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  1. Did I read correctly that both semis rounds were won on T-subs?
  2. I probably shouldn't share that info, but suffice it to say a bunch of debate folks (in some cases loosely) connected to the UNT program. I'm sure the site will end up in good hands at this price. I've heard a few names of folks who might be interested, and they sound quality for the most part.
  3. We put together an LLC, but our max investment was set to be $12k. Now that bidding has exceeded that amount, we wish luck to whoever's still in the game. Not that Kerpen is any kind of Cliff Lee, but at least now I know how the Rangers feel.
  4. We are seeking judges in our debate divisions on Sept. 17-18, 2010. We offer TOC bids in Semis of LD, Quarters of CX, and Finals of Congress and Public Forum. Judges are typically paid $15 per round. Contracts may be negotiated on an individual basis. All hired judges are required to post the appropriate judge philosophy at http://judgephilosophies.wikispaces.com/. Limited housing is available for those travelling a long distance and likely to judge late on Saturday. If you're interested in judging, please let me know ASAP at sykesjason@verizon.net. Thanks! jason
  5. Hi Everyone, I thought I'd take a moment to encourage you to take a look at the UNT camp website for updates related to this summer's workshop. You can find details at http://www.meangreenworkshops.com. We've announced this year's lab pairings, and I think they will cause quite a bit of excitement around the community. We have also revised our financial aid policies this year and will continue to offer assistance. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at director@meangreenworkshops.com. I look forward to seeing you in Denton this summer! Best, Jason Sykes UNT Debate
  6. Hello Friends, I'm pleased to announce that the tournament invitation for the Grapevine Classic is now available on Joy of Tournaments. We are currently seeking qualified debate judges for hire at this year's event. We offer a TOC bid in the quarters of policy, semis in LD, finals in Congress, and finals in Public Forum, and we're qualifier to this year's new IE TOC. We do our best to pay, feed, and otherwise treat our judges very well. Debate rounds 1-3 will happen at 2pm, 4pm, and 7pm on Friday, Sept. 18. Mutual preference judging will be used in CX & LD, and preference will be given to those hired judges who will most likely be highly preferred across a large portion of our pools. Judges may be hired on a contract or per-round basis, depending on availability. Please contact me to let me know your availability as well as whether you'll need housing on Friday night, Saturday night, or both. Limited housing is available to our hired judges, and preference will be given to those traveling from long distances. If you know someone who should be asked to judge, please let me know or pass along my contact info. Please note that I rarely check PM. If you would like to be hired to judge at the tournament, please make sure you've posted your philosophy at http://judgephilosophies.wikispaces.com/ and contact me at sykesjason@verizon.net. Thanks for your interest! jason
  7. Hi Everyone, Thank you for your comments. Each year policy debaters are the heart and soul of the institute and the driving force behind what we do. I wanted to take a moment to direct you to our discounts being offered this summer. There are two - one for applying early and one for bringing several members of your squad. Take a look: http://www.meangreenworkshops.com/page.php?s=discounts_2009 Lab pairings will be posted on the site and here in a few days. Stay tuned! Please let me know if you have any questions! See you in Denton! jason sykes@unt.edu
  8. i'm wondering about debating at UNT... who do i need to contact?

  9. I want to take the chance to thank everyone for their continued support of the UNT Mean Green Workshops. We had another successful year with more than 240 total participants. We've posted dates and other important information for next year on our website, http://www.meangreenworkshops.com, and we'll be making updates to the staff pages ASAP. Let me know if you have any questions. Email is the best way to get in touch. Best, jason director@meangreenworkshops.com
  10. like it really would've mattered? it's not like you would've chosen a different roommate or pard. don't talk to me. you've been disowned anyhow.
  11. We're quickly filling up with only a few days left in regular registration. Here's how our numbers look right now: Senior Scholars: 27 Junior Scholars: 30 Sophomore Scholars: 20 K Lab: 12 2-Week Policy: 36 LD: 85 Congress: 10 Total: 220 students As you can see, we're still determining the best approach with the older labs, but we're over our projections across the board. Looks like another banner year! jason
  12. Hi Dustin, Right now in the Scholars Program we have enrolled 25 seniors, 30 juniors, and 19 sophomores. As we approach mid-June, we will post a list of accepted students on the website. Best, jason
  13. It's moments like this that really make what I get to do special. Leah send this note after the TOC and graciously allowed me to share it: "Eric and I were driving home yesterday from the TOC (we had 17 hours to reflect upon our debate career) and we realized we really couldn't have made it to the semi's of the TOC without all the love and support that everyone at UNT had for us. We truly appreciate everything ya'll have done. Thank you so much." So, there you have it. Join Leah, Eric, Drew McNeil, Kelcey O'Quinn, and the rest of our assistants this summer along with our incredible staff and chase the white squirrel for yourself. jason
  14. Hi folks, Enrollment is quickly filling up. As of May 7, we have the following slots remaining in our scholars labs: Sophomores: 7 slots remaining Juniors: 5 slots remaining Seniors: 8 slots remaining jason
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