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  1. Georgia Southern Peach: Marist MT (Claire Mills & Rachel Thurston) Marist CM (Sydney Chung & Libby Mandarino)
  2. jmiller

    Judge Requests 2011-2012

    Marist School is looking for policy coaching/judging for NFL Nationals in Indianapolis - if you are interested, email me at jmill126@gmail.com and we can discuss the details.
  3. jmiller

    Woodward 2012

    March 23-25, 2012
  4. jmiller

    Coaching Opening: Riverwood HS

    Riverwood High School (Sandy Springs, GA) Debate Coach Job Opening Candidate must have significant high school policy debate experience – preferably as a Coach. This is an opportunity to shape a debate program in which there is already strong student interest and strong parental and institutional support. The successful candidate will be organized, self-motivated, and have a love for high school policy debate that he/she can instill in the debate team participants. Experience coaching high school debate and/or significant familiarity with high school policy debate within the past one-three years is a requirement. College debaters are welcome and encouraged to apply but must have debated in high school. The Debate Coach will be responsible for planning practice debates, teaching, and coaching a high school debate team. Coaching duties involve holding weekly or biweekly practice debates, advising student research and tournament preparation, and attending 4-6 regional Georgia tournaments. Must have own transportation. This is a paid position. To apply, submit a cover letter, current resumé, and name(s) of reference(s) to debaterhs@gmail.com. Your letter should discuss evidence of your teaching effectiveness and your knowledge of high school policy debate. Applications will be reviewed upon receipt and will be accepted until the position is filled. Questions? Contact debaterhs@gmail.com
  5. jmiller

    Georgia Debate Tournaments By the Numbers

    Yep - Jason Pasuer coaches the team. They traveled to more tournaments 2nd semester than 1st this year.
  6. jmiller

    NFL Nats 2010 Qualifiers

    Deep South University School BL (Ball & LaBounty) Mountain Brook JQ (Jiang & Quinn) 1st Alt - Mountain Brook GM (Griffith & McCarty)
  7. jmiller

    2010 TOC: Tournament of Champions

  8. jmiller

    bluetub toc coverage

    As the Tournament of Champions approach (less than 10 days away)-- we have a question for our audience: Is the bluetub coverage necessary? We are currently on the fence about making a decision on whether or not to cover the 2010 TOC to the extent we've done in the past two years. Our hold up is the gaforensics budget. If we decide to move forward and provide coverage for the 2010 Tournament of Champions - we will need the community's help to get us there [via donations on the bluetub site]. To collect the information, we have made a short 2 question survey: Click here to take survey.
  9. jmiller

    Toc At Large

    Here's the 2010 Committee: 2010 TOC Policy Advisory Committee Chuck Ballingall, Damien High School Bill Batterman, Marquette High School Ted Belch Marie Dzuris, Centerville High School David Glass Jenny Heidt, The Westminster Schools Sheryl Kaczmarek, Newburg Free Academy Dan Lingel, Jesuit College Prep-Dallas Linda Oddo, New Trier Township Alex Pritchard, Westwood High School Bill Smelko Billy Tate, Montgomery Bell Academy Tara Tate, Glenbrook South High School
  10. jmiller

    Richard Russell All-State

    Just emailed Hester (right before you posted this) to get a field report. GFD will post once I get it.
  11. jmiller

    Toc At Large

    Rowland Hall FT & Stratford MF got accepted.
  12. jmiller

    2010 NDT Coverage/Pairings

    If you want to follow NDT-related tweets, I suggest the following: Emory: http://www.twitter.com/emorydebate Michigan: http://www.twitter.com/michigandebate Georgia: http://www.twitter.com/paperlessdebate Northwestern: http://www.twitter.com/nudebate Wake Forest: http://www.twitter.com/bradhall
  13. jmiller

    Official TFA State 2010 Results Thread

    The same team has never won TFA twice. Greenhill has had three individuals win TFA twice with two different partners - Caitlin Talmadge, Jeremy Goldberg and Mat Andrews. Newman South's Brandon Fletcher won it twice with two different partners.
  14. jmiller

    Official TFA State 2010 Results Thread

    Greenhill in 1994, 1996, and 1999. (Source: http://www.txfa.org/docs/0304-Govern-History.pdf)
  15. jmiller

    vestavia hills

    evan mccarty was top speaker. nuff said.