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  1. "You want me to work at debate camps? They don’t want me or anything to do with SFL, the whole philosophy of the SDSU debate camp is that you don’t need to go out of state to get a good experience. Just in general it having a lab leader whose experience is primarily out of state debate goes against the grain. This is especially true when you take into account that Kenyon and Ewald damn near begged to help out at SDSU, what happened? They got rejected and had to head south to the NDI. SFL has always tried to be a part of SD debate and making it better, you all just don’t want to see us do it." I wonder who they begged. I don't remember either of them asking me (This is Mr. Tschetter) and I don't think Miss Kroll ever mentioned they asked her either. Asking? Begging? Check the source on that one, okay? I think it was probably 3 or 4 years ago that a former Lincoln student did ask me but we already had a full staff by then. If we would have had the spot, I would have enjoyed having MM there. I surely hope he didn't think there were hard feelings on my behalf! As for our philosophy, you are partially correct. We wanted to give students an experience during the summer that wouldn't use up a large block of their summer time and cost them a huge amount of money. That is why we started the camp. . .and it is why we reduced it in length and expense several years ago.
  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. I didn't get to vote on anything either. On another note, Ann Tornberg, former Beresford coach, is running for the house in District 16 (south of Sioux Falls). If you live in that area or know of someone who votes in that district, I urge you to throw support her direction.
  4. Sadly, SDSU won't allow us to use their new 'jackrabbit' in our brochures or t-shirts.
  5. The debate camp for this summer is set for June 28-July 3, 2010. It will be held in Brookings, South Dakota. Students who compete in POLICY and LD may find it to their liking as it won't ruin the rest of your summer due to length or cost. Contact: Douglas Tschetter, 508 East 10th Ave Milbank, SD 57252 or douglas.tschetter@k12.sd.us or http://dt006.k12.sd.us/Debate%20Camp/DebatecampSCASDSDSU.htm for more information.
  6. Drama 4th--Alexa Moeller--Watertown 3rd--Madison-Ainsley Irene Miller--Mitchell 2nd--Kyle Pederson--Deuel (Q) 1st--Kortney Sterrett--Huron (Q) Humor 5th--Amanda Stangeland--Mitchell 4th--Silas Leng--Brookings 3rd--Melissa Howard--Brookings 2nd--Zachary Kantack==Brookings (Q) 1st--Natasha Hernandez--Huron (Q) Duo 4th--Cronin and Hernandez--Huron 3rd--Howey and Bones--Watertown 2nd--Bartl and Miller--Mitchell (Q) 1st--Stone and Williams--Watertown (Q) adding on what Goof didn't have listed PF 6th--Ward and Whelan--Milbank 5th--Schutte and Brende--AC 4th--Doerr and Sharisky--AC
  7. Fiesta has been cancelled.
  8. bulldog508


    Milbank had to cancel as we don't have school. I believe Brookings, Watertown, and Aberdeen Central have cancelled as well. Groton is still planning on going. I am not sure about Vermillion but I would be surprised if they went. I have no idea about the ND schools. Mankato West also usually attends, but who knows?
  9. Anyone have information? How MN Novice topic limits? Anyone? Anyone know who is in charge of the SD committee this year? I have talked to a couple who are on the committee and they aren't sure what is up.
  10. Anyone get word on what the committee picked for the Novice Topic Limits for South Dakota?
  11. Thanks to all of you who came to judge! I wish we could compensate you better, but. . . Students who attended who read this. . .I hope you learned some things about debate and the topic and maybe had a good time doing so, maybe met some new people. . .If you think it was worthwhile, tell your coaches and your friends. If there were troubles, tell me. Thanks again! Enjoy the rest of summer! It will go soooooo quickly.
  12. Everything is set with SDSU. I sent updates last night (Wednesday) to emails I had. If anyone has any questions, let me know.
  13. I will tell JK in case you don't see her! hehehehehe
  14. That would be cool to have you judge. We appreciated your coming to camp and adding to it so it makes us happy that you would be willing to be hired to come back and judge! The scholarships that are referred to are offered by the South Dakota Forensic Coaches Association. I think that application should have been sent to Mr. Grimsley at Mitchell already.
  15. Maybe someone will take you for ice cream if you stop by someday though. Maybe you will judge for us on Saturday??
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