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  1. If you have experience working with a competitive high school debate team, are in the New York area, preferably within close proximity to Westchester (just thirty minutes North of Manhattan), and are interested in coaching, traveling, and/or researching for the prestigous Edgemont High School, please send an e-mail to dan.j.veroff@gmail.com and gacggc@yahoo.com with your debate history. No formal applications or resumes are necessary right now. Edgemont is looking for additional on-site help for the upcoming season. This pool may include current or former high school and college debaters. Please only send an e-mail to indicate your interest in working with the program if you meet the location requirements. Thank you very much. -Dan Veroff Edgemont Debate Assistant Coach
  2. i think mark and jack perform well enough that you don't have to talk them up every opportunity. it's getting a little frustrating. it's just a cite request.
  3. this man deserves all of your money for his fine services. hire him.
  4. i agree that this is a pointless argument. if the point of topicality is to establish a stable definition of the resolution, being tautological is self-defeating.
  5. Edgemont Zach Baum and Jeremey Kreisberg are 4-1.
  6. Hahaha shut up Akash...unless you want that. Because ohhh we could roll that way. Hah.
  7. I should be there with Edgemont. And yes, we will make it a damn good time.
  8. Hey what's up. I'm looking to judge for the Big Bronx tournament in NY this October, but would rather be hired by debaters than by the tournament. There's a chance I'm going to be hired by Nicole/Lexington, but I'm not sure on that yet. Anyway, I go to school in New York so I don't need to be paid for transport, although if you'd like to cover my metro ticket that would be lovely. Likewise I also don't need housing. If you don't know me here's some info. Debated for Clovis in high school. Multiple bid rounds last year including usc and cal, cleared at most major tournaments, first speaker at stanford and tenth at cal, sixth place (quarters?) at NFLs, second seed and speaker in my pod at usc rr. Hit me up on aim at dontcomecalling or e-mail me at dveroff(at)slc(dot)edu.
  9. Almost all of the above posts are stupid and pointless. Sorry, but it's true. First of all you need to read fiat good like you're reading a topicality argument. You need to have an interpretation of debate and you need to give standards for that. The interpretation you want to make if you're running a policy aff is that we should only look to the advantages and disadvantages of the plan. Rohit made the most common and popular arguments on fiat...that the aff should be able to choose the framework because it makes the 1AC relevant to the round. Your goal in the fiat debate is to be able to either weigh your impacts against the critique or just to ignore the K in general, although most judges prefer the first now a days. Today especially you are going to have trouble proving non-fiat (aka non-policy actions) "theoretically" incorrect. Most judges think that alternatives are theoretically correct. What you need to do is look at it through an offensive/defensive lens, reading evidence as to why focusing on policy and role-playing as the USFG is good and evidence that proves that focusing on alternatives (best if your ev is specific) is not an educational or productive action. This way you have defense against even looking at the alternative and offensive reasons why, at the very least, the judge should take your aff into consideration and weigh the impacts against it. Remember, you most likely will not win that the K is theoretically incorrect, just like it's hard to win that jurisdiction is a voter on T and the judge can't look at it. Use the competing interpretations idea--give good reasons as to why your interpretation of fiat should be preferred and why theirs is bad. -Dan
  10. you are all morons. fucking morons....
  11. cali: clovis west dan/ralph broke
  12. Let's see here. I win big debate rounds. None of you do.
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