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    Has anyone noticed that Kerpen has been on Glenn Beck just a little bit too much recently?
  2. Also remember that there is a good portion of Lee's Summit that still would put you into school at Blue Springs South. Most of the Lakewood area around Woods Chapel Road and HWY 291 is going to put you at Blue Springs South.
  3. I always check the Bearific Debate Awards because I love how they've stayed named the same way over the years. A history lesson for the children, they were named after the Missouri great Brian Bear. Either way, here's my take on some recent comments on this thread. I also am curious to see if the same schools are nut-riding the same schools as when I was in high school. I don't post on these boards very often, so someone correct me if I'm wrong. But doesn't it seem that Pembroke and Greenwood have somehow accelerated beyond the shit hole that is Missouri debate? Why are ya'll arguing about how they have to think that they lose? Good debaters usually feel like they're always winning. Especially kids who roll up and clear at Harvard. I just don't get where the community (and this exists across many different debate communities) started to think that people have to respect people that they debate against. If you debate someone and they do something stupid and you want to say that the round decision was bullshit, who decided that someone should ever be obligated to say, "well, you know, it was a lay judge, so I respect them, they're good, it was a good round." It seems like the same people that argue these things are the same people that get lucky in poker and end with the classic justification of "well, i've got all the chips." Bottom line, Phil Hellmuth gets to talk shit. What ever happened to talking a little smack?
  4. I'd give someone good money on proving that I'm wrong in calling bullshit on that one being legitimate.
  5. Belton nationally ranked? WTF in?
  6. look, i understand that there is a debate about it. What I'm saying is this: 1. I'm fairly certain that style manuals would say that you shouldn't. This has nothing to do with the ABA. It's something that you wouldn't combine with putting a J.D. after your name. 2. I think it's misleading. Very misleading. He's advertising a "debate college" and then referring to himself as "Dr. Miller". I think this is exactly what the end of that article says that they should avoid doing it, "because of the possibility of misleading prospective clients about a lawyer’s qualifications and the results he or she might achieve. In those instances, the committee said, the advertising should include a prominent disclaimer and statement about the lawyer’s qualifications." I'm done posting about this for real this time. I'm just saying that the service that Mr. Miller is providing is dated, unnecessary, poorly planned, ill-conceived, and a waste of time for anyone to attend. Same thing I said before: If you're going to whore yourself out all over the web in nearly every debate forum possible, be prepared for someone to just tell you that your shit is lame.
  7. A J.D. does not mean that you put "Dr." in front of your name. I'm fairly sure it's not even an issue of style (though I'm sure most professional writing style manuals would agree with me) but it's also a matter of being misleading. He does not hold a Ph.D. from what I can see.
  8. just read what you're writing, man. if this is at all an indicator of how you intend to teach kids...oh, dear. I don't even know what you're talking about half the time. Couldn't you have said, "I thought you said you were only going to post once". Why do you have to say anything about Khrushchev, Ted Sorenson, JFK, someone being 20 years your senior, or make some reference to you doing something for my benefit. I just don't get it. Seriously man, even if you're just trying to get kids to a basic level of competency when it comes to debate, just the way you frame things when you post (and I don't think I'm alone here) makes you look like an idiot and an example of everything a debate coach shouldn't be. Also, DO YOU HAVE A PHD? I don't even understand if you were answering this in your post or not. Jesus.
  9. Right. I'll take my normal, success proven method. You can have your 70's style, bullshit approach. Deal? And, btw, I haven't seen an answer to: 1. You calling yourself a "Dr." without a PHD.... 2. Stealing screen shots from a movie? Wanna answer those?
  10. I haven't been reading much of this thread...But I've seen Mike whoring this website out all around the internet. I just wonder when people are going to stop pretending that this is such a good idea. There is no notable coaching. All the people on the "debate college" website have inflated resumes and I'd be willing to bet that most of them couldn't coach any meaningful, complex policy debate to save their lives. Not only do you have a horrible business model, but you also have a camp that runs from the 5th to the 30th. Kids are in school during this time. People aren't going to show up to your bullshit camp. I'm not sure how you intend to charge anything for this...because if it costs more than like 15 bucks, no one would ever show up. Debate isn't what it was in the 60's. Bottom line. Your shit is dated. I got 10 bucks that says that this thing doesn't make it in existence past December. Also, have you considered what the people from Rocket Science would think about you lifting a screenshot from their movie to promote your "Debate College"? It seems fitting though, because I'd bet the instruction that these kids are going to get is somewhere along the lines of the way debate was portrayed in that movie: "OK, we need 3 tubs, some scissors, and all of the books we can get from the library, and we need 4 main arguments as to why the affirmative is true, and 4 on the negative". Bottom line: I don't even think the debate college people should dignify this with a response. This isn't an argument that we need to have. THIS IS ALL I'M GOING TO POST ON THE MATTER. I just think that if you want to use community websites that we all read to whore out your stupid shit, you need to get at least ONE of these responses. Now that it's out here, I'm done.
  11. I'm a mac user, so there's a chance that Office 2007 already has a way to do this...but I had a friend a while back that just ended up downloading a program that reveals the HTML coding of your standard word document. I don't remember what he used, but a quick Google search led me to a program called "CrossEyes" I don't know if this will be helpful, but I think that this is what you need to do. You just need to find a way to reveal the a coded document with a bunch of extra stuff and then copy and paste that into blogspot. That should work.
  12. TimCedcdn


    or anyone who can get me in touch with someone from belton tonight. thanks.
  13. TimCedcdn


    Can someone from Belton High School get ahold of me on AIM tonight? AIM: cptnbackfire83
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