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  1. Could someone please let me know what Bob Hayes email address is. This is Mike Mangels. Or give him mine and ask him to email me at governmentskill@hotmail.com Thanks. I'd appreciate it.
  2. Yes it is my backwards district that thinks that it's apparently better for debate if the 1NR gets up and repeats the verbatim speech from the 2nc then to have the 1nr cover issues that maybe haven't been answered yet. I try to micropolitically resist this by giving oral critiques at the end of a round, but i think this is a place where we need significant macropolitical resistance and shifts in practice. The thing about the ties came from state representatives (the dude from Danville) and a few women who I've never seen before.
  3. Jeff that was amazing. It's really unfortunate that you're stuck banging your head up against a wall in this forum. It would be nice if people would listen to reason, but hell that's what policy debate is for, unless you have a judge from this state who's never left the state. It's really terrible to think of solutions to this dilemma, then watch as people simply don't want to change. This area is like a bureaucracy and I'm coming to understand this more and more just within a year. I go to PHSSL district qualifiers and get told I can't have a tie in speaker points. I try to explain to these people that points have meaning and I can't just arbitrarily shift my point assignments and they tell me that i can't have a tie. I tell them that it will make the results of the tournament meaningless, because speaker points will decide the tournament. They tell me that I can't have a tie. I proceded to bang my head against a wall because it felt better than figuratively running into a brick wall. If anyone can figure a way out to overcome this bureaucratic resistance that this place has somehow developed I'll give them a cookie or something. It's terrible that this serious dilemma has been reduced to a joke, but that's my coping mechanism, or i'd have been driven away within a month. Thanks to Jeff for that incredible analysis and I speak for myself as always in saying that I will definitely miss having you as a voice for those of us who think debate is an activity that's about (think about it) debate and not rules and arbitrary structures. I'll also miss having you around at tournaments but that's secondary. First you're a tool of my will. Muahaha. I'm kidding I have no power.
  4. I hereby move to kill all current voters for PCFL with the two lone exceptions of Jeff and Shawn. Either assassination or we force them to watch some of the best debates in the country and see that they should be dumped in shallow water before deep water. I'm thinking kill might force a more rapid change because some of these people are beyond reason, like Jeff in his refusal to listen to the best argument in debate (the RVI).
  5. You should all check out Juan Cole's article on Salon.com that discusses the regional context under which the demonstrations were used. It's an interesting argument that sheds new understanding on the whole conflict.
  6. Now i understand everything, both why your insane and your actions in that round. I feel enlightened sort of like Buddha but without the morbid obesity.
  7. If anyone needs a judge let me know. I may be able to go waste two days of my life.
  8. About Jeff's comment on the Lachey looking up then moving on when he saw that you were the only one flowing. I remember that you had made that comment to me a few times before and that's why i thought originally he was a genius. It was in the context of this post on this forum that I recently changed my mind "The first time, you picked me and Guy up against Mangels when Guy cross-applied the entire Decol CP flow onto the Col K flow. For awhile, I actually thought that I won that round." Up until he made that post and then in his answer to my post I thought it was genius, now there's a much better explanation that goes along the spirit of my first post, and it shows that he got better as he got more experienced which anyone would suggest. It's no big deal how the round fared out, it was Villager after all. But in rereading his answer to my post I must admit I feel kind of sorry for you Lachey. Beating Shauro and I is far from glory, we did nothing all year yet somehow managed to break at a couple of tournaments. Oh yeah, now i remember no one knows how to debate zizek. That's how i won all those rounds. Well I've got no bad blood at all, I'm glad I'm not the one competing anymore I don't have to worry about all the stress associated with that nonsense.
  9. Read the title. Delone is in our district. They also managed to not qualify. Instead two teams from York Catholic qualified. I'm beyond irate about this because it doesn't make any rational sense, but much of what occurs in PA debate doesn't make much rational sense.
  10. Is there a reason to just run one off in the 1? Why not run a few off then kick them all in the block?
  11. Who qualified? This is just out of curiousity because Susquehannock failed to qualify. I'm just curious as to who will be there.
  12. Oh and Lachey, i'm embarrased for you that you ever thought you actually won that round. Your 1ar dropped four case turns bud, i'm not sure what you were thinking.
