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  1. The lectures at the WNDI will fully explain all debate jargon. Any questions you have after your lab leaders will be more than happy to answer.
  2. A few arguments- need more please PM me. Cost effective- seriously find a cheaper camp that gives you as much bang for your buck. Quality staff- Numerous NDT qualifiers and debaters who have cleared at every national tournament- Tony Johnson, Nate Cohn, Daniel Strauss, Andrew Baker, Paul Montreuil etc. Great experience- a focus on skill building and practice rounds allow you to actually get better at debate instead of just talking about it. Amazing student to staff ratio allows for one on one attention. Safe- Responsible staff and campus safety are around. Thank you for your time and good luck to all next season. Paul Montreuil Eagle High 05 Idaho State 10
  3. The RDI is a reasonably priced camp with a fantastic staff. Plenty of guaranteed rounds as well a great student to staff ratio. If anyone has any questions please feel free to get in contact with me. Thanks again. -Paul Montreuil Idaho State Debate
  4. The RDI will offer an amazing staff at a reasonable price. Plenty of rounds guaranteed. If anyone has any questions or concerns feel free to contact me.
  5. I'm looking to fill a full commitment. I am happy to cut cards as well. Please email me for a list of quals. Thanks for your time and good luck. -Paul Montreuil Idaho State Debate
  6. i'm definitely interested. Please email me back asap.
  7. Having attended this tournament for years as a competitor (where i always did terrible) and now as a judge i can honestly say this is the finest ran hs tournament i've ever been to. anyone that can get themselves in walla walla should enter.
  8. CobraCmndr6193

    CAMP 2008

    Everyone should rethink their camp selection- the wndi is the best deal around. Tony said it all-PM if you have more questions. -Paul
  9. Sarah's email is weird-especially her school address. Try sarahtyp73@yahoo.com and odekirk.scott@gmail.com Also we're a while away from making any decisions about scholarship so no one should worried about deadlines or anything. Our school is cheap as hell anyway ($4400 a year full time without any sort of scholarship- and you get a scholarship from the state just for being a freshman from idaho). I'll let her know people are trying to contact her asap.
  10. Thanks for the compliments everyone. But seriously- debate in college, you will love it. We went 4-4 at the ndt (not sure if that question was directed at me). Good luck to all.
  11. Hey All, If anyone who reads these boards is interested in debating in college they should definitely consider ISU. A few args- -Successful team- first rounds 2 of the last 3 seasons and multiple ndt qualifiers in the last five years. -Argument freedom- Everyone cuts their own args and receive coaching regardless of argumentation preference. -Cheap!- the cheapest undergrad around (even without debate scholarships). -Fun-we have a great team culture and like to have a good time. PM me for more info. Good luck to everyone next year. -Paul Montreuil
  12. Hey All, I'm looking to judge/coach at the gonz tournament. If anyone needs rounds covered please PM me. I'm in need of a ride however. Thanks again. Paul Montreuil Idaho State Debate
  13. luke- your old cell phone number doesn't appear to be working-please message me with it. mine is 208-724-8145- call me.
  14. it will be great- i miss ya man.
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