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  1. Congratulations on getting a bid. How many years has it been running now? 6? I'll always remember being a vegetarian the only time I judged (where you foolishly put me in a break round where aside from myself and the aff everyone obviously understood the spreading neg) and bringing my own meal... that I left in my car where I think it ended up freezing even more before I brought it inside. If I didn't have to wait for the next round to be posted I never would have had enough time to microwave it back to a semi-liquid form. I later found out the container I had it in was not supposed to be microwaved, but it was a bit late for that and I was too hungry to care.
  2. Get a coat you pansy. And for those that qualified, enjoy Vegas. Just watch the 3 steps heading from the main floor at the Stratosphere to the lower floor where the escalator is to get tickets for the rides on top of the building. This is especially important for those debating as you won't be able to use my remedy for a sprained and swollen ankle as it involves 2 Motrin, drinking heavily, and walking the entire strip until you can't feel the pain anymore and wake up the next morning in a handicap room at the Imperial Palace with a perfectly healed ankle. A few more tips. Most buffets are overrated. Just pay the $2 and take the Deuce to get to the old strip instead of walking through a desolate wasteland of furniture shops, bail bond places, and pawn shops. Don't enter Caesar's without a map because you will eventually get lost. Don't insult the dealer, although make sure you watch when someone else does because it's really funny. For a good place to watch hockey and cheaply drink beer look for a small casino that looks like it's celebrating St. Patrick's Day every day of the year (while there make sure you insult some Canadians and their favorite team while also agreeing that teams located in warm places should not win Lord Stanley's Cup).
  3. Noooooooooo! It's happening again!
  4. Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. *gasp* Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. edit - I now realize my PBurry mugs are out of date. I shall cherish the 2 sets I currently have and, hopefully, one day I shall try to sell them for a large sum of money.
  5. You left out two letters
  6. I'll be there for my mugs
  7. That's why you needed a partner like Paul who would yell at you for using too much prep for the 1AR yet give a stand-up 2AR regardless of whether or not there was any prep left.
  8. I was so used to 5 that I had absolutely no idea what to do with 8 once I had it. Keep the rounds short and keep people on their toes. Makes it more interesting imo.
  9. Adam West for Moderator!
  10. How is that possible? I can't imagine the tournament being any worse than usual...
  11. You guys suck. Supposedly stuff is happening right now and no one is informing me. All I know is MM and Cathedral Prep hit in finals... Someone give me a result!
  12. Where is NFLs anyway?
  13. So Truman and La Salle qualified?
  14. Wait wait wait... Both LaSalle teams are going to NFLs? A Sophmore team and a... um, I have no idea what the other team is?!
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