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  1. Well, whether or not you're right is completely overshadowed by your inability to speak without resorting to childish language and Ad homs ... As to the "substantive" portion of your post (and boy do I use that language loosely), Harry Potter is nearly as widely read as the bible, the initial printing for the last volume was the largest initial printing of any book ... ever ... So it's awfully hard to argue that this book doesn't affect millions of people. It talks about being different, not being accepted, child abuse/neglect, love, and the classic battle of what's good and right versus what's evil. All themes that will doubtless stick with the younger generations of readers for a very long time. As a side note it's pretty funny when you consider the book looks at being different and people fearing/hating you for that difference ... while your post uses the perjorative "fag" ... ahh irony. -B P.S. - HOLY S*&T Ian you're a freakin' mod now? God this place has gone downhill ...
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