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  1. Two revolutions is good too.
  2. Dude that's the point: mindset shift in suburbia.
  3. It competes if you have to sever.
  4. K, uh, how's this tournament going? Are we out yet ?
  5. K, no prob. Anyone else ? Oh, and would anyone being willing to share a room at a hotel somewhere? This is all kinda last-minute but whatever.
  6. I'll drive, assuming I can find somewhere to stay when I get there. Who needs a ride ?
  7. RenterHEX

    WA State Debate

    Um, calm down people. -Sam
  8. Capital BH ("The Bolt" and Grae Harper) Capital AK (That one kid and Janne Knight) Capital GK (Alex Grande and Rebecca Kopplin) Capital VK (Matt Keenan and Seth Vick) In addtion our lincoln douglas debators will be -- ?? I don't know. Sorry. Good luck and enjoy Twin Falls again, ass chodes. P.S. Sam loves Matt Townend very much and will miss spending time with him. Thanks for the good times, homie.
  9. I'll go, if I can find a place to stay...seems like everyone's already got their own place or whatever...
  10. Uhm. The alternative is supposed to show that the plan is a bad idea. If it does not compete with the plan, it does not prove plan is a bad idea. Otherwise alternatives or counterplans could be "do plan and X", where X could be anything from another policy to reject their discourse to whack off in a river. Which we should be able to weigh at least part of case against.
  11. RenterHEX


    Luke doesn't judge anymore, and I think Zac's judging for us.
  12. I do it so I purposefully force myself into being slightly top-heavy, it's really easy to undercover T and lose to it.
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