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  1. starting a program from scrathc is somethign that alot of schools dont' seem willing to do. when i was at rice, i worked for a few months to expand our program back to marian highschool. the administration wanted to put 0$ into it and they wanted results. there woudl be veyr little support how dose michigan debate survive the poor economy?
  2. what ever happened to the perennial powerhouses in michigan on the national circuit? Groves DCD Brother Rice EGR Lansing any others that i cannot remember But these teams used to be more than just 'instate powerhouses' they used to be constantly in TOC bid rounds, and winning national tournaments... all due respect to warsh at Groves... what the hell happened to everyone in the past few years? my freshman year, my 2 senior teams went to more national tournaments that year than i did the next 2 years combined. what happend to michigan debate?
  3. when i re-did the foucalut file for the team i coached, i focused on the educational aspect as well as the military. i know i am chiming in a bit late, but education is a perfect panopticon. i think it might work well for next year
  4. of grammatology is the beginning. however, i found that prosthesis of origin.monolingualism of the other was a much easier read. and much more interesting
  5. computer games age of empires, command and conquer
  6. just lfew to novice nats on northwest. traveling with tubs was no problem. 2 checked for free
  7. i am currently writing a paper about treatment of animals that i am applying animal rights backfiles and agamben back files to. backfiles = easiest research available
  8. thanks for the thoughts everyone. it makes me feel better. that woman really madfe me upset that i somehow screwed up really badly. i dont' think coaches should be in the back of the room, or that they should argue with judges. it reflects poorly on them as a school/person
  9. i was judging a 2-2 round at novice nats at woodward. the coach for the negative team was sitting and watching the entire round (something that pisses me off on its own) but anyways, this is how the round broke down 1AC Wire Tapping with Prez Powers bad 1NC plan flaw (there was a typo in the plan text of the 1ac), XO CP (Prez powers good, AND the typo was eliminated), Midterms, and Hollow hope 2AC does an excellent jobn of answering everything. EXCEPT hollow hope. she didn'ty know it was there or something. Said that the CP didn't solve the case and read 3 more turns to the CP on the CP flow 2NC gets up and says "2 reasons we win, 1. the CP solves the case and 2. they DROP HOLLOW HOPE". she procedes to answer the CP and Plan Flaw arguments, Never getting back to the hollow hope flow 1NR reads the midterm stuff. goes to hollow hope. extends the tags of all the cards she read in the 1NC, EXCEPT the 'Impact' (it really only worked as a case turn AT BEST) 1AR reads 3 new turns on hollow hope, answers tghe rest of the flows quite well, continues to harp that the CP doesn't solve case and gives excellent (compared to other novice debaters) impact analysis on the prez power bad stuff. 2NR gets up, goes for everything. never says that new in the 1AR is bad, never explains why them dropping the holow hope DA is bad, (or even explains the impacts in the round of it). does a not so good of job explaining the impacts on prez power 2AR gets up, answers everything, great analysis on the prez power flow i vote affirmative on the CP not solving case and that prez power is bad theiur coach reads me the riot act becaus ei voted for a case with external turns that o unanswered, and that new 1AR arguments are bad. thoughts and comments? did i make the right decision?
  10. date and debate not the best. however, it can work if you really want it to
  11. The End off the American Era by charles kupchan has some good ones ikn i think the 3rd chapter
  12. that is a very abstract concept. when i debated, i read what i had to to make sense of the argument i wanted to run. you may want to ask the team wht they want to run, and create a list from there. but a general list in my mind is not all that feasible Marc
  13. Foucault's Discipline By John Ransom 30 plus cards easy
  14. My sophmore year in High school (the Mental health topic) i went to NCFLs and i dropped three ballots in the third round to the 'Consult the National Council of Churches CP' i almost killed myself. seein this again brings the thought of suicide to mind
  15. think those might have been them. thanks. does anyone know of any other good D-Porn answers?
  16. there is a baudrillard perm card discussing simulations and how once we recognise that they are simulations they lose all of their potency and become un dangerous. i have read Simulations, simulacra and simulation and illusion of the end, and i am unsure if perhaps i missed it or i am overlooking it. if anyone has a cite for it i would be most appreciative. and if there are other answers to D-Porn that would could help me out with i would appreciate it. thank you Marc
  17. i am judging there for the team i am coaching. does anyone know where i am supposed to register my judging philosophy? thanks for any help
  18. if the impact to the DA is nuclear of somesort, run kato. it is an interesting strategy. this of course assumes that you our self don't claim a nuclear war impact. if you do this, most teams don't know what to do with it
  19. ooookkkaaaayyyy? anyone else think this is weird? or perhaps you could explain what other strategies you employ?
  20. one of my favoriets is the best and Kellner card from 2001. micro and macro political action necessary. as for answering everything, most negs won't group multiple perms because you, as a good and strategic aff, won't read 4 of the SAME perms. grouping perms is dangerous because of the fact some perm cards are slightly different from each other and therefore, the grouped answers don't cover everything. as for severance, intrinsicness, answer it just as you would anytime
  21. as a question, is this the team that kind of raps in the round? i hit them 3 times last year, and won all three (twice in the same tournament. his one varsity team then another varsity team). we ran roleplaying good each time. it was a very theory heavy debate. at the botom of each flow we ran kind of a rap/rhyme of our own. kind of a perm thing, their project and roleplaying is the best in round option. and we ran a t policy i believe? it was a while ago. but basically we won on roleplaying good every round. easiest way to win is to engage in their narative (last year that included talking about personal difficulties) and then read roleplaying increases education in round.
  22. that would depend on what you are wishing to do in the round. perms and no alts are alwaysd good. winning the perm means the round is basically over. specific perms are always better. impact turns are good, link turns are better (in my mind atleast). i always prefered the perm or POMO bad stuff (if aplicable) i would stick to the perm though
  23. asking for evidence is okay, and i personally encourage a judge to look at evidence after a round because it evens out handicaps i might have had in the round (they out carded me but i have better evidence, i had a cold so it was difficult to understand me etc). when i judge, looking at evidence is something i rarely do unless there is some sort of problem in the round (clipping cards, evidence tagged improperly etc) however, calling for blocks? never. evidence is always acceptable, blocks are never acceptable. if you couldn't flow it in the first place there is no reason to look at the blocks again
  24. i disagree with this. this problem plagued my school at State Finals this year (a year after i graduated) if proper drug testing procedures were implemented, this embarassment to the school easily could have been avoided
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