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  1. if anyone still needs a judge commitment filled or some extra coaching @ NFL nats in vegas - i'm looking to get hired. I'm a debater at Cal State LongBeach. I competed in the high school policy circuit for 4 years and my experience is traditionally with the K and/or performance debate.....but i'm definitely down with the disad/cp debate. My email address = ajjenkinsa@aol.com aim: ajjenkinsa
  2. ajjenkinsa

    Notre Dame

    Can someone post contact info for any of the debaters from notre dame. Or if you are notre dame - could you back channel me. I had a quick question. Thanks, aj
  3. for specific information on the debate program at CSU Long Beach contact Bill Neesen (Director of Debate) his email address: neesen@aol.com
  4. ajjenkinsa


    congratulations...for knowing nothing. I think its pretty hard to choose to have your clitoris removed when your 6 years or younger.
  5. aly's just been smokin too much crack.
  6. "Neitzsche would have found this to be the best option" glad to see that you channel nietzsche...... couple problems with this statement: despite the fact that nietzsche is content with oppression...i dont think he would agree with the United States making a conscious/moral/ethical decision to remove itself from africa and i dont think that removing ourselves from africa is doing nothing. sounds like an awful big advocacy to me.
  7. So the counterplan essentially leaves you with the status quo?? sounds like a Great idea....not...
  8. i'm pretty sure USC offers scholarship money. no idea about berkeley
  9. it is definitely true....because it has alot to do with the judging pool the preference of the teams debating. Its silly to say that every where in the country is the same...when we know thats not true.
  10. i'm really confused abourt the purpose of this thread.......
  11. an adequate prediction i'm sure...
  12. both teams are excellent - and their programs have alot to offer! I cant really give adequate advice on which program is better to be a part of (seeing as i have experience with neither)........but i can definitely tell you that they are great schools with great debate teams.
  13. one more thing: anyone who has not gotten into school - or missed deadlines......and are in a bind --- long beach can get you in till june 1st! Even if you havent previously applied. Just let us know!
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