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  1. I imagine that would be less impressive if you told people the details of that round.
  2. Go GBN! Old people rule.
  3. Lol, chill out there killer. I've read a fair bit for each side and my intent was not to get into a debate with you. I was just pointing out that there is ample evidence on each side. And offering a sweet website for anyone doing research.
  4. each person alive consumes enough resources for 7.6(?) people in the resource crunch. Thus, dead people now prevent more later.
  5. Dude, it is not strategic to say an impact turn is another link. Everytime you say that it makes judges scratch they're eyes out. I think that Stephen explained this earlier in this thread in a sensical, logical way but that didn't seem to work so think of it like this. The K is a bomb the negative tries to attach to the affirmative. The links keep the bomb tied to the affirmative. Now, when the affirmative impact turns it's like they try and turn your bomb into a Mr. Coffee, so instead of blowing up (and you winning) they just get to walk around with a Mr. Coffee on their back (and they win). Now, when you say that an Impact Turn is another link, your just adding another piece of rope to tie the Mr. Coffee to the Affirmative, you haven't tried to change the Mr. Coffee back into a Bomb. And biopower is sweet. Hippie abers
  6. Yes, if it doesn't get you in trouble with what you say in the 1nc. Rights malthus is what we still go for (and probably will continue going for until you ktards figure out how to answer it correctly). It works pretty well. Deterrence good also impact turns that foucault 78 or whatever impact since that's the warrant it gives for extinction. this articles pretty good too. BIOPOWER KEY TO SURVIVAL. NOORANI, UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA, TUCSON, 2K5 The Rhetoric of Security, CR: The New Centennial Review 5.1 (2005) 13-41 Reshaping the world order means above all the exertion of greater control and surveillance over individuals worldwide. For the rhetoric of security is at bottom a discourse of our own redemption from the irrational tendencies that threaten collective existence, which is the whole purpose of creating civil authority in the first place. Now that individuals who have succumbed to irrationality are capable of destroying civilization, national existence must be organized not just to fend off the threat of other nations but the threat of any individual. This means that the internal moral struggle of all individuals all over the world comes under the purview of U.S. national security. As we have seen, the ultimate threat "lies at the crossroads of radicalism and technology" (National Security 2002, ii). "Radicalism" here simply means the irrational desire for violence, and "technology" is the dangerous power that can free us or enslave us. The United States has superior technology. This technology enables the United States to wage wars against tyranny with minimal injury to the innocent and to its own forces, and to neutralize the desire for violence and the fear that inhabit everyone. So long as morally disordered individuals may possess inordinate power, we all come under their thrall due to the fear that we feel. But the world authority that we have erected has the capacity to remove violence and irrationality from the political realm and restore to us our agency, without which we are as good as dead.
  7. Hi, my name's Abraham Corrigan and I am open for hire for the Whitman highschool tournament for judging, coaching, file writting etc. I debated for 4 years in highschool for Glenbrook South and currently debate in college for Gonzaga. I have been in elims of every tournament I've debated at since mid way through my junior year of highschool. I was in late elims of the CFL (won my junior year) and NFL national tournaments both my junior and senior year. I was in finals of the TOC my senior year and helped coached the finalist of the woodward JV national tournament. I have working knowledge of most arguments on the highschool topic both policy and critical and though I prefer right wing arguments. My email is Catspathat@gmail.com Abe
  8. Anyone have the DDI malthus file from the mental health topic? It's a ravi shankar file. Catspathat@gmail.com thanks abers
  9. I think I agree with zach but I honestly didn't read much of this thread. Just enough that I know it makes me wish I had a shot gun. Seriously, their is a whole level of hell waiting for all of you.
  10. YOU'VE BEEN HIT BY THE |^^^^^^^^^^^^| | RETARD__TRUCK | '|""";.., ___. |_..._...______===|= _|__|..., ] | "(@ )'(@ )""""*|(@ )(@ )*****(@
  11. Rights Malthus is a disadvantage. Either to the plan or to a critique alternative. It is a good argument. I believe that is all this thread is needed for so I imagine we can close it before someone else loses a little more of their soul.
  12. Why would you run those as a case turn and defend the status quo if you could have an alternative?
  13. vegetarian, right wing debater preferably
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