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  1. Don't forget Josh Hoe, the head coach at the University of Michigan, who debated for both Central Oklahoma and Broken Arrow.
  2. freetibet3


    I agree with you Hartney - I just thought it was funny he pre-emptively called the Hall
  3. freetibet3


    Just a note to all students...Mike Plunkett called Heritage Hall to specifically inform us that students cannot attend the OSSAA meeting. If a change is going to happen, it has to be through the coaching staff.
  4. few more thoughts popped into my head this weekend... 1. make the child using the "profane language" wear a toilet shaped hat on his or her head that states "I am a naughty person because I use profanity" 2. allow the offended judge/critic to wash the child's mouth out with soap 3. this seems to be effective for dealing with unruly children at debate camp, give the offending child tab room work detail 4. bring back paddling - 4 wacks for mild profanity, 8 for medium profanity, and 12 for extra spicy profanity 5. blind fold the offending child, tie them to a pole, and allow all the participants and coaches in the particular event throw one, maybe two, stones at the child 6. make the child spend a day with my mother 7. if the offender is female, make her take a three hour bus ride with the 2005-2006 Heritage Hall Debate Team; if the offender is male, the complaining critic gets a shot at the boy's balls 8. for debaters - the offender gets one paper cut for every piece of evidence read in the debate 9. make the offender endure a public leg waxing from a large, eastern european woman 10. cover the offender's feet in salt and let a goat lick them 11. force the offender to have endure their last day in the community which they have been trying to gain respect in for four years in which no adult can bear to look at them 12. make the offender relive a painful and upsetting experience everyday on a debate website just some ideas to ponder...
  5. being the notorious 'potty mouth', i have thought about this subject quite a bit. it seems to me that a 'three strike' method might be effective. if a student were to use 'objectionable' language, punishment would be accordingly: first offense: loss of speaker points, notification of the debater's coaching staff, and warning from the ossaa second offense: loss of speaker points, notification of the debater's school, and second warning from the ossaa third offense: disqualification ideally the system would restart every year. obviously, the question is how does the ossaa keep up with this; to be honest, i really don't know enough about the interworkings of the ossaa to be able to suggest anything helpful. also, it seems to be that no matter what official rules dictate, critics always have the ability to drop a team for whatever reason. just my thoughts.... and jackie, if you move your tournament to the next weekend, i will be on winter break from harvard and can come down to judge - i don't know if that is an incentive to move it or keep it, but i thought i would let you know
  6. the heritage hall seniors will most likely not be attending because May 12th is our last day of school...my last day of heritage hall after 15 years...christ there is a possibility that our youngins might attend, but i wouldn't count on it
  7. you should allow teams to request grudge matches
  8. freetibet3


    i think you solve the "brightline" issue by having the rules state that all evidence must be on paper and that no evidence can be read off the computer. this seems pretty enforceble to me. plus, what is the impact to pre-written overviews? i have never been in a debate when the other team has scoured the generic explanation of an argument. to the group of kids who are thinking about petitioning the ossaa - bgaston, jackie massie, and i are going to speak about lessening the punishment for saying fuck, shit, etc, so if y'all can't come down, we can speak on your behalf.
  9. freetibet3


    word - st. marks - laptop goes off in the middle of my 2NR glenbrooks - laptop goes off at the very last second of my 1AR redlands - laptop goes off right at the before my 1AR harvard - laptop goes off in the middle of my 1AR my 1AR's are most def better off the comp - but beware...relying on tech can sometimes bite you in the ass the laptop issue used to be big for me, but i think if y'all are going to try to change the rules, it seems 8 min of prep would be a sweeter request.
  10. freetibet3


