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  1. Looks like you can still order all teh Solt classics- http://www.oneparadigm.com/catalog2010.pdf
  2. "As for Scotty's hostility to me" What? This is my only comment to you in its entirety- "Setting aside temporarily all of Jim/Batterman's points-Duane, most schools won't experience the thrill because, in the words of Connor MacLeod, there can be only 1. Many schools with boatloads of resources never experience the thrill either. I guess I just don't see what solution is pointed to by your comments. Do you think schools that have resources should be stripped of them so that schools who don't have the resources have a shot at NFL?"
  3. "I am not inclined to sit by while you bash someone who has twice your positive reputation" "That a lot of folks participate in this "project" has nothing to do with its ethical implications. "If a million people say a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing," etc." Terrance you have managed to contradict yourself and display your idiocy in an even smaller number of posts than usual. Bravo. "Disagree with that philosophy if you will, but please don't make the architects of its subversion out to be some sort of folk-heroes..." Saying doing something against the rules is different from something not against the rules is not an attempt to make someone a folk hero.
  4. "I think it's a real shame that the large majority of debate programs will never know the thrill of a national championship in policy debate because they lack the funds necesary to compete at the top levels" Setting aside temporarily all of Jim/Batterman's points-Duane, most schools won't experience the thrill because, in the words of Connor MacLeod, there can be only 1. Many schools with boatloads of resources never experience the thrill either. I guess I just don't see what solution is pointed to by your comments. Do you think schools that have resources should be stripped of them so that schools who don't have the resources have a shot at NFL?
  5. Obama plans to leave 50,000 troops in even in his plans for "withdrawal". This issue is also addressed in topic paper/all of Stefan's articles.
  6. We need someone who can judge JV at the upcoming metrofinals. To be eligible: Judges qualified to judge at the junior varsity level must have judged in at least one WACFL preliminary policy debate tournament in the current year. please email me at: sphillips (at)potomacschool.org Thanks
  7. Version

    Table of Contents This TF focuses on 2 main disads- Financial Reform and Don't Ask Don't Tell. The relative strengths of each are:1. DADT- There is really 1 dominant affirmative answer to this disad- that repeal will be delayed so that the military can conduct a study. There are a few tricks in here to deal with this argument making this disad solid.2. Financial reform- probably has the best uniqueness for an Obama good DA as there is evidence that indicates this is one issue the republicans might not try and be obstructionist on.Virtually every politics disad right now is plagued by the same problem though- there aren't actual "bills" for any of these agenda items yet. There is a lot of specific aff evidence for these DA's as well as START, Jobs, and Health Care Reform. Updates on the uniueness for the mid terms agenda disad and top level both ways also included.

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  8. The Potomac School is looking for an LD judge for this upcoming weekends NFL tournament in Charlottesville. Rounds start at 5 pm friday, and at 815 am Saturday (and run till 6) please email me at scottyp431@gmail.com
  9. Version

    Table of Contents This TF is worth the wait. This morning I did not have a DA I would be willing to put my name on but some recent health care developments have taken it from awful to awesome. There is now a lot of uniqueness evidence (from both sides) concluding that health care will pass by a razor thin margin and making pretty good internal link claims about how Obama must exert all his leverage to keep it from falling apart. Probably the best brink evidence this disad has ever had. There is also great evidence that says the final bill that comes out of conference will be the real deal – meaning you can access all those public option impacts like economy/bioterror etc. All other scenarios are realistically unwinnable given the evidence that Obama is putting everything he has behind health care, which is also probably a social service- and that most predictions say all congressional debate for the remainder of the year will be about health care. Also- a TF First- the file is done using Debate Synergy so anyone debating paperless should be able to able to e-tub it and go right out of the box. ******In the past when I changed my template files have been messed up when people downloaded them, so if anything goes wrong with this download please let me know ASAP.

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  10. Is it possible to have multiple expando buttons on the toolbar, maybe that store to different folders, so at least you could have rudimentary division- like aff/neg/k?
  11. Version

    Table of Contents Having gotten a little annoyed at the proliferation of "do nothing" K arguments I decided to... do something about it.Included here are some specific responses to this alt and the various anti-cap arguments usually employed with it. This evidence is specific to the most common cap K alt you will here and is not from Robinson (in fact all the zizek cards are from 08 and assume his most recent works). A short taste: Under the cover of comedy and hyperbole, in between allusions to movies and video games, he is engaged in the rehabilitation of many of the most evil ideas of the last century. He is trying to undo the achievement of all the postwar thinkers who taught us to regard totalitarianism, revolutionary terror, utopian violence, and anti-Semitism as inadmissible in serious political discourse. Is Žižek's audience too busy laughing at him to hear him? I hope so, because the idea that they can hear him without recoiling from him is too dismal, and frightening, to contemplate.

