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  1. Hi, I'm a student at Penn who debated for Loyola ending in 2005. Available for hire/judging/card cutting, except Villiger. Please PM me if a need arises.
  2. I'm available for summer research help and possibly school year assistant coaching/ev cutting. Let me know if anyone needs judging or help out, email me at capers@wharton.upenn.edu whenever
  3. Hey guys, I currently go to UPenn, and I debated for Loyola in high school. I know about 6-7 VERY experienced high school debaters (policy and LD) that would be willing to judge at this tournament. Thats all I have to say, but I'm guessing from my past experiences with this tournament that this year, it will be a lot better.
  4. kalu

    I hate Villiger.

    I hate villiger, but i'm judging anyway, most likely just to scope out hot high school seniors, if there are anyway
  5. i am going to judge... i dropped my history class so jeff couldnt bug me about judging during lecture
  6. mcapers@gmail.com/capers@wharton.upenn.edu
  7. Vicki i think you mean FLS parties, duh. The frats were just unsuspecting victims.
  8. they're allowed. you can't just access the internet during the round.
  9. err, change of plans. Matt Capers Loyola 2005 University of Pennsylvania 2009 No debate
  10. molly, atleast we fat people are very jolly. even jack sometimes.
  11. i'll never forget db taking me for a haircut in the middle of camp 2 years ago.
  12. wooo???? huh??? yehhh..
  13. ricky doesnt really agree with krauthammer. hes just one of those kids who thinks its cool to say "unipolarity, bitches!" but unfortunately, thats me too. anyway, i know this thread is supposed to be about the best model for world politics and not about which one is most likely to occur, but does anyone think its possible for an effective and non-violent transformation to a new system of global politics? it seems to me that any threats to the existing order would be crushed. however, i do believe in the long run change in global politics is possible (i.e. feudalism => status quo). but that obviously brings me back to my original question: could a change ever be non-violent?
  14. Matt Capers most likely Dartmouth + debating
  15. my boy JR from greenhill isnt getting enough respect, he'll be dominating next year.
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