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  1. Testerboy

    MSHSAA State

    Parkview High School has taken down the state championship!!!!
  2. Testerboy


    I believe the permutation is extended as answer to the K of OW's participation in the white aesthetic. If they win the permutation then they solve back the impact turn, so the debate becomes a question of three issues, the first is at what level does the permutation link to the K, the second is how much does the aff advocacy link back to the K, and the third is what DAs are there to the K alternative alone. The permutation might link to the Mills evidence, somewhat, but the argument the aff extends the entire debate is the argument that the link is not assumptive of using policy action to challenge racism. The subversion arguments do not assume the specific policy advocated by the aff, which matters in this context, because I tihnk there is very little offense on this question from CL, but there is pretty sweet offense from OW about how the need to question airstrikes undermines racism in many different settings, and I think get some access to an argument they are extending in the 2ar about how the permutation is the only way to subvert the power structure, and thus change something. The no link arguments are pretty sweet defensive arguments on the K, that become offense to the alt. alone. OW's arg is that the specificity of their use of policy action precludes the participation in the white aesthetic that CL is talking about. There are some others on this question that if I had flowed the round I would mention, but I just don't the K has a strong link other than these formal participations in policy... which is swamped by the permutation, because the perm is the only way to challenge all forms of racism, which would seem to solve back the terminal impact of the K. The final question is that of offense on the K alone. The first is the evidence extended by the aff [whcih you mention] about how challenging the overt racism is essential, but what I don't think you're mentioning is the way these arguments are extended, which is that this is the only way to access change. The arguments about anything other than the alternative are nothing, do not respond to these args, which means I think the case and the K are DAs to the alternative. Specifically, I would mention the extension of the Mearsheimer evidence on this question, because the 2ar explains it as the only way to cause change and access case solvency [which Towson claims the alt can do] is to speak in the same language as policy makers... this is devastating in my opinion because it means OW controls the only way to change racism. The Blaum evidence is also extended on this question, which says that the attempt to make blanket statements about racism starts with hunts, which turns back solvency to the alt. There is also an argument extended in the 2ar about how this is emp. proven in the context of middle-eastern studies, which means I buy OW's analysis that the only way to create lasting change is with the appeal to policy maker's self interest. In conclusion, The 1ac policy speech act is good because it is the only way to challenge oppression by appealing to self-interest of policy makers. The alt of the K does not solve back this offense, and there is a specific methodology in the permutation to reject the white aesthetic and use policy as a means to break down oppression. This is getting a little long, maybe we should continue this conversation on AIM? Here is the link to the video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3725476660845403880&q=mostate&ei=_Q0eSM7_BKCm4QKU7ti4AQ
  3. Testerboy


    The discomfort debate isn't explained very well in the 2nr in terms of how it clashes with the slew of evidence MoState reads on the question of their specific policy speech act... so I guess what I'm saying is that the discomfort argument is swamped by the permutation, because MoState still advocates the negative alternative, but there is a net benefit to the permutation which is a stance against strikes. I think there are also compelling arguments extended in the 2ar about how the alternative alone can't solve, which I think are better than the links articulated by the Mills evidence [which I haven't read, so I'm not sure how on-point it is]. SO... I think the permutation solves back for a majority of the discomfort argumentation and I also believe that the SPECIFIC use of a policy action being good arguments are more compelling than the more generic "white aesthetic is never useful" arguments.
  4. Testerboy


    This isn't like the edebate thing at all. I just think that permutations with no DAs to them, when explained as the rejection of the white aesthetic and also the rejection of other forms of oppression in a policy debate is a compelling argument for me. It's not racist to disagree with a decision. High pref judges can still make decisions that people don't agree with, and I haven't seen the RFDs, but I've heard about them and I just don't agree with them... at all.
  5. Testerboy


    I understand, but from my perspective, the round was not fucking close. I can't speak to the RFDs, because they are not online, but i know that many people [smarter than I] have said it was a terrible decision. My personal view of the round, was that MoState pwned Towson, and I believe that absent the opinions of those judging the round. I will be willing to discuss why I believe a permutation solves back 100% of the K offense, if you want to, but I just want to be clear that I'm not attempting to call out the judges, so much as give huge props to ozzy and clay, and also defend that they should have been the CEDA national champions.
  6. Testerboy


    MoState dominated Towson in sems. The round is online. Proof.
  7. I think you all are cursed since your "Go St. Louis" huddles at invitationals. Congratulations Kickapoo. like I said... the panels are loaded with landmines, especially in a year with no MoState critics in attendance. The finals panel should include the best judges possible, but there always seems to be one or two people that no one has ever heard of before. It's a joke.
  8. God Zain, I'm glad you've seen the light, because you were the fucking most slimy 2ar in the state my Senior year. I loathed debating you in front of shitty judges. Neosho has had good teams, but everyone is right, there top priority is to win the round, not to win the respect of the community. I don't know why you're even attempting to argue against that... Neosho has never particularly cared about what the rest of the community thought about them, so defending them like this just seems... out of place. State judging is very weird, because there are some of the best judges in the state on some panels, and the next round can be people who kinda hate debate that isn't oratory. People should investigate the random fucking people who end up on the finals panels most years... it's a total crapshoot. Go Kickapoo! Springfield pride! SWMO FTW.
  9. Amazing achievement. Ozzy has always been the man. HUGE congratulations to Mo State... you all are absolutely fantastic.
  10. I remember the good ol' days with the Derrida documentary. That Derrida is a crazy motherfucker!!!!!
  11. I think a brightline can be drawn on what is acceptable community condemnation and what is not. I'm not entirely sure that the nature of this thread is destructive, because it is based on activities that happened in a debate round, but I think that's probably up to the community to decide. As you mentioned, we used to read a terrible justification argument, and faced condemnation from the debate community as a result. I think this is actually a good example of how the community can serve to improve the quality of debating... we stopped reading that argument because we got tired of being made fun of because of it. We won often with it, but were ultimately convinced that it wasn't a strategic argument. The truth of the matter is this: it wasn't a strategic argument, and if every debate revolved around it, the educational aspect of debate would be lost. We had no incentive to try and improve the argument we made in debate rounds, becuase the only factor that mattered to us were wins and losses. It is in this truth, that I think your over-generilizations become problematic. Debate is a game above all things, and so the most important thing to MANY of the debaters is making the arguments neccessary to win the round. This means that the only check against bad debating is the community. I hated debating Zain and some of the Neosho teams back in the day, because they had no problem giving terribly slimey 2ars, and lying about arguments made in the debate round. Those are examples of people who never cared what the community had to say, but I would venture to say that there are many more examples of individuals going to camp and trying to improve their debating as a result of trying to gain the respect of the community. If one believes that there are good and bad ways to debate [and i will engage anyone on this, if you want] then it must be true that the supporting of good debate would be beneficial. The community often times gets overly negative and detrimental [granted] but it can serve a purpose... to provide the only possible check against assholes in debate rounds, and also to allow for discussion over the kind of debate that is most educational and productive. Missouri debate would be much worse off if people did whatever they had to win... there are good debaters being produced all the time because they hold themselves to a higher standard, and my argument is that the community CAN play an important role in establishing that ethic.
  12. Testerboy


    I have the mega ultra awesome edition of slanted and enchanted, but Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain is pound for pound a better album in my opinion.
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