    first, gaston was refering to carson's cussing problem - not mine, i have no record of cussing in debate rounds. second, even if i did, that was not known to the judges who had never judged me before and would have no way of knowing what i say or don't say.
  11. i find it quite funny that i am old enough to vote for the leader of the free world, take a bullet for my country, and buy pornography, yet when i accidently slip the f-bomb in a debate round, i am disqualified. first, i would like to say that if i had been alerted that my language was offensive, i would have promptly appologized; i think everyone who knows me is aware that i take special caution to ensure i do not offend anyone who is around me. to be honest, i was not even aware i had dropped it until nick's brother told me after the debate. sometimes when you are speaking at a quick rate, under pressure in the heat of a debate round, the first word that comes out of your mouth is not always the best word. it was dumb, sure, but it certainly was not malicious. anyone who knows me knows that i have an immense respect and love for this activity, and to be honest i am somewhat offended that after four years of dedicating a significant part of my life to the oklahoma debate community, changing the style and manner in which i find debate most enjoyable, i am rewarded with a disqualification. have i ever broken the rules? no. did either of these two people ever judge me before, see unsavory behavior, or have reason to believe that i would do something to intentionally disrespect the activity? no. sure, i broke the rules, but it seems that these two people might evaluate the context of the situation and purse a different course of action. i also find it the language ms. danner used after the debate a bit disconserting. she indicated to us that had nick apologized at some time in the 2AR....at least 15 min after the initial incident...that it would have been okay and, also, that part of her reason for pursuing the protest was my "cavalier" attitude after the debate. mind you that no one told us what was going on; i had no idea a. that i had said "objectionable" language or b. my language was under protest. so, to answer all of the people who claim their actions were just out of the sake of the rules, you are not correct; their action, at least ms. danner's, was meant to personally punish us for percieved behavior. it is comical that that my reading of the phrase "blood thirsty cave-men" (in the terrorist demonizing evidence andy refered to) in a slow and deliberate manner, solicited no objection. had i replaced 'fucked' with 'screwed' or 'jacked', i assume there would have been no reprecussion, even though the words mean the exact same thing. i have a feeling that if one of the debaters had refered to an argument they thought was stupid as 'gay', there would have been no reprucussion. to me, the word fuck is empowing. in the gay community 'fuck' is a word of pride and freedom; you are encouraged to use it to express yourself, release your hostility, your joy, or simply to say it because it is just a goddamn word. but, i apologize to bible toting mr. bowser and ms. danner if they were offended; i had no way of knowing that 'fuck' caused them deep personal offense, just as they probably didn't know that their censoring of my use of 'fuck' is deeply offensive to me. but, i suppose that is why i engage in a political communication based activity, to exchange ideas and learn. but it seems that amongst the thousands of words i used in that debate, only one mattered. during the protest, nick and i were not allowed to address the committee or given a chance to retract our behavior. blake, one of the judges of the debate, was also not allowed to enter this sacred meeting. i am curious to why they even held a meeting. did you also know that oral prompting is considered a violation of ossaa ethics? jenks was not disqualified for this action - why the selective application of the rules? it is also against the rule for a judge to read evidence or deliberate over his or her decision for more than five minutes - that is a rule every judge has probably never followed in one instance or another, and did so without reprucussion. but whatever, this incident is reflective of the whole oklahoma debate circuit. the hh squad has recieved more criticism about how we dress, how we speak, and how we act than about how we debate. i have learned and gained so much from my debate experience, and whether i had been speaking while lying down naked droping the f-bomb or standing up in a prom dress using only 'pure' language - i would have reaped the same benefits. i am glad to say that i am done with oklahoma high school debate, and am entering the college debate community in which they value argument and excellence. let me say a quick thank you to jimmy, blake, nick, carson, and andy for letting me cry on their shoulder, and also let me say to all of those who will still be participating in oklahoma debate - you are not the problem, debate, have fun, strive to be the best debaters you can be, but work on the adults who claim to master this activity. my rant has now concluded. peace, love.
  12. freetibet3


    we are indeed very much disqualified; i suppose i was destined to never win that state quarterfinals round - three years in a row i have lost it.
  13. freetibet3


    As of round 6, both UCO teams are 4-2. Avery & Andy beat a very good Idaho State team. And I watched that GW round, Blake and Conor didn't beat just the GW team, they f'ing waxed them; Blake gave one of the hottest 2ARs I have seen.
  14. freetibet3


    After day 1... Oklahoma CJ 4-0 Central Oklahoma SD 2-2
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