  13. Yea, I'm still racking my brain trying to find a way how you can justify picking guy and lachey up that round when they dropped 4 case turns at the bottom of the K flow and you give me the analysis at the end of the round that "you dropped aff case." When i problematized the framework, that's answering the case for me. Again, this isn't me just being bitter, this is me now acting as a coach trying to discover how best to advise my teams on how to adapt to specific judges. I'm not sure if it was you, but supposedly one of the judges (i think from your school) told my team that he really liked the story on Foucault but asked them at the end of the round if it linked to every aff case. They said yes, because i wrote the shell so incredible like that, to which said judge responded then i can't vote on it. Fortunate my debater didn't listen to me that round, and went for more than one argument in the 2nr. Now I'm not going to say that's you or blame you for that decision, that's just to show that it's not just an issue of being bitter, I as a coach am forced to give advice to tell my team how to debate. I'm still trigger shy from a round where you judged me 3 years ago, because i'm 90% convinced you're just not going to listen to an off case strat which is how i prepped my team this year. So it's not just useless criticism. Maybe the "I hate Villager" thread that i started a few years ago because I was absolutely irate about that quarters decision was useless, but it did force a response from you that attempted to give some sort of rationale for a decision. I'm not going to defend Louis's critique or decision because i wasn't sitting in on the round. I was busy watching the LaSalle-Meyers round. I just felt that lachey's point about past history needed further defense and a coach's perspective. And if it seems like I'm attacking you, I'm not. In the scheme of things it didn't matter that you dropped me because i'd have hit my A team next round (we were and dropped on a coach's decision. But that won't be the scenario if my team draws you at a different tournament.
  14. Were you having a debate about significance? See this is why we have stupid debates and you can't have anthro bad in your 1ac, you're worried about establishing the obvious fact that 9,000 horses is a significant problem. What is significance anyway. I hate local debate.
  15. What happened to Lauren? And why can't you go with loyola?
  16. Susquehannock will have two teams Belter/Belter Friedhoff/Herbert I've already been promised codes in alphabetical order I'm looking forward to this one Jeff. Does this tourney break to sems or quarters?
  17. If you do arrange the FTP will you post instructions somewhere, preferably here? I know my team would be interested, and we'll have two camps bare minimum next year, so it would be quite nice to have this arranged.
  18. Why are there no lexington kids on this thread? How about Alex Jenson? and Leo Zimmerman, Doowon and Suegwon (sp?) Wang, And there is no justification for not having Sarah DelNido (sp). And there's one more team that i know i'm forgetting, simply because i never saw the kids, but it was the year before Leo and Alex were seniors that these kids dominated. I can second that Lidner is one of the tops, but i'm not so sure about louis. There was an Emma from Stuyvessant that was damn good, that graduated in 2000. I don't know if Guy and Lackey warrant inclusion on the top debaters list from North east but they definitely qualify for the second tier. I'd say the same goes for Pace and whoever from Lasalle, although i'm not sure i'd place them as high up as Lackey and Guy. Kernoff definitely earned a spot up in the top of the list though. Another team is Adam Herbert and Steve Herzog from Susquehannock, though there are legitimate arguments to not place them in the top list. Seriously kids, just because someone is the top team your school had in the past 5 years does not mean they're one of the best teams or debaters the region had in the past 5.
  19. Wow, NFA at Meyers, I thought people didn't come to that tournament. Misconceptions are now obvious.
  20. Susquehannock will have two teams most likely in varsity. Will see everyone there and at Meyers.
  21. How can you defend this topic. This is the biggest piece of shit i've seen in 6 years of debate and about to be a 7th. In any good reading of the topic, there's one topical case, so no you won't hear generic advantages you'll hear quite specific advantages that all sound verbatim, because they are all the same. Any team that doesn't run a draft aff will lose on T to any neg team worth anything on the T flow. I think the topic selection is run by speech coaches, or people who don't know shit about equitable division of ground.
  22. There's a good possibility that Susquehannock will attend the Meyer's tournament over the Martin Luther King break. If this occurs I will most likely be in the judging pool, so there's an unofficial registration.
  23. Ricky i offered to help coach you people and the only person that took me up on the offer was capers. To steve: I'd be glad to make the 20 minute hike to Susquehannock. If you're serious about this just send me an email or give me a call. I could help coach/judge/ whatever. Give me a call on my cell phone or send me an email. governmentskill@hotmail.com 443-690-2806 I can come visit you as soon as i get my car up here. Peace, mike
  24. Thanks for the compliment shaun, it's nice to know that some people appreciate tye-dyed amish looking people. If those schools are in your league and have available contact information, it would be nice to avoid all this secret commando work that i'm doing, if i could have it. See you next year at Villager and possibly more often now that i'm up here.
  25. Could i get your address to see how far a drive it is? I guess asking contact information for one of your rival teams would be too much to ask. I'm right outside York City. I live on the York College campus. My assumption is that it's going to be a hell of a hike to Mechanicsburg. That's just my luck.
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