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  1. You are damn right. A Missouri tournament worth coming to. Loutus(sp?) treated us like champs last year. I am glad that he appreciates judging from anyone. -James Allen
  2. Congratulations to Nick Ramsey on being one of the top speakers at DDI!!!! Big ups, people from Missouri have long wanted to go to DDI and he made the best of it. Jamie
  3. Starting a league on espn, if you are interested drop me an email. The draft will be sunday night probably. Pawlikowski@missouristate.edu Jamie
  4. can i extract .rar files with winzip? Jamie ps what program do i need if the answer is no.
  5. I dont know if Brian Smith has been mentioned of Dartmouth. Finals at the NDT as a freshman! Appeared in semis the next year(I believe) and was in CEDA finals twice. I forget where he went to high school but he had a very good career there as well. Jamie
  6. Barry Bonds agent isnt going to admit that he uses steroids, just like you arent going to admit that Belton cheats at NFL points. I mean NFL points are pretty trivial in policy debate, but I mean dont cheat because some people care. Jamie PS, just because you wont admit it doesnt mean that you have to deny it
  7. I was waiting for it. THE BOPPER! Jamie
  8. Dartmouth read Biopower in CEDA finals two years ago against Harvard. Shut the fuck up. Jamie
  9. I think that it should also be noted that Cornelel is throws down more on the NPTA(or some other parli league) then they don at the NDT. If you visit their website you will notice that they lean much more heavily to the parli side of things. Now Cornell did have James Thomas of the famed WGLF coaching for them but I think that he will now be making a showing for the K-State Kats. Zain good luck, not that you need it.
  10. I dont even know in what world they would be one of the highest ranked? Ummm they dont even travel a large number of novice teams, which is how Liberty claims that they are the top team on the NDT. You should clarify. And I hate Zain as much as the next guy but good luck. Jamie
  11. That is fucking bullshit. I mean I think that he makes a good point that not giving any more money to the "cause" is probably a good way to tell the president that the occupation is over, that doesnt mean that he shouldnt vote to get the troops out. If you have gangreen cut your fucking foot off dont die. Jamie
  12. I didnt read the article however, I was flipping through CSPAN and my fiance made a comment about 10 dems switching and voting with the republicans. I didn't think anything about it(this was just scrolling across the bottom off the screen) but she noticed that Kucinich was one of them that switched. Mr socialism himself decided that we shouldnt withdraw from Iraq. What the hell? I havent done any searching in to this but does anyone know what his justification for this is? Jamie
  13. Glad to see that high schoolers are so resourceful now a days. Jamie
  14. I dont know what advantage you would get from doing the counterplan. Why wouldnt you do something that would give you a way bigger impact area to access like give money to NASA. It is 100% plan plus and permable. It isnt competitive like any other plan plus counterplan. I dont know how you would help provide PHA to SSA. Jamie
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