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  1. Not that I have much PC but I endorse Dan.
  2. ...deleted by the creator of the thread.
  3. I wouldn't go so far as to say that some are more qualified than others based on their national circuit appearance etc...It's more of a comfort level factor I'd say. Most debaters in the GL travel nationally and thus knowing the mod personally (maturity, responsibility etc.) or something like that is definitely an advantage for the mod and the debaters.
  4. Ok, I just officially entered so umm...sticking with the SQ? yeah, sounds good. later, and thanks dan.
  5. I'll run again if need be.
  6. Post where you'll be this fall (include first and last names please) and a list can be made out of this first post: Chris Barnett- Emory University Ryan Blodgett- University of Texas at Dallas Fareed Cheema- Davidson College Troy Cummins- Indiana University- Bloomington Kurt Fifelski- Emporia State Mackenzie James- Viterbo University Matt Muir- Loyola University of Chicago Tylor Orme- Miami University- Ohio Dan Overbeek- University of Michigan (Honors) Joshua Reinke- Concordia University Janna Reynolds- Liberty University Timm Silvernail- Western Michigan University
  7. Didn't Hugh Hewitt say that Bush is the Republican's strongest weapon?
  8. Definitely one of the main reasons I'm considering attending Case.
  9. Does UVA have a debate team? Sorry, I didn't want to open a new thread just for a small question. Thanks.
  10. Have you never heard of them? The honor killings I'm talking about are murders of women by family members excused by removing some imputed stain on the family's honor. This "stain" on the family honor comes from a variety of alleged offenses, such as allegations of premarital or extramarital sex, refusing an arranged marriage, attempting to obtain a divorce from an abusive husband, or simply talking innocently with any man who is not a relative. Honor killings occur in a distressingly large swathe of the world, not only from Pakistan and India, but from North Africa, Middle East (including Palestine, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, the Gulf Countries, and Iran), Afghanistan, and Bangladesh.
  11. Somewhat. Back in the day, when Islam was young and enemies abound, those who didn't want to see their idols dethroned in the city of Mecca and those who felt intimidated that God would send a prophet from Ishmael's pedigree (especially in the post-Jesus world) tried to do anything to damage or destroy the small community of believers. They made alliances, attempted to assassinate the Prophet Muhammad (numerous times), waged battle, slandered galore, and other tricks to do the deed. There were hypocrites among "the believers"; they would be Muslim by day and plotting maniacs by night, allying themselves with those who, on their own accord, chose enmity as their reception to Islam and its folk. They would change their "faith" for political expedience and promises in order to do some impolite things to a budding religious community. Their aim was not subtle. In the aftermath of the passing of the Prophet, some Arab tribes (especially in the eastern half of the Arabian Peninsula) decided to edit out a core tenet of the faith and withhold their charitable requirement, and thus impale the very economic basis of a contiguous people and nation. Now back to Afghanistan, a nation smitten in recent history by invasions, revolutions, extremists, and entrenched tribal logic. Anyone who has any awareness of the country will know that, like the so-called "honor killings" of India and Pakistan, this episode of apostasy "ruling" is informed not by Islamic sacred law or paradigms, but by a people poorly confronting their own ignorance and psychological traumas. Just like the destruction of the Buddhist statues in Afghanistan, which existed for centuries unmolested by the Muslim authorities that ruled the region (which once contained many centers of high learning, if one can imagine that), this Afghani fellow, a Muslim turned Christian, just may be another victim of the contemporary Muslim "funk" and, a lesser issue, may add to the misunderstanding of Islam and lend further credence to questionable theories of civilizations and their inevitable clashes.
  12. The apostasy laws in Islamic legal tradition vary greatly and are often said to pertain more to "treason" and "sedition" than a spiritual choice. I can explain this in more detail if anyone wants.
  13. No! You let out the secret, after three years of trying to hide my identity. Now I am forced to drive up to Wooster to wrestle a special brown man for glory and...superiority.
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