncanny. I will definitely keep your ideas in mind when I feel a potential argument coming on in the future. On another note, how is everyone doing in Nebraska? I feel so disconnected from debate these days. It's weird. Anyone in Omaha for the holidays this weekend?
  14. Greetings, I've had the recent realization that anytime I get into an argument with my significant other, I always turn the discussion into a debate. Or I feel as if I'm in a debate round where there is a judge and I have to convince the judge that my argument is superior. Am I alone in feeling this way? Is it normal for me to do these things? Is it the natural instinct of a debater? Is it bad if I look for flaws in my significant other's arguments? Is it bad if I ask questions as if I'm in cross-x (setting a trap) and then use my significant other's answers to those questions to "link" my significant other into a more substantial argument? I have caught myself saying, "That isn't topical." When what I intended to say was, "That's not relevant to the issue at hand." Is it weird that I feel like I have to use some sort of cost-benefit analysis to justify my position? Recently, I have found that resolving these arguments requires a "permutation" of our ideas. I have found that this prevents our arguments from becoming drawn-out. Intrinsic permutations are the key. I'm attempting to prevent arguments with my significant other from boiling into a full-fledged-card-slinging-debate. However, is it bad if it does escalate to that point?
  15. I do it because I have heard that it helps prevent spammers from finding your e-mail address. Spammers will scan all the web-sites they can to find e-mail addresses to add to their spam-lists. If you type it out like Brittany did, they are less likely to use your e-mail address in a spam mailing-list.
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