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  12. Version

    Table of Contents This TF mainly focuses on the health care disad but also has some spicey new options. Health care- with the recent vote there is a lot of optimism for the passage of health care reform. There is pretty good vote count uniqueness evidence that also explains why Obama involvement is key to insulate you from uniqueness overwhelms the link arguments. There is also recent political capital key cards about why he needs capital for the rest of the process specifically, not just health care generically.The key aff link turn to this disad has been "winners win" so far, so also included is a 2NC peace process bad disad- domestic wins allow Obama to pursue the peace process which causes middle east war. This is obviously a tricky line to tow- you can't read this 2NC disad with the 1NC peace process good impact to health care (obviously) but more importantly you probably can't read it with any "key to agenda" health care impacts. For health care on the aff I included some blocks on the impact defense arguments discussed in the last 3NR podcast as per a request. Also included is a Mid Term elections disad- the link is that the plan improves the economy or helps provide jobs. This allows the democrats to maintain majorities in the 2010 election and that causes the passage of climate legislation. Finally there are some great hegemony updates from a recent Krauthammer article included as well.

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  13. Version

    Table of Contents This TF focuses mainly on the health care disad as it will be the dominant politics da for the foreseeable future. I tried to include some things to help with the most common aff arguments-Impacts- since its unclear what the final bill will be and since it will most likely be much less change than Obama initially hoped for it's often difficult to win the internal link to traditional health care impacts. So there are 2 modules you can read (climate and middle east peace process) that in no way depend on the actual bill that gets passed, but instead are just basically "winners win" style arguments that Obama needs success on climate in order to advance another part of his agenda.-Uniqueness- since there are a million pass/don't pass cards I made sure to focus on finding some cards that explicitly explain why the arguments for will pass are more accurate/likely than the other side. These are labeled "uniqueness lens". The idea here is that you should tell the judge to filter the other sides uniqueness evidence through these cards in order to eliminate bias/hyperbole etc.There is also a peace process disad that can be run as its own argument. It has some pretty good recent evidence and if you catch a team unprepared could probably be a winner. However, there is no evidence that explicitly answers the "health care triggers the link" argument which I think is essential to have if you are reading any other disad.

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  14. Publication Cover Search within this journal Peer Review Integrity About this Journal Abstracting & Indexing News & Offers Online Submissions Previous Table of Contents Article Requests Reprints Request Permissions Peace studies: A conceptual and practical critique Author: William Maley DOI: 10.1080/10357718808444958 Publication Frequency: 4 issues per year Published in: journal Australian Journal of International Affairs, Volume 42, Issue 1 April 1988 , pages 29 - 36 Subjects: Asia Pacific Studies; International Relations Theory; Formats available: PDF (English) Previously published as: Australian Outlook (0004-9913) until 1990 Article Requests: Order Reprints : Request Permissions Single Article Purchase: US$30.00 - buy now buy now add to cart buy now [ show other buying options ] purchase type customer type online access payment method price Single Article Purchase Any 3 days, 1 user, 3 cookies credit card US$30.00 buy now buy now add to cart add to cart Issue Purchase Any permanent credit card US$167.20 buy now buy now add to cart add to cart To purchase this journal in AU$ please contact enquiries@tandf.com.au. AU$ Price List Society rate for members of the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs * Sign In Sign In * Online Sample Online Sample View Article: View Article (PDF) View Article (PDF)
  15. Could you get this? http://www.informaworld.com/smpp/content~db=all~content=a791620591?words=peace,studies,conceptual,practical,critique Thanks
  16. I just tried this- works very vast, but the accuracy was not as great. Still great suggestion though.
  17. This is the best program I've used: http://www.techsmith.com/screen-capture.asp Pretty inconsistent, but frequently if you search for like "google books hack" you can find ways to be able to copy and paste the image. The problem is google figures them out and prevents you from using them pretty quick.
  18. Policy and LD, please pm me if you are interested.
  19. In round 1 of the 3nr's defense of the politics disad, U of Michigan Math major Dylan Keenan has written a response to this model: http://www.the3nr.com/2009/08/01/fiat-math-and-political-process-disadvantages/
  20. Version

    Table of Contents This TF focuses on the healthcare disad- with Thursday’s announcements making this the most politically salient disad of the group. All the uniqueness/link evidence for this disad, including the alternative energy kills healthcare link card, is from Thursday or newer. The shell and blocks are designed to be more friendly to lay/less experienced judges that are common at NFL’s.

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  21. JG, Have you done much/any "t work" reading in terms of what homeless assistance would be topical/What kind of things are you looking at as a mechanism?
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