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  1. YAY! Let's rig the panels!
  2. This just happens to constitute as a age discrimination, since these fine college students readily meet the age requiement (and number of years ouf of high school) to adjudicate this tournament.
  3. Avert your eyes then.
  4. Sharon? Are you posting under keegan's name AGAIN?
  5. http://www.mshsaa.org/assignments/districts.asp?Year=&SportID=25&Class=One
  6. He helped write, and is still in support of, DADT.
  7. dude, i would be pissed if ya'll were banned from judging policy (i say ya'll because i won't be there, i would surely be barred as well), but STL LD, imho, is top notch
  8. It is very much not cool to post yourself as getting a bearific award
  9. Fair enough, I would probably avoid anything south of walnut on saturday (which is the entire MU campus + downtown)
  10. Sadly the route goes straight past Shakespeare's pizza...
  11. Interesting. Well, STL MSHSAA is definitely in your second year out. And I know this is true for the state tournament as well. . .
  12. you have to be in your second year out of high school (graduated in 2005)
  13. you had me worried for a second... congrats on state by the way, i haven't been able to tell you that yet. I mean policy was a given (), but nice job in prose and radio.
  14. So we spend loads of money to trave you around the national circuit and Parkview had the best judging? Hell, looks like Katie/Sarah can run whatever they want in front of the quality critics in SWMO! And, although Marquette has not run irony this year, I imagine they are still most likely to run it.
  15. QFA --- Kenny, where in the rules does it allow you to tab and assign judges by computer? Is it an actual rule, or is it just an "interpretation" of the rules that the national office has made? Because from what I have read it is pretty explicit that says you have to do judge assignments on poster boards, and tabbing on registration cards.
  16. And none of you commented on my Josh joke...
  17. I never said it was impossible to tab on computers, I said it is against the RULES. This isn't nam, Shaw!
  18. I know it doesn't make sense to have this discussion. But I am also very sure the only team to have 3 teams in the top 10 was Western Kentucky. Oh, well. But, hey, don't think that NPTE points make you a great team. Points are largely meaning and arbitrary.
  19. Best 1A- Katie Frederick, I guess. I don't see very many good 1A's. Most debates I judge fall apart after the block. Best 2A- Keegan Tomik Best 1N- Jason Qui Best 2N- Nick Ramsey or Aylon Cohen Best Team- Greenwood FJ (Frederick/James), but I can't say them, so I will just go with Central-Springfield DR (Dorshorst/Ramsey) Best LDer- Osman Ghani Best Negative Position- National Service PIC w/ Biopower Worst Negative Postion- Ban the Peace Corps and give the money to the UN CP/DA Case of the Year- Don't Ask Don't Tell (as usual) Worst Case of the Year- Any case that is not the armed forces Ultimate Kritik- Greenwood's Biopower K or whatever we call it Counterplan of the Year- National Service PIC or PMCs Best DA- RMA and Politics Worst DA- Best Card- Bender '04. It is this really good card that North reads in their 1ac about why military readiness is collapsing without DADT. I haven't read the actual evidence, but I remember flowing 8-9 different warrants in the card. Worst Card- Anything that says heg bad Fastest Debater- Carrick James Best Word Economy- Nick Ramsey Best Spreaders- Greenwood Frederick/James Best Speakers- Nick Ramsey Most improved team- Keegan Tomik / Adam Adler Team that will likely become great- Anyone Forrest Brown debates with. Best adapters- Central-Springfield DR (Ramsey/Dorshorst) Most likely to run Irony- Greenwood Most likely to amaze you with a cool position- Keegan/partner Most likely to take off shirt- I hope no one, but probably Keegan Judge of the Year - He doesn't get to judge a lot because apparantly he is a bad judge, but Jon McIntosh, Greenwood's coach is one hell of a judge. People you should want him to judge you. Panel of the year - Jamie and Spencer together at Kickapoo was great, but I was supposed to be on it as well. Then it would have been panel of the year. Ballot of the year (text) - T is not a voting issue (from my round 5 panel at NFL districts, which just happened to knock out a very good team. I voted on T, by the way. ) Best Run Tourney- Parkview Worst Run Tourney- Kickapoo Most qualified Judging pool Tourney- Marquette Worst qualified Judging pool Tourney - Kickapoo Most interesting tourny moment - I still want to say Bill Peter falling off the stage at NFL Districts a few years ago, but Most Admired coach (NOT your own)- Nancy Wedgeworth Squad of the Year (NOT your own)- Parkview Person who has contributed the most to the program- Jon McIntosh and Allison Levin. For helping to bring progressive debate to Missouri.
  20. You are just wrong about ever being in the top 10, or having 3 washburn teams in the top 10. The highest a washburn team has been when a substantial number of tournaments have been entered is Brandon and Joe at #14. The highest you would have ever been was after Wyo and Jewell.
  21. 3. Assigning Judges 1. On a large sheet of poster board, the names of all available judges are to be listed. Space for each round must be ruled off. In each space, the event and section judged by a person are to be recorded. This will prevent assigning the same judge to hear the same person a second time in the same event. In debate, enter the code number of each team. 2. As the assignment sheets are received from the typist the judges for the debate or contest are to be assigned. A judge with the same code letter as one of the contestants is NOT to be used. 3. Any request that a certain person be assigned to a particular debate, individual event, or duo section must be absolutely ignored. It is desirable to post a list of the judges to be used during the tournament so that objections can be raised before the assignments are made. 4. Judges assigned by the tournament committee are final unless protested before the tournament begins. If a judge(s) is added to the judge pool after the tournament has begun, said addition must be posted in a place where participants will likely view such a posting, and protests must be made prior to the round in which that individual(s) is assigned to judge. The District Committee shall hear all protests and its decision shall be final. 5. The names of the judges are to be written on the Assignment Sheets (original and copy). The "original" is to be posted on the bulletin board at once and the "copy" is to be placed in the envelope with the ballots and sent to the person in charge of judges. For Extemp, the envelope is to be sent to the person in charge of extemp drawing. 6. After the first two contest rounds, three judges must be used for all individual contests. Failure to use three judges when required will disqualify the winner. 7. In team debate and L/D, at least three judges must be used in each debate when 8 or fewer teams remain but three judges may be used earlier. 8. Five Judges ARE NOT TO BE USED for speech finals but any odd number three or greater may be used for Policy, Public Forum, or Lincoln-Douglas Debate elimination and final rounds. It appears that judges must be assigned by using a large poster board... 12. Tabulating Results Debate 1. Open ballots and record decisions on the registration cards of both teams in the debate: 3-0, 2-1, 1-2, or 0-3, always writing first the number of judges voting for this team. W and L may be used to designate the decisions where one judge is used, write wins in black and losses in red. 2. Keep cards up-to-date so officials can tell which teams a school has met, on which side of the question, and debates won or lost. 3. As time permits, the decisions by rounds should be entered on the yellow Tournament Report sheet for each school. "W" (won) or "L" (loss) or "Bye" must be written in. 4. When debate rounds are not held because all remaining teams qualify, mark Q for each of these rounds credited but not held. Refer to rule 1:26 and mark Q for these rounds credited but not held. And tabbing must be done on the registration cards...
  22. Craig, next time you are online, just IM me. I will give you Kop's email address.
  23. March 16-17 at Ladue Horton Watkins High School. Debate is all day Friday, starting at like 3, I think. Email Jeff Kopolow if you want to judge. I have his email address if you need it.
  24. Man, you're as nit-picky as that T argument itself
  25. It's not even extra topical... it flat out violates the word increasing. Which, so everyone knows, is the present particible of to increase making almost all of your affirmatives non-topical, anyways.
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