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  1. Let's not get ahead of ourselves Tyler. . . First, you are #39 in NPTE rankings... hardly #10-20, and the highest you have been is PROBABLY 20. Second, we never laughed Josh Dale off the team, so he must be really bad!
  2. I know you are trying to make fun of Missouri, and I have sat on panels with a lot of coaches who really really do not vote on T, but man, that case is the ANTITHESIS of the resolution when YOU DECREASE one program to INCREASE another.
  3. I serously doubt you can judge at NFLs. Eastern Missouri has the least strict standards for years out, and second years could still only judge on panelled rounds.
  4. How can they be up in the air? What they announce at the awards ceremony should be who is certified as those places?
  5. 8 minutes of Extra T in the 1nc
  6. Hey, This will be the thread where you can post results from your district tournament, so we know who qualifies to state from their respective districts. I will edit this thread to update the people who have qualified to state in CX. Keegan or Josh, please sticky this thread. District #3- North West (4 Qualifiers) Liberty PB Savannah St. Pius AT Winnetonka District #4- St. Louis (4 Qualifiers) Parkway North RR (DADT- Readiness & Heteronormativity) Parkway Central QM (Coast Guard- Horseshoe Crabs) Pattonville KG- (Senior Corps- Nursing Home Abuse & Medicare) Pattonville FC- (Senior Corps- Nursing Home Abuse & Medicare) District #5- Southern (4 Qualifiers) Joplin Lamar Seneca Nevada District #8- Southwest (4 Qualifiers) Parkview BR (Brooks/Rao) Central-Springfield DR (Dorshorst/Ramsey) Greenwood FJ (Frederick/James) Central-Springfield RR (Rowland/Rowland) District #9- West Central (4 Qualifiers) Truman PK Blue Springs South BM Belton DL Blue Springs CD
  7. I like judging LD... even if I'm not getting paid for it. Maybe STL LD is better than the rest of the state, but I doubt that it is. Judging the Districts topic was especially fun because it was about UN protection of human rights.
  8. Next year it's in Henderson, NV (aka suburb of las vegas)
  9. Posting my opinions are A) Pointless because Keegan gets to go as of right now Only hurts his cause by making a private petition matter public, especially when the reason why they weren't taken out of the tournametn is because pretty much every coach (from what i have heard) thought that their was no reason to pull them out of the tournament, just to forfeit the round.
  10. By announcing Keegan/Adler as a national qualifying team at the awards ceremony, the District Committee has approved of their bid to the national tournament. Now it is all up to whether or not they are allowed to go. I will refrain from my comments unless this becomes an issue. Nice job this weekend, everyone.
  11. That was my justification for judging marquette this weekend... i don't even know them. they weren't on the team when i was there. in a high school 2200, and a graduating class where i didn't know a lot of people, i definitely wouldn't know two random people who went to high school w/ me.
  12. By White and Brown he means Matt Gokel and Brown (i don't know his name )
  13. The tournament starts tomorrow night at 6:30. Good luck to everyone!
  14. March 2nd-3rd Missouri State Campus Contact Jack Tuckness if you want to judge
  15. When did Barstow join the SWMO MSHSAA district?
  16. KCalderwood

    2AR Perm

    I have never heard the term "severance counterplan" so I may be a little off, but unless the permutation was "do the counterplan" then reading severance perms good wouldn't matter. The permutation "do both" is not severance at all. They are still defending the entire plan and the new actor in the counterplan. And I wouldn't really classify it as much as an exclusionary counterplan, which it kind of sounds like you are doing. It replaces the agent entirely, which is not a "PEC" (if you even believe there is a difference between a PEC and a PIC, which I don't.) Agent counterplans usually have large net-benefits. It they were reading a courts counterplan, the net-benefit was probably (or in my world would have been) a politics disad. (Although if anyone has read any literature about the courts, a lot of times they link just as hard to politics disads). Either way, I agree with Jason that you probably should not have run the counterplan, unless you are good at selling why counterplans are good in front of lays. Also, I'm rather skeptical that the judge even voted on the permutation. Was that written on the ballot? EDIT: And, the judge really didn't get it because I imagine the net-benefit linked to the legislative action, thus the permutation is not net-beneficially. Ouch.
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    Hey, my bad man. You were posting what ballots said, so I thought it was your round, bro. I was really just taking a shot at my boy, Jeff.
  18. KCalderwood


    That's why Scott Deathrage from Nwestern always gives his "offense" speech they win like 1/4 NDTs. So i think Offense wins championships
  19. KCalderwood


    who cares if you can read the balllot? you had 3 awesome judges minus mark. just kidding man. i will see you in Topeka tomorrow night.
  20. KCalderwood


    The schedule is in the attachment NFL Judge Form1.doc
  21. Isn't that in season 2?
  22. KCalderwood


    I don't think Jason is suggesting that you not have a voting rationale on your procedurals. . .
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